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2026 Ford Mustang Mach-E Redesign Could Include Coupe Model

The Ford Mustang Mach-E has been a big hit for The Blue Oval, which has already produced 150,000 units of the EV crossover since its launch for the 2021 model year. However, we already know that a next-generation model is in the works that will ride on a brand new, dedicated platform that the Mach-E will share with other future all-electric models. Now, AutoForecast Solutions is reporting that the next-gen Mach-E is expected to launch in 2026, but that isn’t the most interesting part of this report – rather, it also lists a 2026 Ford Mustang Mach-E coupe joining the lineup as well.

The report outlines a roadmap for the EV crossover, including the current-gen model, which entered production in 2020 and is reportedly slated to continue to be built at the Cuauatitlan Assembly plant in Mexico through June 2026. On July 1st, 2026, both the second-generation 2026 Ford Mustang Mach-E and its coupe counterpart would then enter production, lasting until June 2031 for the coupe and June 2033 for the regular model.

Of course, this development poses plenty of questions – chiefly, what, exactly, will this Mach-E coupe look like? In today’s automotive landscape, crossover/SUV coupes are all the rage, sporting four doors unlike traditional coupes, yet also a sloping rear roofline, giving them a sportier look. However, the Mach-E already touts this kind of profile, so perhaps Ford would introduce a version with an even lower, more aggressive roofline. Alternatively, it’s possible that a two-door version of the Mach-E is in the works, though that seems somewhat unlikely.

The third and perhaps more realistic option is that the Mach-E coupe could be an all-electric version of the regular Ford Mustang, which has been rumored to be in development for years now. The S650-gen 2024 Ford Mustang just debuted in September, but The Blue Oval isn’t offering its iconic pony car with any sort of electrified powertrain – at least, not yet. Rather, CEO Jim Farley recently credited the existence of the Mach-E with saving its ICE counterpart from extinction.

It’s possible that Ford could reserve that for a Mach-E coupe rather than a straight-up Mustang EV, which would likely go over a bit better with purists, many of whom were angered that FoMoCo used the Mustang name on an EV crossover in the first place. Either way, this is certainly an intriguing development, and one that could result in something rather interesting in the coming years, or perhaps nothing at all.

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  1. RWFA

    I think what we will see with EV’s is a golden age of variants.

    As OEMs develop expertise and insights into designing and packaging the EV powertrain, and as the battery portion becomes smaller with better chemistry and power management, these vehicles will be cheaper and quicker to design. (Vs an ICE PT that is chunky clunky complicated and costly.)

    If this holds true, we will see more rapid design turns. Just think of putting the body customization flexibility we see in the new Bronco together with EV platform flexibility. You could see a highly differentiated Mustangs and Cougars coming off the same platform.

    I think there’s a reason we saw Farley recently getting his drift on, because, in the future, agile EV drift racing will likely become a thing.

    1. Lurch

      Cougar or Kuga? I wouldn’t object to Mercury returning, but it’s not in the cards.

      1. RWFA

        Maybe not as a division but possibly as a vehicle sub brand.

  2. Shelby32

    I hope they upgrade the electric motors soon and battery’s on the Mach e GT. Its really bad when a KIA will blow the top performance GT model away in performance and everything else. The Kia cost less too and has 100 morehorsepower then the Top spec Performance GT Mach E. The Kia also does not have the 5 second rule for max power that GT Mach E’s have, which is a real joke.

    1. Michael

      What Planet do you live on The KIA is a derivative of the Ford. Kia is owned by Hyundai which are alo Derivatives of some Ford Platform saving them huge amounts of development money. Sheetmetal and plastic parts and trim items are cheaper to revise and adapt then Frames Powertrains and crash systems. By the way have you driven a Genesis lately? Genesis is owned by Hyundai. You might want to Check out some of the Mazda, Volvo cars, Jaguars, and Land Rover Ford derivatives. An Electrical Engineer friend of mine moaned he couldn’t get a Bronco with a V-8 I directed him to the Land Rover dealer and was surprised by their Derivative of the Bronco, but choked on the Sticker price.

  3. RWFA

    So how do the useable torque ratings compare?

    And as for Kia, it may be cheap, it may look good, it may even have a good warranty, but, at day’s end, it’s still a Kia.

  4. Frank

    I’d rather see Ford invest those dollars in damaged-brand Lincoln by giving the brand product we actually want and also offer something for youth-market buyers to expand the brand instead of what we have to be forced to look at.

  5. Lurch

    If the two-door Mach-E were a hatchback like the Fox-body Mustang and Capri fastback, I could see it working.


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