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Ford Maverick Leer Low-Profile Bed Cap Set To Debut In 2023

At this year’s SEMA Show, which took place earlier this month, Leer debuted a brand new Ford Maverick build with a heavy focus on street truck style, albeit with a very unique low-profile bed cap fitted in the rear. In spite of its low-slung stance, that particular pickup was also designed for work purposes, equipped with features such as an expandable power station for electric tools, a roof rack, and solar panels. However, Leer has now exclusively informed Ford Authority that it plans to put the truck’s low-profile bed cap into production in the second quarter of 2023.

Leer already makes and sells a mid-rise and commercial bed cap for the Ford Maverick, but this low-rise unit is brand new and quite a bit different. The cap present on the Ford Maverick build from SEMA is a one-off, but the production version should follow a similar profile in that the top is flush with the roof of the pickup, giving it a cleaner look. The cap also features a built-in third brake light and tinted, twist-out side windows with removable screens that provide some air flow.

In addition to the new low-profile bed cap, this Maverick build is also equipped with the Bedslide 1000, which is designed to add 1,000 pounds of extra weight carrying capacity and installs with zero drilling required, giving owners the ability to attach sport racks and other accessories, as well as load and unload their gear more easily.

As far as pricing goes, Leer hasn’t yet made any sort of announcement as to what we can expect from its new Ford Maverick low-profile bed cap. However, the mid-rise version retails for between $3,449 and $3,649, while the commercial version costs $3,029-$3,229, depending on specifications, so we can safely assume that it will fall somewhere in that general range, at least.

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  1. Dennis

    Does it fit any vehicles that are actually available to the public? Not quite sure what I would do with a cap parked in my driveway…

  2. Phil Angelucci

    I would really like to get my maverick which I ordered over a year ago. After you fill all the orders out there then you should start promising all these new options for next year models.

  3. thomas hoepker

    why tell us about the bed caps and other options when we can’t get the maverick we ordered? I think there should be some kind of a rebate just for making us wait so long for the maverick. I look forward to getting the one I ordered but i’am getting a little discouraged.

  4. Jack Sinkler

    Are you offering a one piece hard bedlid for my Maverick?

  5. Rick Cerretani

    Order? Order? Really? I can’t get any dealer to even let me order a Maverick.
    They can’t even give me an idea on when they can place orders.
    2023’s should be available to order now.

    1. JKLaud

      2023 orders closed sometime in late Oct. I think the order window was only open for 4-5wk

      1. Sparky

        Around here the 2023 order bank was only open for one week in September.

  6. Joey

    Newsflash: that bedslide doesn’t add an extra 1,000 pounds of cargo capacity. In fact, it decreases the carrying capacity by whatever it weighs. Whoever wrote this seriously needs to edit it.

  7. Susan

    I just want to see the raptor or maverik maybe even the lightnting be a 6 passanger like the f150 has the option to be….. There has to be another option besides the cyber with a front bench……

  8. Corey

    Half the price and available now,

  9. Rakeshkumar patel

    Maverick hybrid I need

  10. Dennis Brohmer

    Is the Leer low profile truck cap available for the 2022 Ford Maverick XL?

  11. Dennis Brohmer

    It is now the end of the second quarter of 2023.
    Is the Leer low profile truck cap available for the 2022 Ford Maverick XL?


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