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2022 Ford Maverick Demand Did Not Slow Down In October

The 2022 Ford Maverick is the compact pickup everybody wants, and demand is so high that orders for the 2023 model year may in fact eclipse its sales figure through the end of the year. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the Maverick was recently among the top new vehicles selling at over MSRP, as dealers with little to no inventory are aware of how much they can charge shoppers desperately searching for an in-stock unit. That said, stock units are still leaving franchised stores at an extremely fast pace, according to the automaker’s October 2022 U.S. sales report.

2022 Ford Maverick

According to the report, the 2022 Ford Maverick is still taking just six days to turn, the same rate as September. That is a bit slower than the pace it enjoyed in March, when it was taking just four days to turn. That said, it remains one of the fastest-moving Blue Oval products for sale right now, along with the Ford F-150 Lighting and Ford Mustang Mach-E. Through October, Maverick sales increased 123 percent from last year to 9,233 units, and Honda and Toyota owners are still the top competitive conquests for the pickup. It also continued to outsell its main rival, the Hyundai Santa Cruz through the third quarter.

Going forward, it is hard to determine when the Ford Maverick will become a common sight at U.S. dealers. As Ford Authority previously reported, CEO Jim Farley has all but given up on declaring an end to ongoing supply chain issues, and the automaker has already initiated an ordering rollover initiative to punt 2022 Ford Maverick order holders to the 2023 model year. This is becoming standard practice for the company, as the Ford F-150 Lightning faced a similar situation earlier this fall.

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Ed owns a 1986 Ford Taurus LX, and he routinely daydreams about buying another one, a fantasy that may someday become a reality.

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  1. David Dickinson II

    “Demand is so high” is a bit of a misnomer. Rather, production is so low that it gives the impression of insatiable desire. Don’t get me wrong, it is popular. But the Maverick’s popularity is distorted by Ford’s inability to produce the product.

    1. Fordmave37

      I mean they had 80,000 orders submitted when order banks opened up . If that’s not high demand what is ?

      1. David Dickinson II

        Rhetorical question: How many of those orders wouldn’t have happened this year if people could have gotten their Maverick the year prior? This is what I mean by distortion. If Ford could have fulfilled the orders when people wanted them, then they wouldn’t have the orders now.

    2. Mark

      They sold out of 2023 production in 5 days… They didn’t even launch the build and launch tool fast enough for people use.

    3. Watchman

      And all this demand is without one single commercial on any avenue. Only an idiot would make a statement like that?

  2. Tom

    We know the Maverick is in demand and this site keeps posting stories about sales yada yada yada. How about a story on Maverick production status? How many Mavericks can Ford build per month? How long to get the vehicle after you receive a VIN?. What are the production projections?. How long do they expect it to take to fill the 80K orders Ford received for the 2023 model. That would be useful information. More article about trim packages and sales incentives for a vehicle that is generally not available are useless. I received confirmation on my 2023 order and hope to see it sometime next summer.

  3. C.J.


  4. Jon Dutcher

    I ordered a 2022 Maverick Lariat over a year ago, never received a build date, and it was rolled over to a 2023 when the order banks opened in September. I feel like I may never see this mythical vehicle, those of us that have been waiting over a year don’t seem to be getting any priority over new orders. I have contacted the Ford service team, they were not able to answer any questions and now even refuse to respond to me. This has been my worst vehicle purchasing experience in sixty years.

    1. Sam

      I ordered my Lariat lux Oct.4 2022 received it Sept. 28th 2023. I feel very lucky and it was definitely worth the wait, 3K miles and my average is over 42MPG 60% highway driving. I ordered it from a quality Ford Dealer (Sunset Ford) they have a lot of allegations and they honored MSRP plus the original price. I ordered another one the first day the banks opened and am willing to wait as long as it takes. Could not be happier with my truck.

      1. Hibes

        2023 ???

    2. Stephen

      Jon, your plight is the same as mine. I ordered a Maverick Hybrid Lariat October 16, 2022. Never received a vin and was told it would be converted to 2023. Funny never heard anything recently but found a 2022 on a lot special ordered by the dealer in June 2022. Something rotten here! No favoritism though….I work at Ford…….

  5. V Stackpoole

    I ordered a 2022 Maverick XLT over a year ago. I also have never received a build date. The only information is the “Sorry about that” emails from Ford that arrive four months apart concerning the delay and the on going supply chain issue.

  6. Tom

    I ordered a Maverick Lariat within the hour when order book opened.
    I truthfully believe that I will never see this vehicle. If mine gets pushed into 2024 I will find something else to buy and most likely not a Ford.
    I ordered a truck not a unicorn.

