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Ford Owners Least Likely To Be ‘One And Done’ Car Shoppers

Ford owners have long been quite loyal to the brand as a whole, earning the automaker top honors in IHS Markit’s Overall Loyalty to Make category and enabling it to post the largest increase in brand loyalty in S&P Global’s Top 10 Industry Trends Report from July, while Ford trucks had the highest loyalty rate in the 2022 J.D. Power U.S. Automotive Brand Loyalty Study and the Ford Edge was the top ranked vehicle in the U.S. in terms of brand loyalty in May 2022, according to IHS Markit. Now, new data from S&P Global shows that Ford owners are also among the least likely to be “one and done” car shoppers of any brand.

According to S&P Global Mobility loyalty data, there are three distinct customer types in the marketplace – Super Loyalists, Loyalists, and Nomads. Super Loyalists are consumers with a history of multiple repeat purchases and are most likely to repurchase from the same brand. Loyalists are consumers with a repeat purchase, and Nomads show no identifiable loyalty patterns to any brand and are most likely to defect. A Nomadic household who defects an automotive brand with their next purchase is also known as a One & Done.

In that regard, the percentage of One & Done customers has reached its highest rate in 10 years over the current rolling 12 month period, coming in at 57 percent. However, Ford ranks at the bottom of the pack in that regard, as we can see in the chart above, and also touts one of the lowest percentages of Nomad shoppers of any brand.

This is obviously good news for The Blue Oval, though there are some caveats related to this data worth mentioning – chiefly, the fact that while Tesla – a relatively new brand – has an exceptionally high rate of Nomads, it also has a low One & Done rate, which means that its percentage of Nomads will decline over time.

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Brett's lost track of all the Fords he's owned over the years and how much he's spent modifying them, but his current money pits include an S550 Mustang and 13th gen F-150.

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  1. Bill Byrne

    that may change, I have had over 30 fords since 1974, but this last order ordeal with the maverick, may do it! ordered 10/20/21 one year no maverick! we reordered 10/15/22 ,so hear we wait again! too bad Ford had NO customer service or PR during that year, not one word from them, I had to call-write-email etc. to try to get any info! seems like more company’s these days, has BAD , customer service, or none! sad!

    1. John Hutton

      Bill, don’t be so hasty in blaming Ford. My own problems are with the dealers, who operate independently from Ford Motor Company. My orders don’t go “up the chain” to the manufacturer because I want to operate online without the sales pressure. I can’t wait to submit my orders directly to Ford!

    2. Brad Barefoot

      Bill, don’t know how old you are, but. In 1964/65 Ford had the same problem with the ’64 Mustang. People did things differently back then. Robert MacNamara shifted production of the Mustang to 3 factories that was building slow moving models … they didn’t build anything other than Mustangs for over 2 years. Today Ford has the same problem, but instead of shuttering EV cars that no one wants they it seems are willing to risk losing customers. I too wanted a Maverick XLT Hybrid, no luck. I’ve shifted to a ’23 Escape Hybrid … if the same happens again I’m gone. It’s plain stupid for ANY auto builder to subject their customer base to the lunacy as they have, were vehicles that are popular are concerned. As for the “Computer Chip” issue … have you noticed brands like Tesla & Toyota don’t seem to have any chip problems? The story broke close to two years ago that the actual chip manufacturers told the auto builders the chips they are using are obsolete and they needed to change to use the up and coming chips … Ford, GM, among others didn’t listen. They’ve done this to themselves. If the Hyundai Santa Cruz was even close to the Maverick in size an capabilities I’d own one, but they are just a toy. What I’d hope Ford would have done was a remake of the Ranchero using the Fusion as a template, but no they did the Maverick, nice enough, but the Ranchero … had a ready customer base, more than the Maverick if you could believe it. When the new vehicle began to be talked about my wife an I talked about buying two Rancheros … that didn’t happen. To end this, I’m starting to look at some of the “classic car” companies. One in Fayetteville (I-95 Classics) has offered to find me what I want, restore it as far as I wanted to go. So we did a test, I’m 65 and always liked the Country Squire Wagon, we (95 & I) pretended we’d found a 1995 Country Squire, and did a wheels up resto-job … total cost with a new engine, trans, paint, interior … everything came up to less than $40K … and with a new drive line warranty ! If the Escape deal goes south and they tell me 5 to 8 months … well I’ve got the choice of 4 ’95 Country Squire Wagons to choose from … and in a bout 60 days I’d be driving one of them. There is one other thing, the Maverick has a water leakage problem where the tonneau covers are concerned, around the back glass, and tailgate. In the snow belt it’s not unusual to have 2 to 4 inches deep front to back be blown in, and around the back glass drain tubes get clogged an leak, same with that $3.500.00 camper shell … thought you’d like to know.

  2. R.T. Milburn

    Have had Fords my whole life until this past summer. Sold my Mustang GT and wanted a hybrid sedan! Surprise! Ford no longer makes sedans, much less hybrid sedans.
    Hello Lexus 300h Ultra Luxury. Sorry Ford I’m just not a SUV or Truck kinda guy. Sad not to have a Ford or Lincoln in my garage.


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