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South American Ford Ranger Plant Celebrates Historic Milestone

The Pacheco Assembly plant in Argentina has undergone tremendous change over the past couple of years following a $580 million dollar investment that was announced nearly two years ago, which was designed to prepare the facility for the production of the next-generation Ford Ranger, as well as give it the ability to export the pickup to other markets. Aside from that massive remodel, Ford also recently created a new forest around the plant and recycled virtually all of its waste as it becomes more environmentally friendly. Now, the Pacheco plant has reached another important milestone – it has produced one million Ford Ranger pickups over the past 27 years.

“It is an honor to be in Argentina while we celebrate this important milestone for Ranger and the transformation of the Pacheco Plant,” said Elena Ford, Executive Director of Customer Experience at Ford Motor Company. “Ranger is just one example of how we challenge ourselves to manufacture purposeful vehicles and deliver the best possible experiences to our customers globally.”

The Ford Ranger entered production at the Pacheco plant back in 1996 in two-wheel drive, regular cab configuration. Since then, Ranger production has expanded greatly at that facility, and currently consists of around 16 different variants, supplying roughly 70 percent of the total Latin American market for the mid-size pickup, which is produced and sold in a number of other markets around the world as well.

“I especially thank and congratulate all the collaborators of Ford Argentina and South America, and our extensive value chain for reaching this historic mark of 1 million Ranger produced in our Pacheco plant. The quality of this product is the result of the work and dedication of all of them,” said Martín Galdeano, President and CEO of Ford Argentina.

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    Martin Galdeano should set his eyes in a solid milestone. Since rangers produced in Pacheco plant are of poor quality. The previous generation had a serious problem with the front suspension set up (torsion bars) coupled to tires of wide tread which ended fatiguing the bars themselves quickly. Morover the ruffled floor ot the beds crack as the vehicle is used for rough duties. That ‘s why all of a sudden front suspension set was exchanged to a Mc Pherson set up. Ford trucks are neither sturdy nor reliable as they used to. That is not the way to compete against Toyota Hilux. So what are you celebrating in that Pacheco assembly plant ? Sending garbage to The Americas?.

  2. Ford500giy

    Yeah, and whose fault is that? Ever heard of Quality is job 1? The problem is not the Ranger’s fault, but the people who build them. When theirs a problem , the ford people who build them are suppose to speak up and lend a hand in continuous improvement of the truck itself. Having owned 5 Ford Rangers and 2 Bronco ll”s i would buy another in a heart beat. Ford rules…


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