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Ford F-150 Lightning Part Of Electrify America Ad Campaign: Video

Without its own proprietary charging network, Ford is leaning on third-party companies to fulfill its customers’ charging needs, and one of the biggest providers in that regard is Electrify America. In fact, Ford F-150 Lightning owners get 250 kilowatt-hours of free charging at Electrify America stations through the FordPass Rewards program, which is equivalent to 575 miles of range or nearly three “fill-ups” for pickups equipped with the standard range battery. Now, shortly after outlining a quality pledge and debuting a new charger naming scheme, Electrify America has launched a new marketing campaign dubbed “As Seen on EV,” which stars the Ford F-150 Lightning.

In this particular spot dubbed “Old Dog New Truck,” the Ford F-150 Lightning has an admirer in the form of a cowboy, who says “your pops was like a brother to me, but just because you say you got the range I need doesn’t mean you can…” At that point, the actor is interrupted when the Lightning’s frunk pops open, and he says “welcome home, son.”

The purpose of the “As Seen on EV” ad campaign is to educate and shift common misconceptions regarding all-electric vehicle ownership such as driving range and charging access while also highlighting the positive attributes of living with an EV on a daily basis. The campaign does that by starring the vehicles themselves while also showcasing the benefits that each has to offer. Currently, three ads have been released, though more are planned to roll out in the coming weeks.

“Just as streaming TV redefined how people watch television, EVs are redefining transportation,” said Misti Murphey, director of Brand Strategy & Integrated Marketing at Electrify America. “The ‘As Seen on EV’ campaign allows us to meet consumers where they are – in the now familiar medium of streaming TV – to build consumer confidence about EVs.”

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  1. StuartH

    I want to see a picture/video of a big tongue slipping out the the frunk when it opens. Definitely on a Rattler EV version.

  2. Howard Spellman

    I hate to say it, but I have a Lightning and a model three Tesla and driving from New Mexico to California in the lightning was a complete disaster with Electrify America. Numerous times I pulled into a charging area and it was hard to maneuver the vehicle in and once I did, I found out that the charger wasn’t working and had to maneuver out. The layout is poor at most of the Walmart parking lot where they are located and most of the time I was lucky if one of the four or five worked. It took me hours to charge because sometimes I was limited to 29 kW an hour which would take me three hours to charge the battery fully. Needless to say driving my Tesla is a complete joy. Their chargers are numerous and close together and I never have to wait or unplug and try plugging in another one to find one that works. If you’re interested, I could send you a video of one of the charging stations I was at in Flagstaff Arizona. Otherwise, the Ford lightning is an absolute wonder to drive.

    1. Bob

      Electrify America in IL (midwest) is pretty good. No real issues. Are there bad chargers, seldom. Most EA stations are 350KW. Why was yours limited to 29kw? (Needless to say driving my Tesla is a complete joy. ) Of course it was. How fast did your Ford charge there? Oh wait, Tesla is the only one that keeps its chargers private and has had EV’s for a decade. You did not run into lines like most people talk about in Ca? That’s weird its seems to be a new thing.

  3. The Dude

    with technology at hand, why do we not put a self contained charging system on the trucks. possibly propane/solar combo.

  4. Bob

    Stop wasting money with an advertising. Get your vehicles to your customers with quality.

  5. David Radzieta

    I see lots of misleading Tesla propaganda here. Tesla chargers have provlems too. For on thing there are so few Tesla charger locations. The angriest person I have ever seen was chargiing a Tesla at a supercharger. I used to think it was because they had to charge an hour. Now I realize it was because a car that was supposed to go 250 miles only went 125 miles.


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