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Ford Essex Engine Plant Gets New Battery Energy Storage System

As Ford Authority reported earlier this year, Ford is aiming to cut greenhouse gas emissions from its U.S.-based plants by 50 percent by 2030, and the automaker recently announced that it will partner with DTE Energy to move to 100 percent carbon-free energy in its Michigan-based manufacturing efforts by 2025. However, The Blue Oval’s efforts to clean up its plants isn’t just limited to the U.S., as the Silverton Assembly plant in South Africa is running on 35 percent solar power. Now, the Ford Essex Engine plant in Canada is also getting a new battery energy storage system in an effort to cut costs and make the power grid more sustainable, according to Business Wire.

“The battery storage system provided by Convergent Energy and Power is a strong example of how batteries can support the auto industry at the plant level while also supporting the electric grid serving Ford and the surrounding community,” said Thomas Reeber, Plant Manager at the Ford Essex Plant.

Ford chose Convergent Energy and Power to install the 4 MW/8MWh battery energy storage system (BESS), which is already in operation. Similar to the lithium-ion batteries that power many electric vehicles, the BESS is being used to power the Ford Essex Engine plant during peak power consumption periods, while it can recharge during off-peak hours, which saves quite a bit of stress on Ontario’s power grid. Since electricity is more expensive during peak consumption periods, this move will also save Ford money in the long run, all while reducing the facility’s electricity consumption and carbon footprint.

“With our friends at Ford’s Essex Engine Plant, we’ve proven that our battery energy storage systems can lower commercial and industrial facilities’ utility bills,” added Johannes Rittershausen, CEO of Convergent Energy and Power. “Convergent has over a decade of expertise developing and operating energy storage solutions that are a win for our customers and the clean energy transition.”

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  1. Petroman

    How does the making of a car battery reduce the carbon emissions? Doesn’t the mining for those minerals take more engery and make more carbon emissions?


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