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We Render A Hypothetical Ford Maverick SUV

The Ford Maverick debuted in 2021 and has been in extremely high demand since it started arriving at dealers. In fact, demand has been so strong that 2023 Ford Maverick order banks closed almost as soon as they opened. Unfortunately, Ford has been unable to fulfill every order, and many 2022 model year order holders will likely have to wait until next year to get their compact pickup. That situation practically guarantees that the company will not expand its lineup to include any other model that departs significantly from the established playbook, but we went ahead and rendered what a hypothetical Maverick SUV would look like anyway.

Ford Maverick SUV

This rendering proves that the Ford Maverick shares a lot of visual DNA with Blue Oval vehicles of the past. Most notably, the rear end instantly brings to mind the Ford Flex, which ended production in 2019 as the largest car-based three-row vehicle in the fleet. A Ford Maverick SUV would undoubtedly feature three rows too, even if it didn’t share the name of the pickup. Regardless, the exterior dimensions of the SUV would essentially rival the larger Ford Explorer in every aspect except width, where the latter vehicle is about six inches wider, but maybe some buyers wouldn’t mind the reduction in interior space that would follow, especially if it came at a lower price than the Explorer.

Ford Maverick SUV

Of course, the Ford C2 platform that underpins the Maverick is used on the Ford Escape and Ford Bronco Sport, with the latter vehicle likely being the closest we’ll ever get to something like a Maverick utility vehicle. But these renderings show that such a vehicle would look pretty damn good. In any event, other Maverick variants could work too, as Ford Authority has previously demonstrated. Street-oriented ST performance trim? Probably worth it. Heck, even a Maverick Raptor would work. We may have willed the 2023 Ford Maverick Tremor into existence by rendering one, so it only makes sense to take these exercises as far as possible.

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Ed owns a 1986 Ford Taurus LX, and he routinely daydreams about buying another one, a fantasy that may someday become a reality.

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  1. Chuck

    It didn’t take much work to do this rendering. It looks just like the Maverick with a factory hard shell cap.

    1. Brad Barefoot

      Looks a whole lot better that the Mav with it camper. Parked beside one on Wednesday the camper looked awful. I actually like the rendering. I owned a Flex an loved it. I’d be up for one like in the photo, keep the tailgate and offer a flip up rear glass. That was my one grip with the Flex, my last wagon (Oldsmobile) had a flip up rear glass that made loading small stuff easy.

      1. Wayne E.Kirby

        I prefer the camper version , More options with a camper !

      2. Ron

        Love your suggestions. I still drive my old Chevy S-10 Blazer. Tailgate and flip up rear glass. Two thumbs up.

  2. Dale Morton

    It looks good, but I always thought the Flex would’ve made a nice looking pickup as well. Could have been re-badged as a new Ranchero. I’m a retiree from the Oakville Assembly Complex where the Flex was produced, so I had a lot of time to let my imagination go wild!

  3. Lincoln

    Why make aa rendering of something that is uglier than what Ford already makes for that segment. Ford sells the Ford CD3 platform as Edge too, and THAT SUVs look better than what you have rendered. The only smart move would be to just re-badge the Ford Edge as a the Maverick SUV, and only because the name Maverick is hotter.

  4. Rick

    Why doesn’t ford make a single cab maverick to compete with Nissan and Toyota? I’d buy one tomorrow. I don’t need 4 doors and would prefer a slightly bigger bed.

    1. Wayne E.Kirby

      I agree ! Even the a future Rancho Hibred,or EV with a 6′ bed and a camper option would be sweet ! I would buy that ,since I missed out on a Maverick Hibred XL.

  5. Charles Walton

    Maybe two doors with flip forward seats. I always found four doors to look like (dare I say?) old people vehicles! Hey! I’m 66 yo, so I’m allowed.

  6. JOHN

    hmmm.. NO

  7. Peter2

    …a mini-Flex…

  8. Tom

    First unless you have 6 toddlers a third row a vehicle the size of a Maverick is beyond insane.
    Adults would never ride in the third row.
    I would like to see a smaller more rugged vehicle than a bronco and a little larger and sits a little higher than the Bronco sport.
    The majority of people will never take their SUV off road however it sure would be nice have a vehicle under $40000 that can roll down a two track and not hear the rubbing on the bottom.
    My other concern is the history of Ford products needing a football field to make a U turn..
    I have owned several Jeeps and really liked being able to turn the truck around if needed without needing a ridiculous amount room to do so.
    My other concern is with the interior. I can only comment on the past as I haven’t owned a Ford in a long time. (I had reached my fill of telling the dealer to pretend that this was my third visit back so that they can fix what is wrong.)
    Ford vehicles interior dimensions would get wider however the seats never went back any further. I am 6 ft 4. I hate that feeling cramped do to the seats not going back far enough or hitting my head due to no head room. The best that Ford can do is build a vehicle that truly competed with the old Jeep Cherokee in size and handling. The Cherokee and some shortcomings however it sure came through on most of my fishing trips.

  9. Bill Byrne

    Why not JUST BUILD THE ONES WE ORDERED OVER A YEAR AGO????????????????????????


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