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Ford Files To Trademark ‘Model T’ In Mexico

Ford Motor Company has filed to trademark “Model T” with the Mexico Institute of Industrial Property, Ford Authority has learned.

Filed on September 29th, 2022, under the serial number 0119852825695, this application contains the goods and services description of “land motor vehicles, namely passenger cars, structural components for land vehicles, motors for vehicles, accessories for the aforesaid goods consisting of special covers for vehicles and custom-made covers for car seats, cargo carriers for vehicles, insect protectors as structural components of vehicles, mudflaps for motor vehicles, and couplings for receiving trailer hitches for vehicles.”

The Ford Authority Take

Ford filed to trademark Model T with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) back in 2016, an interesting development at the time that thus far hasn’t led to any rebirth of that legendary nameplate on any sort of new vehicle. Now, this new trademark filing – this time in Mexico – follows a few years later, yet contains a rather strange goods and services description compared to the same USPTO filing, which was merely for “automobiles.”

On one hand, it seems as if the goods and services description in this new trademark could be used for something like a vehicle, but it could also be reserved for a line of accessories, for which historic nameplates are typically trademarked. It’s a broad filing for certain, which makes it unclear what, if anything, Ford has planned for its iconic Model T name.

It’s also possible that Ford merely wants to hold onto the trademark for Model T in the event that another entity might use it, of course. However, only time will tell what – if anything – will come of this new filing.

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