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2023 Ford F-250 Super Duty Lariat Tremor: Real World Photos

Following its reveal in September, Ford Authority spotted a 2023 Ford Super Duty F-350 Platinum Tremor finished in the new color dubbed Azure Gray. Then, in late November, we photographed a 2023 Ford F-250 King Ranch Tremor for the very first time, wearing Antimatter Blue paint. Now, Ford Authority has spotted yet another version of the all-new pickup equipped with the same off-road-oriented package – a 2023 Ford F-250 Super Duty Lariat Tremor, this time finished in Iconic Silver.

Like the two previously-spotted pickups, this 2023 Ford F-250 Super Duty Lariat Tremor is equipped with a host of features designed to improve its off-road capability, including a front-end lift, unique 18-inch wheels, and 35-inch Goodyear tires. The Tremor package also includes a uniquely-tuned suspension, a Dana front axle with a limited-slip differential and axle vent tubes, Trail Turn Assist, and selectable drive modes including Rock Crawl. A front e-locker also remains a possibility for the Tremor at some point in the future, as Ford Authority previously reported.

In terms of exterior design, one of the more obvious changes to the new Super Duty lies up front, where C-clamp headlights frame a new front grille design, mimicking a look that’s already quite common across The Blue Oval’s pickup lineup. Moving down the side, we get a better look at the 2023 Super Duty’s new cab, which is completely different from the one present on the current model, as well as its brand new bedside step, which is designed to make accessing items in the bed much easier.

In the rear, we can see the Super Duty’s new taillight design, as well as steps that are integrated into the rear bumper. Additionally, the truck features an enhanced, integrated tailgate step to improve access there, too. As Ford Authority reported in November, the new rear bumper steps do not affect the departure or approach angles of the 2023 Ford Super Duty Tremor. Inside the cabin, the new model has also been treated to a redesign and the addition of numerous tech features, including an all-new head-up display (HUD) designed to improve safety. This particular model is powered by the turbocharged Ford 6.7L V8 Power Stroke Scorpion engine, which is available in both regular and high-output versions for the 2023 model year.

Thus far, the 2023 Ford Super Duty has proven to be a hot commodity among consumers, as The Blue Oval racked up over 50,000 orders in the first week order banks were open – a number that grew to 150,000 by the end of November. Initial Job 1 production of the brand new pickup will begin in early 2023 for XL, XLT, and Lariat trims in all cab configurations, engines, and series, from the F-250 up to the F-600. Meanwhile, Job 2 2023 Super Duty production for King Ranch, Platinum, and Limited trims will follow in the spring of 2023.

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  1. Matt

    Nice looking truck can’t wait to see it in person.

    1. Chad

      I agree. I liked this pic so much, it’s basically the same truck I ordered. I’m not a fan of every ’23 grill but overall I think they look great, especially in Lariat and Tremor trim. I like that they finally made unique wheels specifically for the Tremor, instead of recycling and painting the XLT wheels like the past few years. I like the improved quality of the interiors as well. And it’s about time they added ProPower onboard to the SD lineup – something they should’ve done the last two years. Like each new redesign year – some people will love it and some will hate it. For those who don’t like it – don’t buy it!

  2. Walter Thomas

    Did they have a design theme or concept? This truck just looks like a truck, nothing unique at all. Maybe when the guys get one and modify it, then it might look like something.

    1. RWFA

      I heard somebody proposed a “gingerbread house” theme but it was rejected by 1 vote. So sorry.

  3. Rbs

    I don’t care for the look of the steps in bed side nor bumper, other than that nothing so special or different in my opinion

  4. Len

    Honestly I like the Front End on my 2021 F-350 so much better! It’s a simpler design & just looks a lot cleaner & modern ! I won’t be trading in anytime soon!

  5. Wally Abela

    I love to read the comments by these designers and engineers,
    I guess when you are in the car and truck business you can say
    what you want.

