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Ford Escape Attracting Focus, Fusion Owners

As Blue Oval fans are well aware, the automaker stopped selling sedans in the U.S. following the discontinuation of the Ford Fusion and Focus – among others – years ago, a controversial decision that still doesn’t settle well with those that prefer a passenger car over something like a crossover or SUV. This change also begs the question – did Ford lose all of those sedan customers, or did at least some of them transition into other FoMoCo products? As it turns out, Focus and Fusion owners are finding the Ford Escape to be an appealing alternative.

“Yes, we’re seeing Focus and Fusion customers coming back into the Escape,” Escape Brand Manager, Adrienne Zaski, told Ford Authority Executive Editor, Alex Luft, at the 2023 Escape reveal last month. Zaski didn’t provide any details such as numbers to support these claims, but it seems as if more than a few Fusion and Focus owners have transitioned to the Ford Escape thus far.

This sort of transition is nothing new, of course, as other Ford products are also seeing similar in-lineup movement. That includes the Ford Maverick, which has been attracting Fusion, Focus, and Fiesta owners at a rapid clip, as Ford Authority reported back in August 2021. Many of those customers reached the end of their lease or their retail trade cycle and found the affordable, fuel efficient compact pickup to be a compelling alternative to the traditional economy sedan. Additionally, the Maverick’s biggest conquest thus far is the Honda Civic – a non-traditional competitor – while owners of crossovers like the Honda CR-V and Toyota RAV4 are also defecting to the Maverick at a rapid rate.

2023 Ford Escape

Sales Numbers - Ford Utilities - Jan-Sep 2022 - USA

MODEL YTD 22 / YTD 21 YTD 22 YTD 21
ECOSPORT -24.09% 26,186 34,494
ESCAPE -2.22% 109,311 111,791
EDGE +23.06% 67,623 54,951
BRONCO SPORT -1.51% 79,976 81,204
BRONCO +746.60% 86,387 10,204
EXPEDITION -35.20% 41,607 64,204
TOTAL +15.20% 411,090 356,848

Through the first nine months of the year, the Ford Escape remains the automaker’s best selling utility vehicle – with the exception of the Explorer – with 109,311 units moved thus far. This is particularly interesting given the fact that a refreshed 2023 Ford Escape is coming soon, with more traditional styling and some other various upgrades that could make the crossover even more appealing to sedan owners.

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Brett's lost track of all the Fords he's owned over the years and how much he's spent modifying them, but his current money pits include an S550 Mustang and 13th gen F-150.

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  1. JE

    That certainly is not my case. As owner of a Ford Mondeo/Fusion and after 30 years buying Ford products, I have migrated to other brands the day Ford decided not to produce sedans anymore. I´ll never trade one of the best and more affordable sedans in the market for a boring SUV or a crossover for the simple reason that I don´t like them.

    1. eltoro1

      I’m with you on that! I’ve only driven Fords since my first one, 1991 Ford Escort GT (manual trans., purchased un May of 1990). Since then, my commuter cars have been my 2001 Bullitt in DHG (manual trans. #01102), and my 2012 Ford Focus Titanium HB w/ manual trans. I had been hopeful to get a new Focus ST when the last new model emerged, alas, Ford STUPIDLY did not bring it back to America. So now, with 160,000 miles on the Focus, I guess I’ll be stuck going with a Civic Sport Touring HB or VW GTI (either w/ manual trans.) for my next commuter in the next year, year and a half. Thanks for nothing, Ford!!

      1. Michael K

        Ford doesn’t need to sell to every customer, especially when the customer they are giving up only buys the cheapest least profitable thing they make once a decade.

        1. RWFA


          Ford is aiming for the auto equivalent of Apple’s marketing strategy: don’t try to acquire every customer by competing in commoditized market segments.

          Sell desirable premium products with an above average marginal profit.

          Ford is not there yet, but with coming new platforms there is no reason that they can’t get there.

          1. Mike says...

            You are probably right on this… as FORD seems to be run increasingly by ‘bean counters’ which is fine as they will live and die on the basis of ‘making money’. I suspect the negative
            consequences of moving away from cars is much greater than FORD knows but is willing to follow their ‘profit model’ and thus ignore the car segment customer. The inflated SUV/CUV pricing makes a lot of ‘wiggle’ room for car builders to offer some very nice product at increasingly more affordable Mercedes, BMW, Genesis, Audi, Of all the changes that Farley has made… having no cars will haunt them down the road I want to believe.

    2. Midwestern Joe

      Yes!!!! Thank you!!!!! Totally agree JE !!!!

  2. Arcee

    “Through the first nine months of the year, the Ford Escape remains the automaker’s best selling utility vehicle by a long shot, with 109,311 units moved thus far.”

