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2023 Ford Maverick Wins KBB Best Buy Award

Last year, the Ford Maverick earned its fair share of accolades, including not just one, but two 2022 KBB Best Buy Awards – one for Best New Model, and another for Best New Compact Truck – thanks to its excellent fuel economy and bargain basement price tag. Now, Kelley Blue Book has revealed its 2023 Best Buy Awards, a list that includes the Ford Expedition, and as it turns out, the 2023 Ford Maverick, as the compact pickup repeats its feat from last year, at least in one category.

This year, the 2023 Ford Maverick took home a win in the Best Compact Pickup Truck category as it continues to add to its proverbial trophy case. “The Ford Maverick heralds the return of the compact pickup, providing light-duty versatility in a truck as easy on gas as it is on the eyes,” KBB said. “With nearly 500 miles of range, the hybrid Maverick bests even the most frugal subcompact, yet it’s capable of hauling a 1,500-pound payload and towing up to 2,000 pounds – or 4,000 pounds with the all-gas powertrain.”

This year, Kelley Blue Book tested over 300 new vehicle models available in the U.S. to come up with the winners of the 2023 Best Buy Awards, which spans 19 different categories. Now in its ninth year, the company’s comprehensive awards program highlights the top model in vehicle segments most relevant to new-car shoppers, with new categories added this year to reflect growing electrified vehicle segments.

The Best Buy Awards are determined based on a year-long regimen of expert vehicle evaluation, plus an intensive period of final testing. The company’s reviews, ratings, and awards are driven by the analysis of a broad array of vehicle-related data, including vehicle pricing, five-year cost to own data, consumer reviews and ratings, and vehicle sales information.

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  1. Junius

    Interesting. A Best Buy award for something you can’t actually buy….

    1. James Kennedy

      I could not agree more! What a bunch of … Ford is dumping on the consumer.

    2. Mike

      Yep. Ordered my Lariat Hybrid 11/10/21! Build date has changed 5 times! Now “supposedly” 1/16!!

      1. Jon Dutcher

        Ordered mine the same day and reordered 09-15-22 when they rolled it over to a 2023, still have no build date but I’m told that I’m a priority code 2 for about a month now. Not sure I will ever see this truck.

    3. Blitz

      My Ford dealer had 2 in stock. The salesman said would you like the new Ecoboost XLT for $5K over sticker or the used Hybrid for $10K over sticker? I said is that negotiable and he said not 1 penny. So the rewards Ford is winning is on sticker price value not actual price paid value. Needless to say no Maverick in my garage.

  2. Mark

    I wonder if they consider the dealer mark-up (+10-15K) when naming it a best buy.

    1. CJ

      I called here in California, and they havea 2022 LX and the told me if I want it today will be 45K
      Yea the best buy!!

  3. Jose G

    How to order a ford maverick

  4. Keith

    What a joke,I just received my 2nd Dear John letter saying that they cannot build my truck due to parts shortages and I am sure there are many more just like me who have waited much longer than me

    1. Jay

      Sitting right along with ya!!! I emailed Ford the morning of the 45th day reminding them!

    2. Betty

      Yep we got our letter too same as last one, I wonder if we’ll ever get a delivery date or a start date?

  5. Carl McKain

    Ordered a new Maverick September 23, 2021, and of this date have NEVER received a word from Ford. Am now a priority 10, just hope we live long enough for delivery.

    1. RWFA

      You should check with dealer. Sounds like they didn’t give your email address to Ford. Should also check that your order was converted to 2023 model.

  6. Mike herren

    I just bought a used 2022 Maverick AWD Lariat with lux package and copilot 360. Definitely wasn’t a bargain price. Drives really nice and gets 30+ mpg on highway. Just checked mileage on first tank of gas 29.1. That’s about 50/50 city/highway includes 30-60 minutes of sitting with engine running.

  7. Mrx19

    So you’re the one who got theirs. If Ford actually cared about its customers an additional plant would have been switched to these and more components allocated to it. That will never happen as they will use those components for 85k, F-150’s

    1. RWFA

      LoL are you still on about that?

      Get real man!

      Ford has to build F150’s to have the cash flow to be able to afford to make Mavericks.

      You seem to know a lot about platform architecture compatibility, so what additional plant do you propose?

  8. Allen Howell

    Couldn’t be more happy with my little truck. We had to wait nine months, but so far so good. Would like to see people who review the truck actually mention lots of people get more than 500 miles Per tank. we average around 640.

  9. Tom

    Ford Maverick – Number 1 for second year in a row for poor customer communication. Number 1 for announcing new trim lines on a truck they can’t deliver. Number 1 for taking more hybrid orders than they have the capacity to build.

    1. RWFA

      Oh boo hoo. They take the orders which they think they can build. Things don’t always go yo plan in today’s world.

  10. Jill Vogel

    Waited 10 months for my Maverick hybrid LX.
    Worth the wait – have driven it 9 months and love it with 44 mpg. Have 2023 Lariat hybrid Maverick on order – waiting patiently in Tucson.

  11. Jim

    Ordered my 2023 Sep 15th. Dealer showed me order had been processed build pending no holds. I received my notice via email saying it was delayed due to component delays. What do you believe.

  12. Dustin

    Super great run around truck to go to Costco or Lowes, only problem is very thin paint job, advise you to get professional wax detail as soon as possible..Detailer told me lots if complaints on thin paint, thin paint due to Ford bean counters.

  13. Rick

    Ordered non-hybrid AWD LTX w/co-pilot in September. Delivery is scheduled for Jan 9-15. No big mark up. Time will tell, as always.

  14. Mike

    It is really a teaser truck that Ford has no intention of putting the resources together to satisfy existing orders. Ordered my hybrid on 9/17/2022 and likely I will not get my vehicle until 2024. My dealer required a non refundable deposit of $1,000 and so I have no choice but to wait, and wait.

  15. Blitz

    Ford dealers and their greed are screwing the pooch. Ford needs to stop this dealer practice of charging over sticker for cars in short supply. The only thing Ford can do now is make more Mavericks than people want and then the dealers will go to Ford and ask for factory rebates? Greed is a terrible thing

  16. Bill Byrne

    WOW and I cant even get mine ORDERED OVER A YEAR AGO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Maybe we are in the Twilight zone ?????????

  17. Rudy

    Is anyone old enough to remember the Ford Maverick car?

  18. Rich

    I will be next in line for a 2024 whenever sales start. Let the production ramp up!


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