  6. Jim C

    So glad I didn’t hesitate to order and wait for my 22 Lariat. Knowing it looks much better and love the Atlas Blue which is not offered after one year on the super duty.
    Great full I will have a truck that looks great for many years to come. My last one as I am retiring.

    1. RWFA

      Please enjoy your retirement and your truck, may you both enjoy may long pleasurable years together!
      🏅 (<- closet to a gold watch I could find.)

  7. George

    Usually, recent 20-22 buyers will hate it. Why?
    I’m a 20 owner and ordered a 23’ because I’m not chained to it.
    Love the new Limited interior, the AZG color and the look.

  8. Kevin

    The Tremor looked a lot more distinctive and interesting with the fender flares of ’20-’22. Not sure why they removed them, but it’s pretty vanilla looking. I wouldn’t immediately know it’s a Tremor without the sticker.

  9. Lenny Pussinen

    I just sold my 2020 F350 Tremor. I’m leaning towards the new Denali 2500. Fords interior quality is so disappointing. Maybe they’ve addressed that in the 2023, but I’m not too confident.

    1. dp

      You have to be blind to think the Denali interior is better. The screen alone in the Denali makes the whole interior look very dated. Just look at the dash after that and you feel like you’re in a 2014.

  10. Nerdyway

    I would love to see a side by side comparison to last years in a table format with some opinion as to why changes are being made. I think the truck look great! Is Ford making superduty trucks parts similar to F150 for supply chain issues and hopefully keeping costs to build and own down?

  11. Don lange

    Ive been a ford guy all my life ,,to me it wasn’t just a pick up it was a truck cause it distinguished itself from competition because of its though look and bold front end suspenion,, but now chevrolet has taken over what ford was holding on too till now ,, look at how the front of the fords squat now just like the chevys use to in the past ,,what a shame this legend has become a wanna be a truck ,,,thumbs up for chevrolet after all these years you did your homework and created a real workhorse truck ,,,you are winning this race now

    1. RWFA

      Apparently the Chevy rep didn’t want the Stellantis rep to be alone in this thread.

      Credit for most artistic use of the baffling double and triple comma jumps. This was the most entertaining part of Battling Reps On Ice.

  12. Chad D.

    I actually really like the new look overall. I have been holding out on buying a new truck for a couple years, though I really liked the 2017-2022 styling. But the interior, while good looking, durable and masculine looking to me, looked dated, and felt and looked a bit on the cheap side (not as bad as GM, IMO). But the ’17-’22 interiors didn’t seem all that much different from my ’12 F-250 and I was ready for a change. And I wanted some of the features on the redesigned 2021 F-150 to carry into the SD. The first spy shots I saw of the ’23 models left me questioning whether of not waiting for a ’23 was a good decision (I still don’t care for the grills on the ’23 XL or XLT models). But I always buy the Lariat trim and found I liked the new look of the ’23 Lariat grill and interior – fell in love with the ’23 Tremor Lariat truck pics I’ve seen, especially the Iconic silver one in this article. Ford already had the best looking HD trucks on the market by far, for my tastes, so I appreciate how they largely kept the same great looking body lines from the previous generation but finally upgraded the interior, added the onboard generator option and some additional tech and safety features. Most Ford SD owners didn’t want the exteriors to change much so I think Ford did well on the redesign. I really like the new Tremor wheels – they look far better than the last Tremors; unique to the package rather than recycled and painted-over XLT wheels. After looking closely at the ’21 and newer F-150’s, I welcome nearly all of the interior changes in the ’23 SD. While I can find some things I don’t care for in each generation of truck, I think Ford did a very good job on the redesign – so much so, that I ordered a ’23. Now if only the prices stayed lower!

    1. RWFA

      Would be way easier to read Chad if you used a few paragraph breaks.

  13. JL

    2023 Ford Super Duty is Awesome! I was fortunate to see the 2023 in person, I was very impressed & ordered a 2023 F-350 Lariat Tremor! I am a 40 year Loyal Ford owner! FORD 💪

  14. KW

    I don’t like the look of the step bumper or the steps on the side but i missed out on the ’22s so a ’23 is on order.


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