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2023 Lincoln Corsair Reserve In Red Carpet: Real World Gallery

Ford Authority has spotted several examples of the 2023 Lincoln Corsair out and about as of late, each dressed in a different color. We’ve spotted one in Crystal Red, and another sporting the snazzy Jet Appearance Package. Most recently, we spotted one wearing Infinite Black. Now, we’ve captured yet another example, this time wearing in Reserve trim with a Red Carpet exterior.

Red Carpet is a premium color option that adds an additional $725 to the overall cost of the 2023 Lincoln Corsair. It also rolls on a set of 19-inch with Magnetic paint, giving the red SUV a sleek look. As a reminder, the Reserve trim adds quite a few premium options to the crossover to set it apart from the other trim levels, including a set of bright roof rack side rails for a classier look, Jeweled LED headlamps with dynamic bending and speed-dependent lighting and a manual tilt telescoping steering column. Inside, it gains premium leather seating power lumbar driver and passenger seating that is also heated, with memory functions for the front row as well, as well as soothing ambient lighting features.

The 2023 model year presented quite a few changes to the luxury crossover, including revised exterior styling, an updated interior, and the deletion of optional turbocharged Ford 2.3L I4 EcoBoost engine, meaning the 2.0L EcoBoost is the only engine option available for the luxury crossover outside of the Grant Touring. It also features standard tech such as Sync 4 and the optional Lincoln ActiveGlide as part of the Collection III equipment bundle that is available for Standard, Reserve and Ground Touring models.

The luxury crossover is built alongside its corporate cousin, the Ford Escape, at the Louisville Assembly plant and is underpinned by the Ford C2 platform. As Ford Authority previously reported, initial production will now begin six weeks later than initially projected, and will now kick off in mid-December.

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Alexandra is a Colorado-based journalist with a passion for all things involving horsepower, be it automotive or equestrian.

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  1. Mrx19

    My 2017 MKC Reserve has the same equipment and options as the new Corsair Reserve and was $7000 cheaper. Great deal then, not so much now.

    1. Joe

      Tell me what vehicles with all the material shortages and inflation has not gone up thousands in 5 years?

      1. bleednblue

        The issue is they want an increasingly premium price but aren’t consistently delivering a truly premium product. Corsair is now squarely in Mercedes GLC300, BMW X3 pricing territory, if not even MORE expensive similarly equipped. I have a ’22 Corsair, the build quality is suboptimal, and there’s some noticeable cost-cutting coming from MKC.

        Lincoln offered a great value for the last several years, delivering a product that perhaps wasn’t quite as premium as other luxury marques, but what it lacked it made up for by being well priced, feature-rich, offering pickup & delivery, etc. Take away the attractive price and strong rebates and suddenly it starts to make less sense. I want the best for the brand, but as a consumer I’m disappointed with the quality of my current vehicle, and am concerned that I’m being priced out of the brand.

        1. Michael

          Well said. I was thinking of buying a Corsair for the last couple of years, you just helped me change my mind, which is what I have been waiting for.

          1. Edward

            Oh no, that one guy on the interwebs said it sucked so I have to buy something else!

          2. RWFA

            You lost me at: I have been thinking…

            You had me laughing at: …for a couple of years…

            Crying at: …thank you Mr web rando, you just made my decision for me.

  2. bleednblue

    – Had a ’19 MKC Reserve highly equipped, everything but tech pkg, 2.3L and 20″ wheels, it was around $48k.
    – Currently in a ’22 Corsair Reserve with slightly higher equipment, $56,780.
    – Just priced a ’23 in the same equipment, it’s $61,640! Also did they omit Adaptive Suspension for ’23? It’s not on the configurator.
    I have to say, the build quality of my ’22 Corsair is disappointing. The headliner in the hatch pops out/comes apart every time you open the hatch, the sunroof rattles terribly and there are more rattles overall in this Corsair with just 10k miles on it than in the MKC when I let it go at 50k. It also has this whining/hissing engine noise, some loud suspension squeaking just started from the front passenger side, and the 8-speed shifts rough, it absolutely slams shifts sometimes, especially notable at parking lot speeds. Assembly wise there are poor panel and trim gaps all over the vehicle inside and out, and cost-cutting can be seen in things like the quality of the carpet (see cargo area), there’s no more retractable cargo cover (or any cargo cover included, while the one available for $175 is just a one-piece molded plastic tray), the floor liner trays aren’t as robust or well-covering as they were in MKC, seat backs and map pockets not leather/soft-touch like MKC, on and on. I’ll admit the tech is well implemented, the chassis is nice, and it’s absolutely great looking, but, unpopular opinion; in terms of quality/execution, the ’19 MKC was superior.

    1. RichG

      Why would you even ACCEPT a vehicle built this poorly???

      1. bleednblue

        I accept it because I got a good deal, I needed a vehicle, and inventory is/was low. It’s going in for service soon we’ll see what happens. I got an excellent price and it’s a short lease so I don’t really care, it’s still a great vehicle, the tech and styling really make it. But the point is, if the next one is going to sticker at over 60k for the same thing, and the rebate game isn’t going to be so strong, it won’t be as competitive.

    2. RWFA

      10k miles? Did you share this laundry list with the dealer yet?

      Do you know it has a warranty?

      And in many places if it doesn’t get fixed timely lemon laws kick in.

      Tbh I’m puzzled by the narrative in your comment.

      1. bleednblue

        Yes many things have been taken care of under warranty while new issues continue to crop up. The dealer said every Corsair they’re receiving is coming in with the exact same bad panel gaps (notably where front fender meets driver door) and other matching build-quality issues. The vehicle is absolutely great looking and drives well, but overall execution is so-so, multiple electronic issues now happening for which it will go to dealer yet again for warranty work… it’s a two year lease and for better or worse the car has loads of character, amazing service from Lincoln & the dealer so I’m not all that bothered. Might get the Grand Touring next, hope they have the build dialed-in better by year 4 lol. The point is, overall quality seems to have suffered while the price is no longer giving it as much of a competitive edge.

  3. Mortimer Duke

    Love my 21 2.3 Reserve. Wouldn’t own a 23, period.

  4. Edward

    I have a 2022 Corsair Grand Touring. It was special ordered, built in the third week of December 2021, delivered January 2022. It has exceptional build quality. No rattles or squeeks. All materials are great, fit and finish are first rate. I love this car. Before ordering, I tested other PHEVs from Audi, Volvo, and Mercedes. Only the Mercedes came up to the level of finish that the Lincoln has, and they discontinued their PHEV so it dropped out of the running. The Lincoln outclasses the Audi interior by a huge margin, and is more efficient than the Volvo. I feel I got a great deal in this car. It has all options except towing and 20″ wheels as I have no need for either.


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