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Ford F-150 Most Considered Non-Luxury Vehicle Of Q3 2022

Back in the second quarter of the year, the Ford F-150¬†ranked as the second most considered non-luxury vehicle among shoppers in Kelley Blue Book’s Brand Watch report after it initially fell from the top spot in Q1. Making matters worse, the F-150 lost that number one ranking to its chief rival – the Chevy Silverado. However, the Q3 KBB Brand Watch report has just been released, and the Ford F-150 has once again reclaimed its long-held position as the most considered non-luxury vehicle on the market.

With the Ford F-150 moving back into first place, that caused the Silverado 1500 to dip back to second. The two trucks were followed by a pretty diverse lineup of vehicles, almost all from one of two automakers – the Honda Accord, Honda Civic, Honda CR-V, Toyota Camry, Toyota RAV4, Toyota Tacoma, Toyota RAV4 Hybrid, and Chevy Tahoe. Regardless, interest in pickups remains strong, as 32 percent of shoppers surveyed were in the market for a new hauler.

The Kelley Blue Book Brand Watch Report is a consumer perception survey that also weaves in shopping behavior to determine how a brand or model stacks up with its segment competitors on a dozen factors key to a consumer’s buying decision. KBB produces separate Brand Watch reports for non-luxury and luxury brands each quarter.

Meanwhile, Ford held onto its position as the second most considered non-luxury brand behind Toyota after briefly taking over the top spot back in Q4 of 2021. The Ford F-Series continues to see its average transaction pricing rise as a result of this high demand, which is prompting customers to seek out lower trim levels, as well as stretch out their financing/lease terms in an effort to lower monthly payments to a more affordable level.

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  1. Davido49

    Not surprised! With all trucks except maybe the biggest heavy duty ones being so much more efficient & luxurious..buyers realize they get it all w/ 1/2 ton or even midsized trucks in crew cab versions these days! Safety, strength, efficiency & long term dependability. If you can’t make an F150 last 15yrs easy your doin something wrong.

    1. Pat Neary

      I agree with you!


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