  7. Gmann

    Ordered a 2023 Maverick Lariat pretty much loaded and willing to wait, but I already have a nice truck, so waiting for me is no big deal. I do sympathize with those waiting who need it though. As a conservative I would recommend be careful how you use your voting power. So many traps out there in today’s world!

  8. Arcee

    Good friend of mine ordered a Maverick Hybrid over a year ago. They have received the “sorry” letters as well. They were also contacted by Ford to change their order to a 2023MY, but Ford also required them to alter their option choices and color as well. They did all of that and still have no word on when they will ever see their vehicle. Luckily they have a vehicle and the wait isn’t impacting them other than their eventual trade-in value when/if the Maverick ever shows up.

  9. Butch H

    Maybe they should retool the mustang plant to the Maverick.

  10. Red Green Auto Man

    When is big business going to learn, not everyone can purchase a 50k plus vehicle every 4-6 years (especially when they don’t last anymore) Yes, it brings quicker profits to the company’s but as in the Mavericks, reasonable priced transportation clearly provides more stable profits when people can afford to buy a new vehicle every 4-6 years like myself and a lot of other people used to do. It’s been over 10 years since I’ve bought new and I hate this new norm. The amount of new ones I’ve bought in the past far exceeds profit of one current top end products and now that I can’t afford new and can’t order reasonable, I’m stuck. Wake up auto industry, brand loyalty and repeat business will win the race, not vaporware, overpricing and promises.

  11. Bud

    I ordered a 2022 maverick June 2021 and received it January 2022. At each milestone Ford notified where they were at on the build process and there were two delay notifications. Be patient, it’s worth the wait. I’ve put 12,000 trouble free miles for 10 months now. There was a recall, Ford dropped off a rental car at my driveway. Took 24 hrs. and they returned my truck. I sense Ford is dedicated to do things right. Hang in there, it’s a really cool truck!

  12. Bud

    Definitely worth the wait!

  13. Bob

    I want a Maverick but what is the point of even trying to buy one. They charge a markup and you can barely find them. With all the extra costs you might as well but something else. Maybe a Santa Fe or a Tacoma. The current car market is nothing but depressing

  14. David Springhetti

    I ordered a 2023 XLT in September, have received a week of December 12th build date from Ford.

  15. jR

    I did the research online and found out that if you don’t order directly with Ford / Dealership. Then you are subject to the Dealer Markup. FORD has nothing to do with the price that dealers charge. Hence you can pay under or over MSRP at the time of sale. I was able to go to the dealership, establish a relationship with the Salesman. I had them agree to the MSRP in writing, also to all the costs. I have a “Contract” with the Dealership and know all of the costs. My salesman called me when the Phone Banks opened ( earlier then the internet knew ) and I have a 2023 XLT with Luxury package and sliding back window for under 28K ordered. I already have the confirmation from FORD and FORD will let me know when the truck goes to Build / Built / Shipped / Ready at the dealership for me. It took some sleuthing and persistence but all in all so far it has been really easy to get what I wanted. Now let’s see how long it takes to get it……………………………………………………………………………………………………………

  16. Mark Nelson

    Ford is playing games. I can Guarantee that if you reserved a vehicle that the price will increase several times by the time you can covert it to an order. Even then only th higher model/ option loaded vehicles will be available ( more $$$$$)

  17. jR

    I don’t think so, I was VERY clear and had them sign that the car that comes in under my VIN from Ford will be the price on the day that was ordered. They may try to bait and switch but I was very imphaptic with the sales rep and his manager. I already have 3 confirmations from Ford on my order and one from the dealership that they see it also. Agian, when will it be in my driveway……. (: this is me holding my breath… 🙂

  18. Pikey87

    Still waiting for my 22 XL hybrid I ordered august 14th 2021. My production date has changed 15 times, and Ford still swears up and down that my 22 is being built January 19th 2023. 🤬

  19. Bill Byrne

    What a GREAT post !! Ford must be on drugs! these posts form ford act like all is normal in “car land” lots are ,about and have been most empty, in our town. we ordered a mavrick 10/21 over a year ago, never got it! reordered 10/15/22 and we wait, never a peep from Ford. NO customer service anymore.

  20. Don

    I ordered my Lariet on September 15th 2022 and I have not heard anything yet.

  21. Rod

    I ordered a 2022 Maverick AWD on October 1, 2021. I have not received a build date. I have received 3 separate emails from Ford, each about 4 months apart, stating that they are sorry but still intend to build and deliver the vehicle. I wish they could having given me a choice of altering my options in order to get my vehicle in to production. Patiently and hopefully waiting.


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