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All-Electric Everrati GT40 Passes Powertrain Safety Testing

Back in 2019, British entrepreneur Justin Lunny and long-term automotive specialist Nick Williams founded Everrati, a company that’s focused on converting iconic, vintage vehicles to all-electric power and selling them to customers. With a few builds under its belt – mostly of the Porsche 911 persuasion – Everrati is now turning its attention to the Land Rover Series IIA and the Ford GT40, or more specifically, the recreations of that iconic model from Superformance. Now, the all-electric Everrati GT40 has cleared an important hurdle on its way to viability and production – passing powertrain safety testing with flying colors.

The Everrati GT40 was subjected to UNECE R100.01, which is a vehicle safety standard devised to test electric vehicle powertrains to ensure that they are safe for use. The testing involves a vigorous assessment of the electrical safety of the high voltage components installed within a vehicle, and includes protection against electric shock, protection against direct and indirect contact, isolation resistance testing, and overall vehicle safety.

Everrati’s GT40 EV utilizes a 62.5kWh lithium-ion battery and 700V architecture, which enables it to generate up to 800 horsepower and 800 Nm (590 pound-feet) of torque. Performance is brisk, as one might imagine, with 0-60 taking just 3.5 seconds.

“The achievement of our Land Rover Series IIA and GT40 in attaining compliance to the vigorous UNECE R100.01 electrical safety testing is a testament to Everrati’s OEM-grade engineering, design, and quality processes, which continues to raise the benchmark for the standards of electrified classics,” Lunny said. “Every Everrati product is the result of the most robust vehicle development and the attention to detail from our team of highly-skilled specialists. Both the GT40 and Series IIA, like all of our models, represent the very best in electrified icons and underline how we are continuing to set new standards in this rapidly growing sector.”

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  2. Robertsgt40

    I’m gonna hurl. I have a 30yr old GT40 replica from the UK. With the bundle of snakes headers and a high performance stroked 302, my girl screams over 6k. Electric GT40 sacrilege. Enjoy your 800hp golf cart.

    1. RWFA

      Punching down and trash-talking up your 1990’s replica doesn’t make it any more original.

      Why would you try to steal the joy of someone who buys one of these?

      Unless you are pathological, their win does not constitute your loss; only your own morbid insecurity can do that.

      1. Robertsgt40

        Enjoy your go-cart. You sound like the generation that can’t shift a stick into anything but Drive, Reverse and Park. Enjoy the green hoax.

  3. bernard smith

    In the not too distant future, hot rodders are going to be building GGGGGEEE force electrified screaming machines of all genres, that will scare the pants off any ICE vehicles ever built.I’m an ex big block drag racing enthusiast from my late teens through my mid twenties (mid 60’s/mid 70’s). I love all high performance vehicles of all power sources, especially gas but G forces and efficiency always summits where others diminish. Reality check !


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