    7 days ago, you posted an article showing that the Ford Explorer has sold 156,243 units so far in 2022. That would actually make the Explorer their best selling utility vehicle by a “long shot”.

  3. RWFA

    Actually “a long shot” + 43%.

  4. Mark B

    I would wonder how many? If I were to look for another vehicle in the distant future, I might consider a Mach-e but nothing else in the line-up does much for me. Otherwise, I would probably look to Toyota for a “car” option. They have a really cool Corolla GR which looks like a blast to drive! My Focus ST is still in great shape though. Fun driving experiences…remember those?

  5. Frank

    I have only owned new Fords since 1997, exactly 9 of them. Before that I had an 83 Thunderbird and an 89 Ranger. Still have a 2019 Escape, however when the time came for a second car, we had to move on to a 2022 Nissan Kicks. Ford does not even sell a subcompact SUV anymore with the Ecosport gone. Thought about a Maverick, but you can’t get one in a reasonable time. Farley has announced the Escape may be on the chopping block in 2025 which was reported on Ford Authority along with the Edge for next year. Ford has wiped out a whole segment of customers that will not be back.

  6. Jeff

    As the present owner of a 2015 Focus I’ve come to the conclusion this will likely be my last Ford. If I wanted an EV, pickup, SUV, or CUV, I’d certainly buy one. But for Ford to give buyers of small passenger cars no option but to shop elsewhere is a business decision they must have given some thought. Either Ford is betting that the future lies in EV, even without the infrastructure to maintain it on a national level (not to mention the continues gaslighting by the media), or they are just outright saying they suck at manufacturing sedans and giving that market away. They complained that the market segment was falling and thus wanted to focus on a different market. Perhaps, but could it also be true that Ford in all its wisdom, built passenger cars with terrible flaws (Focus DCT, 1.6/1.5L Ecoboost) and thus ran their market out of town to other manufacturers? How many years did they continue to sell the Focus/Fiesta knowing the DCT was an issue? As much as i love the brand because I grew up Ford Blue, I just shake my head at their shortsighted business practices.

  7. Michael J Genzale

    My Fusion was super. I don’t understand shopper’s ignoring the Ford store on their way to the import store. Honda and Toyota are the only 2 Japanes brands that are consistently SLIGHTLY better in quality and durability surveys. Subaru, Mitsubishi, Mazda all rate below Ford and below industry average.

  8. Richard Anderson

    Was a Ford Lincoln sedan buyer. Had an MKZ but now have A Volvo S60 and a Toyota Avalon. I have a Ford dealer 2 miles from House but they do not sell sedan. Ford and Lincoln lost us as a customer. Its their imagination that people do not want sedans.

  9. James

    I got my first Ford from my dad, a 1962 Falcon with a locked up motor at 15. I’ve had 2 mustangs, 2 crown Vicks, 2 falcons, 3 f150’s, an expedition, I own a navigator and a f150 now. I want a ford sedan bad but Ford doesn’t care about the car market sadly. Maybe I’ll have to buy something else.🥹 Love my Fords.

  10. Vernon

    Traditionally preferred to be GM guy but have had a smattering of Fords over the years too as I have always liked high styled and interesting cars from both automakers. Hard to believe Ford and little g-little m, now have totally given the sedan/coupe market to Japan, Korea, Europe, makers etc. I remain convinced this was a mistake just like the force-fed electrics will ultimately be a negative as we go along….we’ll see.

    A couple years ago I bought a 2020 Fusion SE at a close-out price. I have to say it’s proven to be the best little sedan I have ever owned. Dependable, economical, looks great, and just does everything right with all the latest tech anyone would ever want. I know I’m just a dreamer here but I believe the domestic market can make a comeback wishing somehow, someday the once great automakers will build another fine sedan/coupe so we can enjoy driving again. The little cookie cutter same-same crossovers and SUV’s are just plain boring.

  11. Dave

    I’m a previous Fusion owner and traded it in for my first SUV, a Bronco Sport. I previously said that I would aways buy cars but I’m pretty happy with my purchase. Of course, if I want a more fun ride, I can always drive my 2015 Mustang GT or 2002 Thunderbird.

  12. John

    I’m not quite sure why Ford is so happy about this when Farley hinted at cancelling this vehicle in 2025. The Escape is nothing like it used to be anyway. If they follow through with the cancellation of this vehicle, then they should lengthen the back end of the Bronco Sport, which is already outselling the current Escape anyway, and fix the ongoing quality issues with the brakes and engines.

  13. DavidJ

    I find this hard to believe. her isn’t anything in the current Ford lineup that I would want to replace my Fusion. I’ve looked and purchased elsewhere and much happier.


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