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2023 Ford Bronco Sport Black Diamond Off-Road Package Debuts

For several months, it has been clear that the 2023 Ford Bronco Sport would incorporate the Black Diamond Off-Road Package into its lineup. As Ford Authority previously reported, the package aims to add some crucial off-road oriented equipment that otherwise comes standard on Badlands, which means more trims will be able to tackle difficult trails without getting too banged up. Now, The Blue Oval has officially revealed the new package, along with some new details about what buyers gain from ordering it.

2023 Ford Bronco Sport

The 2023 Ford Bronco Sport Black Diamond Off-Road Package adds four steel bash plates to the underbody designed to cover crucial powertrain and engine components, offering fuel tank protection, canister shield protection, and a skid plate for the front end. Additionally, the package also comes with unique 17-inch Carbonized Gray low-gloss aluminum wheels that may be the exact wheels from the Badlands. As for rubber, the all-terrain tires come from Continental, a notable departure from the Badlands, which utilizes Falken Wildpeak tires.

Aside from functional upgrades, the 2023 Ford Bronco Sport Black Diamond Off-Road Package adds cosmetic enhancements as well, with a matte black hood graphic,  plus lower bodyside graphics with Bronco lettering on the front driver and passenger side doors. The package is optional on Big Bend and Outer Banks for an additional $1,295, although it is currently a late availability item.

“For adventurers who want to get more from their Bronco Sport, we’re enhancing the ownership experience by offering more trail capability with the new Black Diamond Off-Road Package, plus an included opportunity to learn what their SUV can do at Bronco Off-Roadeo,” said Mark Grueber, enthusiast vehicle marketing manager.

As Ford Authority previously reported earlier today, the package coincides with the opening up of the Off-Roadeo experience to all 2023 Ford Bronco Sport order holders and owners. Aside from these changes, the Bronco Sport lineup also gained the new Heritage models and new graphics packages. The order banks are already open and production begins next month.

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Ed owns a 1986 Ford Taurus LX, and he routinely daydreams about buying another one, a fantasy that may someday become a reality.

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  1. Mrx19

    Ford doing great at introducing new models / options. Too bad they can’t deliver them.

    1. Brad Barefoot

      Agreed … when ANY manufacturer offers as many options, then claims supply chain issues for taking so long to deliver, the pubic, well me anyway gets tired of hearing it. Offer lie Oldsmobile did in the 1990’s. I’ve always had station wagons, an consider the Bronco to be just that, a jacked up station wagon. IN the mid ’90’s the Cutlass wagon was available in the S & SE … I always went with the SE, for about $1,000 you got nicer seats, the larger V-6, trailer hitch, am/fm casette & cd player (still think dropping a cd player is a major mistake) luggage racks with cross bars, an more. And the Cutlass stillonly sold for about $19K fully decked out. I drove them for years (20+) and traded every two to three years for about $3,000 to boot as they held their value. Page forward to today’s Bronco Sport there’s too many options … and one major flaw that’s beginning to show up, with the Bronco Sports all wheel drive if you’ve got one with say 20,000 miles on it’s tiresand one tire goes bad … be ready to buy a full set of tires as one new tire throws off all the vehicles computer setting and will cause more repairs later, usually within 3,000 miles.

      1. SEO

        You must be 60+ years in age due to your comments. Its not 1990 anymore. Its 32 years later. A lot has changed in 32 years. Options that you may not want on a vehicle is an opinion, but other people do want those items. Tires do no wear in 20K and if they do its owners fault for not having the alignment checked. Things change get over it.

        1. Rob A

          You act like you know it all, but you can’t even comprehend what you read. MrX19 didn’t say tires wear out in 20K miles, he said IF one goes bad and can’t be repaired. Ever hear of a blowout, or a perforation past the edge of the tread next to the sidewall? Those can’t be safely or legally repaired either. And FYI, there ARE tires that wear out in 20K miles or less – on high performance cars. It’s not uncommon.
          You need to do some research before you attack someone for having lived longer than you have and gotten wiser from the experience!

  2. Monica Payne

    When are the order banks opening for new customers?


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