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Ford EV Mandates Face Pushback From Dealer Associations

As part of its split into two distinct entities – Ford Blue for ICE vehicles and Model e for EVs – Ford dealers are being given a few options. Those that don’t want to sell EVs don’t have to do so, while those that do will need to obtain one of two levels of Model e certification, each requiring its own substantial investment – particularly from those that operate Ford and Lincoln stores – as well as imposing sales limits for lower tier dealers and requirements to sell these vehicles at fixed prices. Thus far, dealers have been a bit skeptical about these Ford EV mandates, which prompted Ford to recently extend the deadline to make this decision, while those that opt out will get a second chance at EV certification later down the road. Now, these same Ford EV mandates are also facing pushback from dealer associations in a number of states, according to Automotive News.

Those dealer associations – which currently represent 13 states – say that Ford’s EV mandates are an “unfair burden” on the network of Blue Oval dealers, also arguing that the costs associated with them are too high, and that they may also violate certain franchise laws. Officials from select states have voiced their concerns to the automaker, claiming that the 25 EV per year sales cap for lower tier EV dealers, in particular, is illegal.

The program “fails to make all vehicle models available to dealers on comparable terms and fails to allocate equitable quantities of EVs to Ford franchised dealers relative to their assigned market areas,” the Southern Automotive Trade Association Executives said in a statement. The group called on Ford to “work with state association executives and franchised dealers to create a program that complies with the state laws, promotes competition and furthers the goal of EV adoption in all parts of the country.”

Meanwhile, Ford says that the response to its plan has been positive overall, and also reiterated that it doesn’t violate any laws. “The Model e Electric Vehicle Program was designed to deliver an unparalleled purchase, service and ownership experience for customers,” a Ford spokesman said in a statement. “Ford engaged with and listened to around 400 dealers in developing the program, which provides flexibility both in terms of enrollment level and timing.”

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  1. RonR

    Don’t forget about the grassroots Nationwide boycott of EVs. That is why Ford is hemorrhaging money trying to push EVs. We will just have our gas engines rebuilt for $4k and keep them on the road.

    1. RWFA

      LoL more with the fantasy boycott nonsense. Trying to whip up sock puppet sentiment even as EV sales continue to take off.

      1. Zviera

        Totally agree. EV’s are coming no matter what, Ford is smart getting in the game early. I’m shocked at how many Tesla’s I see on the roads in the country or city.

    2. RC Mills

      Nationwide boycott of EV??? What??? it is hard to find EVs available on dealer lots. I had to special order my F150 hybrid and wait almost 4 months.

      We Want to test drive a Mustang Mach E for the wife and every time I do an inventory search and find one, by the time I get to it is sold.

      100 years ago you would be saying not going to buy an automobile, it is a fad and there are no places to buy gas, I just am going to re shoe the horse.

      1. RWFA

        Agreed. The folks popping in here and using different usernames to try and sock puppet their way to a boycott are paid by someone; it’s just not possible they give all that stupid away for free.

    3. HugoTheImpaler

      There is no Nationwide boycott of EVs in the United States. This only exist in the Confederation of Ignorance aka MAGALand

      1. RWFA

        Agree only in the addled brains of Fox News sweat lodge fever dreamers.

  2. Joe

    Good to see the dealers fighting back. The EV adoption rate is going to be much slower that they think. Reading about all the issues people are having on the FB Mach E page with problems, poor winter range, and large price increases, most can’t afford them or need them.

    1. RWFA

      So much regurgitated FUD so little substance.

  3. Tab Brewer

    EVs are a joke. If you wish to make a long trip, you have to allow in travel charging, instead of just filling up and going. The repair costs are unreasonable, as are the initial expenses.

    1. RWFA

      What repair costs?

      1. Stu

        Good question RWFA. After a year and a half and over 25,000 km ( 15,500 miles) I have yet to spend a single dollar on maintenance other than windshield washer fluid and……..not one dime for any gas or oil.
        Best of all, most recharging is at home overnight which has been averaging $40……per month!

        1. Bob

          I recently sold a 2015 Nissan Leaf I had for 8 and 1/2 years. My entire maintenance bill during that time was 4 tire rotations which cost about 100 bucks. Granted, I only had 23000 miles on the car but still talk about cheap maintenance! I had a door handle that needed replaced and a heating recall but those didn’t cost a dime either as the handle was fixed under warranty and the recall of course was free.

