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2023 Lincoln Aviator Adds Head-Up Display Removal Option

While the Lincoln Aviator enters the 2023 model year largely unchanged, bigger things are on the horizon, including a forthcoming refresh and the launch of an all-electric version of the luxurious crossover. In the meantime, however, the 2023 Lincoln Aviator is being treated to a small number of updates, which now includes the addition of a head-up display removal option, sources familiar with the matter have told Ford Authority.

2023 Lincoln Aviator production has been updated to include the head-up display removal option, though it is a late availability item, which means that at this point, the feature will likely remain available for the time being. Regardless, the option is there in the event that supply chain issues cause problems later on in the 2023 model year. The head-up display is optional on Reserve and Grand Touring trims, and standard equipment on the Black Label.

This new removal option likely won’t be the only one offered during 2023 Lincoln Aviator production, as the luxurious crossover may also lose the subwoofer and amplifier options. In fact, as Ford Authority reported back in August, as of August 29th, 2022 production, 2023 Lincoln Aviator models built at the Chicago Assembly plant had those items removed.

Aside from those changes, the 2023 Lincoln Aviator launched with two new exterior colors, while standard seating on Reserve models changes to 10-way for the driver and 8-way for the passenger seat. Meanwhile, a refreshed Aviator is expected in 2024, while an all-electric version of the crossover is also slated to launch in 2025. Both it and the forthcoming Ford Explorer EV are slated to be built at the Oakville Assembly plant in Canada, and will likely be the only two models produced there after the facility is retooled for EV production.

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  1. Edward

    I don’t understand the delete options. Why would anyone want to NOT have the HUD or subwoofer? If you’re buying a $70K vehicle, is a couple $100 deletion that big of a concern?

    1. Jordan

      It makes as much sense as someone buying a Lincoln hybrid/CVT to save on gas. They are options for people that should have just bought a Ford, but want the badge(just don’t tell them that Lincolns are covered in FoMoCo and Blue Oval stamps).

      1. Edward

        You obviously don’t know anything about what you write. I went from a 2018 Ford Escape Titanium to a 2022 Lincoln Corsair Grand Touring. There is a tremendous difference in comfort and luxury. While the Ford was a great car, we’ve loved every drive with our Lincoln.

  2. Jordan

    I’m still sad Lincoln went to copying Ze Germans instead of defining American luxury. My 17′ MKZ’s beautiful interior was the end of a great era for Lincoln’s interior designs.

  3. Steve

    I remember being excited, when ordering a new car, to be able to check all the “options “ boxes….
    Now it’s cool to remove options.?

  4. Steve

    I should mention the Biggest option removal need. My Aviator has a two step to clear the “auto stop”….EVERYTIME you start the car.
    That’s a delete option I’d love.

  5. Patrick Finnigan

    So, ford is dumbing down yet another one of their products? Why remove options that are standard on imports?

  6. cmw

    Heads up display is useless when wearing polaroid sunglasses.


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