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Ford Bronco Sport Deliveries Are Being Delayed Due To Recall

As most are well aware by now, a number of issues have wreaked havoc on automotive production in recent months, ranging from the semiconductor chip shortage to supply chain constraints, world events, inflation, high demand, and various other teething problems. Now, however, it seems as if at least some Ford Bronco Sport deliveries are being delayed as a result of a recall that was issued last week as well, throwing another proverbial monkey wrench into The Blue Oval’s existing woes.

Select Ford Bronco Sport and Ford Escape models equipped with the turbocharged Ford 1.5L I-3 EcoBoost engine are being recalled over faulty fuel injectors that may crack and leak fuel inside the engine compartment, which can potentially lead to a fire. Ford’s fix for the issue is to have dealers update the engine control software to include fuel injector leak detection and install a drain tube. This issue affects a grand total of 188,436 Bronco Sport models, but is also seemingly having an impact on vehicles that haven’t yet been delivered, as Nancy Williams, who previously placed an order for a new Ford Bronco Sport, told Fox 2 Detroit.

“My phone starts ringing, ‘Oh jeez what?’ He said, ‘You won’t believe it, I can’t believe it. You cannot come pick up this vehicle,” Williams said of a recent conversation with her dealer. “There’s a recall on them as well as the Escapes. And Ford is saying right now, the fix might not come until the end of First Quarter 23.’ It’s a weird world we live in right now. I get it. We got rid of the F-150 because of the gas prices, mainly. It was a lease, but it was done. Gas prices were just eating us up. I only have a six-mile roundtrip drive to work. I can pretty much drive anything. But  we work hard for our money, we want to be able to drive a car, the car that we want.” Unfortunately for Williams, her and her family also recently purchased a new Ford Escape, which may also be affected by this recall.

“Taking care of our customers who are affected by this potential issue is our utmost priority,” Ford said in a statement. “Once the repair is available, we will ask customers to schedule service with their preferred dealer. They can then take advantage of our complimentary pickup and delivery or a loaner to make sure the repair is completed at their earliest convenience.”

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  1. Thurston Munn

    Ford just continues to shoot itself in the foot.

  2. Crabbymilton

    Don’t be too concerned. FORD has only been in business since 1903. Perhaps they’ll figure it out in about another 119 years if they and the rest of the world lasts that long.

  3. will

    Just don’t buy their little 3 cylinders turbos and their EVs and you will be fine.

  4. Mike

    This is what is going to happen to a lot of Auto manufactures of ICE vehicles, skimping on their quality and paying less attention to ICE engineering and production, etc., to eke out savings to pay for their EV transitions.

    1. crabbymilton

      Well if that’s their attitude, they’ll have the same problems with their eventual BEV’s. FORD has pulled the “This time it’s good. No really this time is really really better. But we learned our lesson so we’re not kidding this time and…” FORD has competition so only the most stubborn FORD stalwarts are going to keep believing them when it’s the same problems over and over again. Most people don’t like to get jerked around.

  5. Ron Bearden

    Made in Mexico ????? Mach E as well. Was up!!!!!!!!!!


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