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2023 Lincoln Nautilus Added To CR’s Recommended Vehicles

Ford Motor Company has had its fair share of mixed results in Consumer Reports‘ most recent owner surveys, as the Ford brand ranked 18th among the 24 brands that were part of the annual survey, dropping four places from last year, while Lincoln ranked 10th – a 14 spot improvement. In terms of individual models, the 2023 Ford Escape hybrid crossover and 2023 Lincoln Corsair were both added to the publication’s list of recommended vehicles, while the Ford Mustang Mach-E lost its recommended ranking and the Lincoln Aviator and Ford Explorer ranked among the 10 least reliable vehicles on sale today. However, we have more good news to share, as the 2023 Lincoln Nautilus has now been added to Consumer Reportslist of recommended vehicles.

The 2023 Lincoln Nautilus finished with a predicted reliability score of four out of five, as the luxurious crossover received the highest possible scores in every category CR measures – save for paint and trim, which were rated just below average. The Nautilus’ overall score of 73 also places it third among all luxury crossovers and SUVs, trailing only the Lexus GX (91) and Lexus RX (82).

Consumer Reports gathers its reliability data via online questionnaires that it sends to its members, which ask if those owners have experienced any problems with their vehicles in 17 different categories over the past year. These problem areas include such things as the vehicle’s engine, transmission, electrical system, body hardware, paint, and trim, as well as more specific issues related to those categories. CR then uses that date to come up with predicted reliability scores, and this year, that data covers 300,000 2020-2022 model year vehicles.

To come up with a predicted reliability score, Consumer Reports averages a vehicle’s overall reliability score for the most recent three model years, so long as no significant changes have taken place. To earn recommended status, a model must have a high enough overall score, which means they must perform well in CR testing, owner surveys, crash testing, and safety tests. This year, the organization notes that ongoing supply chains issues have made reliability more of a focus than perhaps ever before.

“With rising costs for parts and components, vehicle reliability is more important than ever,” said Jake Fisher, senior director of auto testing at Consumer Reports. “Our data show that it takes automakers time to work out problems, particularly on all-new models. That’s why we recommend consumers wait two to three years before buying an all-new model, and focus their search on vehicles that are consistently trouble-free year over year.”

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  1. Stuart Lee

    The hell with ‘Lincoln’!
    With a name like that, they only sell their Continental and Zephyr to the communists in red china!
    Americans can’t get them!
    They should remove the name Lincoln from their name and instead call that brand Ping or some other red Chinese name.
    The hell with them, I’m going over to Cadillac where Americans can still buy luxury sedans!

  2. David

    Smoking dope is only allowed in certain states
    Please be careful

  3. Lowary

    It took me months to find my Linc 2 2021 Lincoln Nautilus Black Label. I couldn’t locate it anywhere in Michigan and after an exhausting search my husband located one online at Sewell Lincoln dealership all the way in Texas. They shipped it right to my driveway in Michigan and I really love it, especially the white metallic paint. I haven’t really broken it in yet still less than 3500 miles on it. I mostly drive my Linc 1 MKX black label 2011 and have less than 60,000 on it, but all n all I love both because of the safety features and sound systems in both.


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