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Next-Generation Lincoln Nautilus Leaked Ahead Of Debut

After months of speculation about a potential successor, the next-generation Lincoln Nautilus has been partially leaked, thanks to the Ministry of Industry and Information, a regulatory body of the Chinese government. The pictures uploaded to the site confirm that the upcoming mid-size crossover will bear some resemblance to the Lincoln Star Concept, and that it will become a slightly larger vehicle overall.

Next-generation Lincoln Nautilus

Based on the front three quarter profile of the next-generation Lincoln Nautilus, it is pretty clear that the luxury brand injected a fair bit of Lincoln Zephyr visual DNA into the mid-size crossover, as it boasts the same chrome strip that bisects the upper portion of the grille, with the Lincoln Star emblem at the center. That motif carries through into the headlamp assemblies, where they are swept upward before ending where the front end meets the edge of the hood. Judging by the lack of chrome, this particular example seems to feature a black appearance package or similar cosmetic equipment bundle.

Next-generation Lincoln Nautilus

A glance at the rear end proves that the Lincoln Star Concept served as a template for the design, although the overall aesthetic is also not far removed from design cues currently worn by the Lincoln Aviator. The rear lightning extends through the crossover’s width in an almost identical manner as the Zephyr. Unlike the current model, the next-generation Lincoln Nautilus seems to also boast a more aggressive rear spoiler and a wider LED strip that serves as the center high-mounted stop lamp. There is no rear wiper visible, but the part may be hidden underneath the spoiler.

Next-Generation Lincoln Nautilus

In addition to two solid exterior photos, the site also features pictures of various sections of the next-generation Lincoln Nautilus that potentially preview most or all of the lineup. There are three different grilles, two different rear bumpers, and several different wheels. There are several different roof treatments as well, with a black-painted roof being the most notable aesthetic. In North America, only the Aviator and Navigator feature a black-painted roof in their respective lineups.

Next-Generation Lincoln Nautilus vs. 2022 Lincoln Nautilus
Next-Generation Lincoln Nautilus 2022 Lincoln Nautilus
Length (inches) 193.2 190
Width (inches)* 76.8 76.1
Height (inches) 67.5 66.2
Wheelbase (inches) 114.1 112.2
2.0L I-4 EcoBoost Horsepower 257.4 250

Some specifications were also posted to the site, which reveal that the next-generation is most likely going to grow in every dimension when compared to the current model. These exterior specifications are different than what was presented for the next-generation Ford Edge, following a similar posting to the Chinese government site. However, the Edge will likely be offered with five- and seven-seat configurations, so the dimensions that came out may reflect the larger variant. By contrast, it seems the next-generation Lincoln Nautilus will be offered solely as a five-seater.

As Ford Authority previously reported, the upcoming Nautilus lineup will include at least one hybrid powertrain in addition to the Ford 2.0L I4 EcoBoost. While the mid-size is slated to be built and sold in China, its future in North America isn’t clear, as the Ford Oakville Assembly plant will stop producing the current generation Edge and Nautilus in 2023 to make way for the Ford Explorer and Lincoln Aviator EVs.

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Ed owns a 1986 Ford Taurus LX, and he routinely daydreams about buying another one, a fantasy that may someday become a reality.

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  1. William

    Nothing exciting about this one. Im waiying for a Town car.

    1. RichG

      Don’t hold your breath.

  2. Jake

    Looks like an Acura, I had an Acura, I wouldn’t by an SUV that looks like an Acura. Ruined this model. Should’ve designed it to look more like the new EQS, it’s beautiful. Get rid of the rubber fenders, does it have a headsup display yet? And stop making it slower and removing features fans like me will gladly pay for rather than lose them. I’ll get the Natulius 23′ Black Label and stick with that instead.

    1. Alex Luft

      I stopped reading when you mentioned the EQS, the blandest and least attractive luxury car on the market.

    2. RichG

      Does not look like an Acura. Period.