    2. Stu

      Well Tab, all vehicles, unless they are nuclear submarines, require trip refueling or charging along the way. The main question is, how far is the trip?
      My Mach E 4X will go about 480 km (almost 300 miles) on a full charge in summer and about 100 km ( 62 miles) less in winter driving mainly due to onboard heaters.
      It takes between 30 to 45 minutes to fast DC recharge to 80% capacity (240 miles range) which is about the time required to have lunch/dinner, a coffee and a washroom break every 4 hours. So, unless you never stop for meals and comfort breaks, an EV trip is easy to manage and not a drop of gas gets spilled on your shoes.

      1. RWFA

        I often think about the necessity of rest breaks and wonder, “what do these folks do, pee in a bottle?”

      2. Zviera

        Thumbs up Stu. Nice to see a positive post.

  4. Stu

    RWFA, you and I could be fast friends if we lived in the same town.
    Ford is selling every EV they can ship to our dealers here in Canada and will be building next generation EVs in Oakville, Ontario within 2 years.
    Because of our mineral resources and manufacturing capabilities, the EV revolution will boost our GDP as well. Pretty much a win-win outcome as I see it.

    1. RWFA

      Hi Stu, Thanks for the compliment, it does the component of my Newfie blood good!

      For a guy who has spent significant parts of his education and career on ICE PT, driver controls and safety R&D, I’m quite enthusiastic about the changes coming to powertrain (and autonomous guidance.)

      Today’s ICE state of the art was achieved over years of seemingly sudden breakthroughs that were mostly an accumulation of a century of incremental improvements and aside from something like real-time affordable, durable, packagable variable solenoid induction and exhaust valves, there’s not a lot of room left for improvement in ICE because even the most efficient ICE motor is a victim of chemistry resulting in CO2 and NOx discharges; that won’t go away and like fuels, neither can be recycled like an EOL EV battery can.

      New rare earth refining research for improving yields, purity and reducing mining waste by using electrolysis and less chemicals looks highly promising.

      Since it works on simple electrolysis leveraging elemental ionic charge it should be applicable to battery materials too. Steps like this will make batteries more efficient and cheaper. I’m not deeply into the topic but expect that higher purity battery materials will help the competitiveness and commercial launch of solid state batteries. (This should make the environmental cost of that CDN GDP boost less onerous.)

      What I’m always amazed about some of the comments here sound like they come from descendents of the Luddites. They seem to (be willing) understand nothing of the ecological problems our exploitation of carbon fuels will reap as they have no clue of the history of policy and how tax dollars that were used to incubate many of the technologies they take for granted and owe at least some of their affluence to.

      I’m sure some are driven by entities whose cash cows are being gored by the rise of BEV technologies (Big Oil, repair shops, ICE supply base, or folks living in the past or who can’t stand change).

      Regardless, ICE is near the end of its development cycle and holding onto it to please its current beneficiaries isn’t worth the fully accounted costs of doing so.

      But such attitudes were captured in part by Upton Sinclair — ‘It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.’ That motivation while sad, is at least understandable, but the rest reflexively regurgitating the FUD spoon fed to them by a nut in a red hat skilled in vomiting out nonsense is so far from understandable as to be pitiable.

      As for Oakville’s next gig, I think it shows the depth of Ford’s confidence in and commitment to EV that instead of 3 nameplates it will now be two. Two vehicles filling a plant means the market to sell into doesn’t require a third vehicle to fill the capacity gap. This means less complexity in the plant and better quality and higher margin potential. (I also expect the 3rd vehicle was dropped because a fair number of these will be exported out of nafta as without the burden of ICE emissions certification, homologation becomes a snap. Great for business and balance of trade. Our Luddite friends in the “Fire Farley” and “join our fake grassroots boycott” tra la la chorus can’t even conceive of this. Sigh, more’s the earned pity.)

      Ps I was often to Oakville (STAP, OTP and Bramalea) and when not under time pressure used the occasions as an excuse to visit Toronto and have dinner in the rotunda at the CN Tower!


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