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Ford Maverick Street Truck Is Ready To Work: SEMA 2022

While The Blue Oval itself didn’t attend SEMA 2022 to an official capacity, that didn’t stop plenty of aftermarket tuners and parts suppliers from bring their own Ford builds to the event. Ford even highlighted a few of these vehicles, including a custom 2022 Ford Mustang Mach-E GT, a Ford F-150 Lightning Race Support truck and plenty examples of custom Ford Bronco SUVs. One of the custom trucks on the roster was a Ford Maverick Street Truck built by Leer Group.

Leer’s Ford Maverick Street Truck is designed to be the ultimate work truck for hobbyists and experts alike. It features an expandable power station for electric tools, which can also be stored in its built-in toolbox. There’s also a roof rack ready to be loaded up with the necessary gear for any situation. Power is fed by Ford Research and Advanced Engineering solar panels, which allow the pickup’s driver to have more than one way to run their electric power tools.

Under the hood, this custom Ford Maverick Lariat harnesses the automaker’s 2.5L I4 hybrid powertrain setup, throwing power to the vehicle’s front wheels. It also sports a Carbonized Gray exterior with custom decals.

This certainly isn’t the first time a customized Maverick has made an appearance at SEMA. At the 2021 event, the Air Design Maverick showed off a slew of upgrades, including a cat-back exhaust system and a 1.5-inch lift kit to give it a more commanding on-road presence. On the other side of the spectrum, Tucci Hot Rods slammed a Ford Maverick with a lowering kit and custom fender flares. The Dragg Maverick pickup slapped a bed topper on the small truck and gave it a flashy paint job ready to hit the beach. Though the compact pickup is still young, will certainly be interesting to see how custom automakers use it as a platform for more unique builds in the future.

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Alexandra is a Colorado-based journalist with a passion for all things involving horsepower, be it automotive or equestrian.

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  1. Bob

    Pretty cool for a truck you can barely buy. I guess Ford is more like a boutique maker of cars and trucks. You know, they make some when they can. This is so weird, one of the largest makers of autos doesn’t have enough production capability to deliver. Maybe the design still depends on parts they do not have? Who should be fired for not having those parts on hand? That Just In Time warehousing was a fools game. Toyota and Nisan will have small trucks soon and take the bread out of Fords mouth.

    1. RWFA

      Say you don’t know how JIT works, or how supply chain issues have affected the entire industry, without actually saying that.

      1. Archie Haase

        Ford is an innovator. From where I look, I see entrepreneurism at its highest level in a major corporation of the world. Supply chain issues and stupidity of the American political system, has dumbed down the American ability to be able to critically think. I am proud that Ford is an American company and the managers and leaders executives seem to have the ability to be able to think critically about what they want for their country and their corporation. I’ve been waiting since December 22, 2021 for my Ford maverick. I’ve been waiting with confidence because I knew the Ford would produce my Maverick earlier if possible —- I wish, but it couldn’t. The reality of the world today is this; parts and supplies and logistics because of purview cultish political system, and because the greed in our political corporate money driven greed mostly corrupt system.

        1. RWFA

          Yours is the correct and healthy take on the supply and delivery situation. Hope you see your truck soon.

          As to the political system, the delusion, manipulation, abject corruption, sociopathy, and nutjobbery is to the largest degree manifest in the party of whataboutism and insurrection masquerading as the personal freedom small government party.

          Ps please ignore joes ignorance of most things, especially the lag between (Trump) cause and current effect. And his embrace and regurgitation of conservative culture war wedge issues designed to stir fever dream butterflies in the mind of gullible nut jobs.

          He knows not what he says because he knows not much.

          1. Joe

            Sure, keep telling yourself that. I guess they are responsible for fuel prices, food prices, interest rates, housing downturn, layoffs, inflation, crime rate increase, and the list goes on.

            I guess some people like murderers running around free with no cash bail, I guess some people like it when New yorkers can’t wait for the subway without getting knifed, I guess some people like it when inflation is eating away at their paycheck, i guess some people like it when trans people are deleting womens rights. I guess some people like it when fentanyl flows freely over our southern border and is the # killer of young people. I guess some people like their kids sexualized.

            There sure are some mentally ill people in this country. SMFH

        2. Joe

          LOL. I ordered mine in Sept. 2022. I already have a build date of Dec 19th. I’ll have mine before you have yours, and I ordered a hybrid.

  2. RWFA

    Have to say that cap looks good, and is suggesting a third row Maverick SUV. Also could envision a high roof cap to allow tall item stowage (such a vehicle could replace Transit Connect.)

  3. Dave Mathers

    Great looking topper. Well done.

  4. Bill Byrne

    Crazy we orderd over a year ago, never got it-re ordered 9/15/22 so we wait after buying fords over 45 year, we may be done with them

    1. RWFA

      Find a better dealer; they let you down.


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