    3. Lincoln

      Agreed. You buy a Lincoln because you want a Lincoln. This will no skew their demographic younger, it just robs them of the great look they found for the Lincoln lineup in 2020.

      1. Alex Luft

        The MKX and its successor, the Nautilus, have been also-rans in their segment, so let’s not paint the current model as a textbook definition of success.

        Here’s the most recent Nautilus sales performance:

        Lexus RX: 26,530 sales
        Lincoln Nautilus: 4,942 sales
        Even the oldest model in this space – the Cadillac XT5 – managed 7,260 sales.

        Clearly, the current model is not attracting a big enough demographic and is being outcompeted by all models except for Alfa Romeo and Infiniti.

  3. Mrx19

    Got to live in China, if you want the hood stuff from Ford.

    1. Archknight77

      You’re right MRX19, GM is doing the same thing. Any of their better executed products are all in China leaving the US with their frumpy garbage. No wonder BMW, AUDI, Mercedes, I even hate to say it Genesis don’t consider them competitors anymore. I’d forgotten the brand existed until I saw this pop up in another thread somewhere.

      1. Alex Luft

        “Any of their better executed products are all in China leaving the US with their frumpy garbage. ”

        You’re kidding, right? China doesn’t get the Bronco, both Expeditions, Mustang, GT, Navigator, most of the F-150 lineup including the F-150 Raptor R, Maverick or Super Duty. China does get the F-150 Raptor, but in extremely limited quantities.

        Also, this Nautilus might end up making its way to NA afterall.

        1. Archknight77

          “Bronco, both Expeditions, Mustang, GT, Navigator, most of the F-150 lineup including the F-150 Raptor R, Maverick or Super Duty”

          You named one luxury boat among that group and I’m sorry but the Navigator had its day in the 90s and early 2000s. I’ve probably seen one in the last 3 years at most. When people are looking for opulence now the Germans, Japanese and now the Koreans are the brands they are looking to. Ford and GM, have made it evident they care very little for aggressive and stunning design unless its in China.

          People who bought that stuff will be dead soon and instead of innovating while reinventing themselves, they’ll abandon and blame the market for failure to listen and follow what sells. I’m in my 40s and have owned premium/luxury cars from the day I could drive. Sexy and in your face is what’s driving German and Genesis (SUV) sales. The Navigator you mentioned has already been eclipsed by the Cherokee L/Wagoneer models, so it’s not a sales success in any way.

          I can guarantee you if Lincoln were to sell this new Nautilus and the Zephyr in the US with advanced mild hybrid powertrains, as well as the Zephyr’s interior they would be in the running again to bring in younger buyers.

          1. Alex Luft

            Let’s clear this up right away: without the Navigator, there would not be a Lincoln Motor Company in North America. The Navigator single-handedly makes up over half of Lincoln’s profits in that region.

            It also doesn’t matter how many of these you personally have or haven’t seen, as Lincoln is selling every single one they can make, and doing so at zero discounts (again, profit).

            As for what people are or aren’t looking for, you do provide a point of view, but I’m not sure that it actually correlates with reality. Here’s my point of view: when it comes to styling, the Germans have taken a dive off the deep end, and have yet to come to the surface. Look at the fugly EQ models and the strange new 7 Series. All the ICE Mercedes models have become a textbook definition of bland. The Korean brand (Genesis) is making some splashes in the news, but sales have yet to catch up to the headlines. The three (two and a half?) Japanese brands have either completely lost their way (Lexus, Infiniti) or are continuing to reside in no-man’s land (Acura).

            Also, the Navigator competes only with the Grand Wagoneer, not the regular Wagoneer. The Cherokee you mentioned has nothing to do with this segment whatsoever. Now, the Grand Wagoneer outsold the Navigator in two quarters, that much is true. However, it’s highly likely that Grand Wagoneer sales will take a dive after initial demand is satisfied. Also, we don’t know how hamstrung Navigator inventory was during the quarters that the Grand Wagoneer outsold the Navigator, but all signs point to that being significant.

