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Bullitt Reboot To Be Directed By Steven Spielberg, Star Bradley Cooper

Back in 1968, Steve McQueen led antagonists on a wild chase through the streets of San Francisco behind the wheel of an iconic green Ford Mustang for his role as detective Lieutenant Frank Bullitt in Bullitt. A modern reboot of the classic movie is on the horizon, set to be directed by Steven Spielberg and star Bradley Cooper in the titular role.

Details on the upcoming film are slim thus far, but it will be developed by Warner Brothers. The entertainment studio has stated that the new rendition of Bullitt will be “completely different” from the original. Cooper will produce the film alongside Spielberg, with Chad McQueen and Molly McQueen, Steve McQueen’s son and granddaughter, serving as executive producers. It’s not clear at this time when the movie could be released.

The Blue Oval has made several efforts to keep the “Bullitt” name synonymous with the Mustang over the last 54 years since the movie’s initial release. In the late 1960s, Ford released a more aggressive version of the first-generation Mustang to commemorate the film. The pony car’s 2008 model year lineup included another Bullitt-inspired Mustang that borrowed elements from the GT500 models, and a sixth-generation version returned for a brief production run in 2019. As previously reported by Ford Authority, the final Ford Mustang Bullitt rolled off the assembly line at the Flat Rock Assembly plant in late 2020.

With all that in mind, it’s likely that the hero cars for the modern version of Bullitt will be Mustangs. The Mustang Bullitt was replaced by the Mustang Mach 1 after the 2020 model year, but it’s certainly possible that a Bullitt variant could make comeback. In fact, the all-new seventh-generation Ford Mustang could be the perfect vehicle to take to the screen, especially the high-performance Dark Horse. The Mustang Mach-E could also make its silver screen debut in the forthcoming movie. Recently, Ford Authority spotted an S550 Ford Mustang Bullitt in a coat of Matte Dark Highland Green paint, although it’s unclear if this sighting has anything to do with the upcoming film.

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Alexandra is a Colorado-based journalist with a passion for all things involving horsepower, be it automotive or equestrian.

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  1. Mark B

    Very daring to attempt this! It’ll either be a smash hit, or a complete flop. Movie goers will not be kind!

  2. JimL

    My 2019 Bullitt is, by far, the best car I’ve ever driven. It is so sweetly refined and tuned. Ford breathed a little something extra on these. And it’s seen very little depreciation. I know Ford will eventually make another batch of new Bullitts, but I can’t imagine it will be as special as these most recent ones.

  3. RWFA

    Casting fail? Arguably any McQueen remake should star Damian Lewis.

    1. Lurch

      Yes, he was a dead ringer in Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood. I don’t see whiny Bradley pulling off this part, even if the movie isn’t much like the original in plot.

  4. Michael J Genzale

    Well Steve McQueen didn’t drive a “Bullitt” Mustang. So whether Cooper drives a Green Mustang labeled a “Bullitt” or not, it just needs to be a dark green Mustang.
    Then again in this political correct time the name “Bullitt” may not be acceptable. LOL

    1. RWFA

      Everyone knows what Bullett is, bigger risk to decouple next film from last film by changing name than to use it.

      Political correctness? If Bullett were a pejorative term, then yes, but it’s not.

      Easy to not like AR-15’s but still like Bulletts.

  5. Chris Blanchard

    “Bullitt” is a legitimate surname- search social media or a metropolitan phone book.
    Steve Mc Queen was the king of cool for those of us who were draft age when the original came out. McQueen had already done The Great Escape and was back-to-back with the original Thomas Crown Affair, and Le Mans in ’71.
    The next Bullitt will probably feature an F Super Duty Raptor, Toyota Tundra 1796, or no chase scene at all.

    1. RWFA

      No chase scene? Without that, Bullett isn’t much of a movie.

      No Mustang? Without that, it’s not really Bullett. Even Bond eventually returned to AM.

    2. Gary . Virginia.

      Tundra? REALLY!!!

  6. billc

    Count me out. It’ll be like all the other lame remakes. Once you’ve seen the original everything else is crap. Why not make it politically correct and use the Mach E that would really be exciting…NOT
    If I could type faster I’d list all the remakes that were a flop. Enough said

  7. AladdinSane

    Do we really need a remake of Bullitt? Why? The original is a classic! Bradley Cooper? Really? Brad Pitt, a better choice! Bradley Cooper lacks any cool vibe whatsoever. Spielberg is heading towards another bummer like his West Side Story remake.

  8. AladdinSane

    Idris Alba a better choice. Daniel Craig, too, so much better than Bradley Cooper as the new Bullitt. BC? OY!

    1. Scott Z

      Ibris Alba >Seriously.! Same as James Bond very famous White actors continue the same tradition as they were/are.

  9. Carroll Shelby

    This is going to be awesome! Can’t wait to see it on the big screen.

  10. Ernest

    All the comment about Bullitt of various years but omitted was the original of 2001 , a special edition of just under 5000 copies

  11. Diane

    He wasn’t called king of cool for no reason / I love Spielberg but I won’t see a remake / it’s ridiculous, no one else can compare

  12. Diane

    Furthermore his son should be aware of this, I’m surprised

    1. Anonymous

      McQueen’s son and his granddaughter are both Executive Producers on the new movie.

  13. Anonymous

    Everyone getting all excited for nothing. It is an entirely new movie featuring the Bullitt character and not a remake of the original movie. It may end up having no car chases in it at all.

  14. Mad Penguin

    Bradley Cooper as Bullitt…I’ll wait to judge after I see the finished product. When I heard Heath Ledger was cast as The Joker, I cringed. Boy, was I wrong then!

  15. Dave

    I want to be in the reboot of BULLIT!!!!!!—–there’s got to be a chase scene on the streets Of San Francisco I could be the stunt driver —–the movie has got to be good cause the fans Of Steve McQueen and son Chad and the McQueen Family will expect nothing but excellence. Heck Spielberg can use my 18 Mustang


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