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Next-Gen Ford Ranger Production Begins In South Africa

The next-generation Ford Ranger global rollout is still taking place, as some plants tasked with producing the mid-size pickup are getting ready to switch over to the redesigned model, while others soldier on with the current truck until next year. As Ford Authority previously reported, Ford Thailand Manufacturing was the first facility to start building the pickup, with examples for that plant destined for Australia and other countries in the region. Now, the Silverton Assembly plant in South Africa has fully switched over to the new pickup, per an official report from the automaker.

The Silverton Assembly plant received just over $1 billion in upgrades to accommodate production of the new truck, with those funds being allocated toward the production of the plant’s first stamping plant, a highly automated body shop, and revamped operations to trim, chassis, and final lines taking place as well. The investment created 1,200 new jobs at the facility due to the addition of a third plant, bringing the total employee headcount to 5,500. The redesigned pickup also resulted in suppliers adding 10,000 jobs across the truck’s suppliers as well. Ford Ranger pickups produced at Silverton are destined for domestic markets and Europe.

“We have put immense effort, resources, and the latest technologies in place to ensure that the next-gen Ranger is truly world-class, and that the Silverton plant globally equals the very best,” says Andrea Cavallaro, Director Operations, Ford IMG. “We took several strategic decisions including the decision to bring the stamping operations and the frame manufacturing in-house, to ensure complete control of the production quality. The process put in today guarantees that the components going onto the assembly line for every next-gen Ranger are of the highest quality.”

Ford Ranger

With three plants now producing the next-generation Ford Ranger, the Pacheo Assembly plant and Michigan Assembly plant are the next two facilities set to switch over to the redesigned pickup, which will take place in 2023. As Ford Authority previously reported, the next-generation mid-size pickup, including the Ranger Raptor, are set to arrive at U.S. dealers as a 2024 model year truck sometime next year.

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Ed owns a 1986 Ford Taurus LX, and he routinely daydreams about buying another one, a fantasy that may someday become a reality.

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  1. Irving B. Thomas Jr.

    Hello. I was wondering if the new generation Ford ranger has a moonroof and if not, is there a way to find out why especially when the Ford maverick has a moonroof this is something I cannot understand.

    1. blksn8k

      I doubt it will unless that is something that would be unique to the North American version. The outgoing model never offered a moonroof and, as far as I can tell, they did not alter the cab itself on the next gen Ranger. They did make the track wider and increased the width of the bed and front fenders to cover the wider track but I’m pretty sure the cab was not changed much other than different stampings for the doors. So if it is the same cab with the same roof structure and panels, I doubt they will alter it for a moonroof.
      That is a change I was hoping for as well along with more interior volume. Since my current F-150 has both of those things I doubt I will be that interested in the new Ranger.

  2. Just Me

    Can we have a look at the new Ranger in the US?
    I’m trying to compare the Ranger with the Colorado and I’m looking at the differences between the 2.


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