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2023 Ford Bronco Subwoofer Delete Option Is Now Mandatory

Earlier this month, Ford Authority reported that the 2023 Ford Bronco was set to add some audio removal and reduced functionality options, including the 10 speakers with reduced functionality option (order code 86V), the seven speaker audio option order code (58K), the six speaker with subwoofer delete option (order code 58E), and another six speaker with subwoofer delete option (order code 58T), which seems to allow Lux Package-equipped models to be built with the standard audio system instead of the optional B&O system. Now, sources familiar with the matter have told Ford Authority that one of those options – order code 58E – is now mandatory.

This particular option deletes the subwoofer from models equipped with the standard sound system, which typically has seven speakers including the subwoofer. This option pertains to Base, Big Bend, Black Diamond, Outer Banks, Badlands, Wildtrak, Everglades, Raptor, and Heritage Edition series models. However, it seems as if this will apply to all non-B&O sound systems moving forward. The option will be listed on the window sticker with a $250 credit on the invoice, and will be automatically added to effected vehicles, which will be produced with six speakers. Those vehicles cannot be retrofitted with the sub, but are equipped with a non-functional amplifier that does not support subwoofer functionality.

This option allows Ford to continue to schedule and build Bronco models amid ongoing supply chain issues, as well as speed up customer deliveries. The new option also joins a handful that have already been announced, including navigation and heated mirror removal options, though the SUV recently regained its digital HVAC temperature display following a short hiatus.

These moves come as 2023 Ford Bronco order banks only opened to carryover order holders – not new customers – as the automaker works to fill its massive backlog of demand for the rugged SUV. However, even if it does in fact catch up with its leftover orders in this particular model year, Ford CEO Jim Farley recently stated that he expects supply chain issues to persist for the foreseeable future.

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  1. Bob Dobson

    Its amazing to me that Ford continues to build a vehicle with less and less OEM parts. So your telling me there is only one subwoofer supplier in the world that meets the Ford OEM spec for the Bronco sound system? No navigation and now no premium audio?………thats enough to cancel the order IMHO.

    1. Arcee

      There is certainly another amplifier that supports subwoofer functionality, but most likely not at the price point that Ford would require, nor with enough continual supply to meet Ford’s demand for the part.
      Any buyers that want to upgrade their system can now just do it themselves or go to an audio installer and choose their own components. At the end of the day the subwoofer issue is a first world problem. Certainly not an issue that would warrant canceling an order.
      No navigation, while also a first world problem, is a slightly bigger issue but as long as Android Auto/Apple Carplay are still included that solves the problem for 99% of buyers.

      1. Yuh

        I’m sorry but reducing it to a “first world problem” is just a lousy excuse. Ford has continually botched this whole release and, as stated, continues to remove more and more. What I don’t understand is why ford seems to struggle so much, yet Chrysler is still slinging out keeps. I’ve been a die hard ford guy for many years but they continue to disappoint me more and more in many ways.

  2. COCoNUT Harry

    Hopefully the stop/start feature can also be option and deleted from the order if the customer so desires.

    1. GaryB

      Thats just software. If you get an OBD cable and download Forscan, you can permanently disable it. Or stick with disabling it each time you go for a drive.

  3. Webb

    In my 2022 Badlands with B&O Has the subwoofer and it cannot handle any base without sounding “Blown” So my guess is they have had so many complaints, they have just deleted the option.

  4. Steve

    As Ford keeps deleting items, I’ll eventually look to a competitor that can supply a vehicle with everything I want including a subwoofer, fog lights, etc, They are shooting themselves in the foot at Ford. Kia, Hyundai, VW, Nissan all seem to be able supply everything the customer desires!


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