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Ford F-150 Buyers Are Switching From Lariat To XLT

With the semiconductor chip shortage and various other supply chain issues impacting automotive production for over two years now, low inventory and high demand has resulted in ever-rising prices, to the point where both new and used vehicles have set new records on a nearly monthly basis over that time span. Ford’s lineup has been impacted in a big way, and most all of its models have seen some sort of price increase – or multiple increases – in recent months. That includes the Ford F-150, which may have gotten so expensive that customers are choosing lower, less expensive trim levels, according to CEO Jim Farley.

“We’re seeing, the one that I watch the most is, our turn rates for F-150,” Farley said while speaking on the automaker’s Q3 earnings call with investors. “It’s our highest volume vehicle. And we’re starting to see some differences in turn rates between XLT and Lariat. It’s small right now, but it’s different. In the past, Lariats turned faster than XLT, and that’s reversed compared to the quarter. It’s really subtle right now.”

This sort of subtle switch is evident from Ford’s recent average transaction pricing, which actually declined two percent in September, while the entire Ford Motor Company lineup – including Lincoln – also dropped 1.7 percent. What’s particularly interesting about these numbers is the fact that new vehicle pricing in general continues to rise, which means that customers may finally be looking at less feature-rich trim levels and models.

The Ford F-150 certainly isn’t alone as a number of FoMoCo models have seen big price increases in recent months, a list that includes the newly-refreshed 2023 Ford Escape and its platform-mate, the 2023 Lincoln Corsair, the 2023 Ford F-150 Lightning – which received substantial price increases across the board, the 2023 Ford Mustang Mach-E lineup, and the 2023 Ford Maverick.

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Brett's lost track of all the Fords he's owned over the years and how much he's spent modifying them, but his current money pits include an S550 Mustang and 13th gen F-150.

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  1. Steve Davison

    Does Ford publish production numbers at the end of the year? By model? And by trim level? It would be interesting to see how it shifts from 2020 onwards.
    I’m interested in F150 King Ranch numbers specifically. Thanks!

  2. Mike says...

    I suspect that if Ford does not contain upwards pricing, the F150 dominance will be lost to a more cost competitive builder. While this is probably good for the consumer, it would be a turn for the worse for Ford and its dependance on the F150. Regardless of the reasons for price increases, Ford is starting to lose me as it is becoming easier to look at competing luxury brands. I say this as a long time Ford/Lincoln customer.

  3. Tom

    It’s not helping that Ford isn’t pumping out more Lariat or above trims. Dealerships within 150 miles of me have had no stock to sell and when they do, the trucks are all XL or XLT. Ram dealers around here seen to be fairing much better with their mid level Laramie trucks as most of those dealers have some in the lot for buyers. It’ll be interesting what happens when the 40,000+ 2022’s sitting at KY Motor Speedway finally get shipped in 23 when new model years are supposed to be selling.

    1. Scotty

      .. I’ve been thinking the same thing, Tom. And too, I can’t
      imagine sitting for 4-10 months would be good for a vehicle..

    2. John

      You don’t really think there are still 40,000 units left to ship, do you? You must believe everything you read on the internet.

  4. Bill

    Has anyone figured out that some buyers want a supercab, not a screw? Dropping that from the Lariat is likely in part why XLT is picking up. I will be one of them, or perhaps leave Ford altogether, when trade time comes around. Currently in a 21 Lariat supercab.

    1. Ted

      I agree completely and wonder what the numbers are on people ordering XLTs with supercab. I was at dealership and confirmed Lariat with supercab absolutely unavailable, Don’t need CrewCab; don’t want CrewCab. If i can’t configure XLT SuperCab with some of the Lariat features I want, including leather seating, after over 20 years of Ford ownership I’m gonna have to switch to another brand. Some still offer the double cabs with regular beds and with decent trim packages.

    2. Dave

      AGREE Ford stop full size bronco and push supercabs my last 4 trucks supercabs 4×4 Lariat next truck WILL not be A crewcab

  5. Gunner

    I have sat on the side lines since 2014, in my book Ford has gone down hill so far that I may go back to GMC. My first for was a 65 mustang had it till the ex-wife got it , now sitting in a corn field in ind. Bought a 70 GMC truck and had it for a few years and went back to Ford. But now just can’t seem to want to keep paying for plastic and fancy looking trucks that won’t hold up to doing what Ford says they will. Sorry Ford !

    1. Mike Stefanovich

      Buy a Tundra,I’ve had 2.They put my previous Ford trucks to shame.

      1. John

        At least be truthful. The Tundra doesn’t compete with the F-150 in any metric.

  6. Kenneth Nunes

    Ford please don’t make me a GMC customer I have been a Ford man for many years. Ford won me over with Feathers and Technology. I love my 2021 Ford F-150 Lariat please don’t change it or do away with it. It is the best truck I have ever owned.

  7. Big J

    When I worked for ford about the only difference between a xlt and a lariet/EB was leather and a 6 disc cd changer.

  8. Dave

    ALL wheel drive standard on Lariat

  9. Jim

    I have a 2014 crew cab, 5.0L with 62,000, runs great. With some poor reviews and high prices I plan on keeping it and see if prices will come down in the future.

  10. Chris

    I have a 2015 lariat fx4 super crew cab 5.0 with 140k and it’s running strong. Im holding on to it since Raptor is 20k above sticker and I prefer the Coyote motor. Maybe the Tremor will have the Coyote?

  11. Travis

    I’ve been a loyal Ford enthusiast and owner of many Ford vehicles over the years and have no choice but to look at the competition for my next truck purchase.

  12. Adrian

    The issue is a xlt cost what a lariat use too. And all you get with lariat is fancy do hickys. I find it hard to pay double for a vehicle just for electronics. Xlt to platinum is like double the cosr same drivetrain same layout just more do hickys

  13. Budlar

    All of the OE m’s are taking the extended cabs to the worktruck / regular cab level. The only reason I got a crew in 18 because with all the rebates it would cost me thousands more to get a extend cab and Ben worth wayless just driving it off the watch The only reason I got a crew in 18 because with all the rebates it would cost me thousands more to get a extend cab and would have been worth wayless just driving it off the lot. The only thing I like about the crew better is with the big back doors you get better blindspot vision.

  14. Richard Brklacich

    I ordered a 2022 Lariat 4×4 in January 2022. The MSRP has gone up substantially since then and the newer Lariats are arriving in dealerships with parts deleted due to supply issues, but so are the others. My next car is going to be another F-150 because it has great resale value. I would know that, my last three cars were F-150. RAM? Pish tosh!

  15. Dale

    Not surprised. One, the XLT is much improved and loads of technology not typically available at XLT trim level. Two, in an effort to add things like Interior Work Space, Twin Panel Moonroof, Hybrids, ability to run power from the bed, etc, etc, etc… that drives prices up and with rising interest rates, people are dropping down a trim level

  16. Roger

    This past February 2022 I just purchased a 2021 powerboost lariat fx4 awsome truck and happy I did because now trucks are coming out with little less and the same truck is up by 8k ridiculous but let’s hope ford gets back to normal


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