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2023 Lincoln Aviator Gains New Diamond Red Metallic Color

The 2023 Lincoln Aviator adds two new colors to its lineup of exterior hues: Jewel Sandstone Metallic and Diamond Red Metallic. Now, here’s a first look at the Diamond Red Metallic color.

Diamond Red Metallic costs an additional $750 and is offered on all trim levels and interior color combinations. It is one of nine available exterior paint colors for the 2023 Lincoln Aviator Standard, Reserve and Grand Touring. The available colors for these trim levels are as follows:

  • Pristine White Metallic
  • Flight Blue Metallic
  • Ceramic Pearl Metallic
  • Silver Radiance Metallic
  • Gilded Green Metallic
  • Asher Gray Metallic
  • Infinite Black Metallic
  • Jewel Sandstone Metallic (new for 2023)
  • Diamond Red Metallic (new for 2023)

Diamond Red Metallic is also one of six exterior colors available for the Aviator Black Label. These colors are as follows:

  • Pristine White Metallic
  • Flight Blue Metallic
  • Silver Radiance Metallic
  • Infinite Black Metallic
  • Chroma Caviar Dark Gray Metallic
  • Diamond Red metallic (new for 2023)

As a reminder, the following interior colorways are available in conjunction with the 2023 Lincoln Aviator Standard, Reserve, and Grand Touring:

  • Ebony
  • Ebony Roast
  • Sandstone

The following three interior themes are exclusive to the Aviator Black Label trims:

  • Destination
  • Chalet
  • Flight

The 2023 Lincoln Aviator received some minor updates ahead of an expected refresh on the way for the luxury crossover’s 2024 model year. This includes revised revised bolstering for the second-row seats, as well as new adjustment settings that are voice activated. Additionally, it received a new 12.8-inch center touchscreen, while the Lincoln Digital Scent system has been implemented for customizable in-cabin aromatherapy.

Additionally, the luxury crossover may lose its subwoofers and amplifiers for the sound system, a change brought about by limited supplies due to ongoing global shortages. Customers may also have make do without the head-up display as a recent production update all but confirms that the feature may be dropped from the lineup if supply runs out.

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Alexandra is a Colorado-based journalist with a passion for all things involving horsepower, be it automotive or equestrian.

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  1. MJ

    Too many dark colors. Why not a silver blue and some other lighter colors like other OEMs ? Personally I hate all the dark colors , makes it hard to even order one. I am left with Silver as my only option since I don’t like a white car .

    1. Mrx19

      Agreed. GM had a silver blue, in the 60’s that was very popular.

      1. RWFA

        I recall something like this on the mid 60’s impalas and SS.

        I had what I always referred to as Ice Blue on my 1980 Fiesta.

  2. Eldo

    Diamond red? I don’t recall ever seeing a red diamond. Naming this brown color “red” does not make it actually red.

    1. RWFA

      I thought the diamond + red an odd combination too.

  3. Gary

    May lose subs and amps? Who in their right mind is going to pay top dollar for a top-tier vehicle with a gutted sound system? And the photos are terrible too. Color rendition on any digital device is iffy at best but the images themselves (soft focus and bad lighting) don’t help a bit.

  4. RWFA

    Am a fan of the Explorer’s design but looking at the car in these pics I have to say I find it extremely attractive in an understated way.

  5. Jay Cox

    Diamond red … Blood diamond. Pass on the name

  6. Triller

    Firstly, an emerald green for me in a BL w/saddle interior. Want an exterior green that’s rich-looking and lighter than Lincoln’s green that almost looks black), I.e. – agree with the poster that would prefer some lighter colors. I DO like the new red! A saddle color int is a MUST option!

    Secondly and which I’m more passionate about, I’m both an audiophile AND a flight instructor / former Navy NFO.

    DO NOT take away the components of my AUDIO SYSTEM (Lincoln can’t get an automotive subwoofer & amp or it doesn’t want to pay a higher price to another vendor???!!!) or my option for a HUD! Either loss is a deal-breaker.

    Virtually EVERY luxury car has a HUD option. Take the opportunity to both upgrade it, enlarge the projected image and add greater display options.

    Com’on Lincoln! Embrace the oppty to be both more COMPELLING and COMPETITIVE!

    My next vehicle is (now, pending the loss of those two options, ‘was’) going to be an Aviator. Will see how things pan-out. Otherwise a BMW X5, the 2023 (355 HP opt) Acura MDX, or a Genesis may be in my future.


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