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Changan Ford Awarded For Sustainability Practices

Ford has long been known for its sustainability efforts, having recently ranked ninth on 3BL Media’s 2022 Best Corporate Citizen list overall and as the top automaker, earning a spot on Just Capital‘s 2022 Industry Leader for Environmental Efforts list, its sustainable financing framework being recognized by the Climate Bonds Initiative, securing a supply of low-carbon steel for future vehicles, partnering with Manufacture 2030, an organization that will help the company’s suppliers reduce their carbon emissions, ramping up its recycling efforts in Mexico, and ensuring that the new Ford BlueOval City complex will be environmentally-friendly, too. Now, Changan Ford – a 50/50 joint venture between Ford and Changan Automobile in China – has also been awarded for its sustainability practices.

Changan Ford was recognized as a 5A Enterprise in the 2022 Automotive Industry Green Development Index, becoming one of just five automotive companies to be selected by the Automotive Industry Energy Conservation and Green Development Evaluation Center to receive the award this year.

This index assesses the level and transparency of information regarding the sustainable development of automotive companies, establishing standards designed to guide those companies to consistently and accurately disclose business activities and practices related to green development. It does this by evaluating each company based on 10 first-level indicators, 51 second-level indicators, and 157 third-level indicators, covering areas such as strategic supply chain management and energy consumption, with 5A representing the highest level a company can attain.

Changan Ford achieved this perfect rating in a number of ways – including considering energy saving, health, environmental protection, and safety factors in its product design phase, using materials more efficiently, implementing green measures in its supply chain management, reducing carbon emissions at its factories, and transitioning its logistics and transportation departments to green energy.

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