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Here’s How Much Horsepower The 2024 Ford Mustang GT Will Make: Exclusive

The all-new, next-generation S650 2024 Ford Mustang was revealed back in September following years of anticipation, and while it looks a lot like the outgoing, S550 model, the newest pony car is a totally new machine in many ways. That includes its engine lineup, which consists of the carryover turbocharged Ford 2.3L I-4 EcoBoost and naturally-aspirated Ford 5.0L V8 Coyote powerplants, though each has received a host of revisions. However, sources familiar with the matter have told Ford Authority that the 2024 Ford Mustang GT will produce 450 horsepower – the same exact figure as the current-gen V8-powered model.

This rating applies only to the 2024 Ford Mustang GT – not the new Dark Horse variant, which is targeting an output of 500 horsepower and sounds pretty amazing. Regardless, it’s still a letdown for fans of the pony car, who were undoubtedly hoping to see at least a modest boost in power for the next-generation model. Regardless, even though it may not offer any more in terms of horsepower than the outgoing model, it is worth appreciating the fact that the 2024 Ford Mustang still exists in its current form – which wouldn’t be possible without the presence of the Ford Mustang Mach-E, according to Blue Oval CEO Jim Farley.

The 2024 Mustang GT features the fourth-generation version of the Coyote powerplant, which utilizes dual throttle bodies and a dual air intake box. It can be mated to a six-speed manual transmission – which the EcoBoost Mustang is no longer available with – or the 10-speed automatic gearbox.

The all-new 2024 Ford Mustang is scheduled to launch in the summer of 2023, and will continue to be produced at the Flat Rock Assembly plant in Michigan.

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  1. Josh

    This doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. What’s the point of Dual Throttle Body’s on the GT variant if it makes the same horsepower as the Gen3 Coyote. Furthermore, Ford said it was targeting 480 hp. That would result in major blowback on Ford’s part if this is true. These insiders sound more like they’re baiting the public so that when Ford reveals its “only” 480 hp, or something close to that figure, people aren’t upset that they didn’t produce more than they teased, similar to how they’ve done with the Bullitt, Shelby GT500, Bronco, etc. Usually the figure Ford teases is 5 hp to 10 hp less than what they initially reveal.

    1. DWH

      I don’t know who’s correct, but this is what Consumer Reports says regarding the 2024 Mustang EcoBoost and the GT.

      Powertrains: 330-hp*, 2.3-liter turbocharged four-cylinder or 480-hp, 5.0-liter V8 engine; 6-speed manual or 10-speed automatic transmission; rear-wheel drive

  2. Patrick

    Agree with the above poster… everyone watching the reveal heard Ford reps state they were targeting 480hp for the GT. Doesn’t make much sense such a heavily revised engine on a new generation would make the same as what’s out there now.


    If the DH isnt 530hp it is an EPIC FAIL!!

    1. DWH

      To me personally. Seeing the Mustang coupes dropping the Ice engines and going complete hybrid or EV would suck. Consumers Report shows the GT at 480 horsepower. Ford hasn’t finalized the Dark Horse likely because they must meet Government cafe standards with carbon emissions. That’s why the Hemi is being dropped. It not able to hit the numbers. I’ll be happy with a minimum of 500 horsepower in the Dark Horse with Ford having the ability to send over air tunes to increase that number.

      1. DWH

        I think everyone is forgetting the short run of 2023 Mustangs. The 2023 GT uses the same 450 horsepower Coyote as the 2022

      2. Walter Raulerson

        Chevy did the same thing people espected 500 got 495 yes iuts only 5 but they couldn’t squeeze 5 more?

        1. Walter Raulerson


    2. Lealand

      If it has more average horsepower and a better chassis people who really know what makes a car faster won’t care.

  4. Richard Jones

    Once again forward, you are producing vehicles where you think we should have or where you think this vehicle is good enough, not to the satisfaction of the customer where we are requesting and demanding more than what your Engineers are satisfied with, when I go out to dinner they bring me what I order not what they think I should have. It’s no wonder your stock Rises with the anticipation of some vehicles, but drop like a bad habit once the vehicles specs is revealed. Stop selling us what you think we should have and start selling us what we demand, it is too simple!

    1. David Pickford

      100% mate, here in Australia people said we wanted the Ranger to have at least a 3litreV6 if an 8 wouldn’t fit, it’s taken them 10 years to provide what was asked for, we’ve asked for the ‘stang 350 & 500s, never arrived, we’ve asked for Explorer, we got the Edge but not the one we wanted with the V6 only an anemic 4cyl diesel, we’ve asked for the Mach E, maybe one day, we’ve asked for the F trucks, were finally getting them but only 2 models and they’re not true factory jobs albeit factory back re-engineered to RHD. Another nice one would be a ground hugging Ranger Raptor to replace our ageing fleet of Commodore (GM) and Falcon utes that sported 450-470+hp in stock form. I stead we get what Ford think we should have.

      1. Lealand

        How closely does Australia follow EU vehicle standards? Ford didn’t export the GT350 or 500 since those cars wouldn’t have met pedestrian impact, noise and emissions standards IIRC. It’s also the reason why the export Mach doesn’t get the handling pack since it doesn’t meet some standards abroad (the splitter and flares I think are the big issue).

  5. Glenn

    Not sure where the 450 HP rating is coming from unless that’s a European rating. The regular GT is rated at 460hp, not 450.

    1. vbcbcfvbdgbdfgdfg

      Its actually 450 for 2022-2023

  6. hot toddy

    Farley just couldn’t resist getting his shameless plug in for the MachE coud he.

  7. Adrian

    Question! I want to know if the new S650 manual transmission is coming with doble disc clutch and doble fuel injections, port and direct injection? Please thanks.

  8. Name

    Looks like your “exclusive” was wrong


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