            Let’s see what happens when Ford irons out production issues and isn’t competing with one hand tied behind its back.

          2. Archknight77

            The funny part of your agrument about the Jeeps are you knew exactly which tier of the models i was talking about without me even having to say it. Sadly in “L” models in Reserve and Summit Reserve packaging the Cherokee steps all over the Navigator befor you even get to the Grand Wagoneer models.

            Not to mention, every automaker in the luxury segment is selling every SUV they make at the moment. Even ordering my 23 Velar I have to wait a year to get it, so that’s not saying much about a small brand selling every model they make at a profit.

            I digress, you’re right that we have to wait to see what the brand will actually deliver. The problem I have is seeing what they have brought out in the last few years for the US, I won’t hold my breathe. Say what you want about German designs, but I don’t see them floundering to survive. I expect Lexus and Acura to push forward based on their sales in CUVs, Infiniti like Lincoln barely noticeable. The only thing holding Lincoln back is its own parent company.

  4. JoeBryant

    It looks like a more aggressive Buick.

  5. Ilbp

    They really messed up with the placement of the nautilis badge on the door/fender

    1. RichG

      What’s messed up about it???

  6. Scott

    Sure hope this is not the Fusion. Need the more sedan-like EVOS in North America.

    1. RichG

      What in God’s name would lead anyone to think this is the Fusion???

      1. Michael K

        When this site first reported on these camouflaged prototypes, they described them as the Fusion Active. The Fusion Active doesn’t exist, the “Fusion Active” turned into the EVOS which is also China-only.

  7. Kevin

    The Zephyr design theme works well on the front. Mixed feelings about the rear half. Would be interesting to alter the rear roof to make a notchback-ish hatch and lower the overall profile to satisfy us sedan freaks. Would also prefer the Zephyr to come to America along with a long wheelbase version.

  8. Kevin

    Funny how the MKS SUV sedan was not liked at all when in production. Maybe it’s time to revisit the idea.

  9. Jim O

    Hopefully it will be available here some day. But if they import it from China like Buick does with the Envision I would never buy it. I know that I purchase many things made in China, but when it comes to a car I have a choice and as long as I have that choice I buy cars either made in the USA or at least a nation that is friends with us

    1. Not really

      You have it backwards Jim.

      China has always been friendly to the US and has always wanted to be friendly with the US. In fact, the same goes for Russia. But with the neocons that have a stranglehold on the US today want you to believe that this is not the case. They want you to think that China is an enemy. If nothing else, it’s the US and the US’ geo political policies towards China that are not friendly, not the other way around.

      Think about it: why is the US so interested in setting Taiwan against China? Why is the US so interested in Ukraine against Russia? Why is the US so interested in Iran? Do any of these counties come to the US and tell us how to run our country? No. But we do it to them all day every day for decades now.

      The moment that the US stops sticking its nose into places and countries it has no business of sticking its nose into… that’s when the world will be a much safer place.

  10. Spencer

    I think it looks great! I would definitely buy one if it stays in America and I know a few others how would consider it too. I really hope Lincoln will keep it here because they need something aggressive and can appeal to the younger generations. Always looks way better than the next gen Edge in China!

  11. Paisan

    Looks like a kia sorento

  12. Michael K

    This likely isn’t coming to the US unfortunately. Even if it did, the underpinnings are fairly lackluster, basically a bloated Corsair with only a 2.0L EcoBoost. The US was suppose to get a Hybrid based on the same system in the Escape Hybrid (no PHEV). So it’s just too Chinese specific to be competitive here with more power and electrification options are expected.

  13. Reply
  14. SamL

    Maybe this is what Lincoln needs to bring more sales. Obviously, Ford gets all the attention here with Lincoln playing second fiddle at the manufacturing plant. The China plant can handle the extra production for Lincoln. The current model is being outsold by both Lexus and Cadillac. While at it, bring the Zephyr over as well to get more younger buyers into the family. It can work.


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