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Ford BlueCruise, Lincoln ActiveGlide Enrollment Passes 100K

Ford BlueCruise and Lincoln ActiveGlide represent FoMoCo’s advanced semi-autonomous driver assist systems that offer hands-free driving on highways in certain conditions. Vehicles equipped with the driving assistants have gained popularity since they were rolled out in early 2022, with users clocking more and more miles with the systems active, with just over 100,000 active subscribers reported in October. Enrollment in both BlueCruise and ActiveGlide increased even more since then.

In its U.S. Ford November 2022 sales report, The Blue Oval stated that there are now 109,000 active subscribers who use either Ford BlueCruise or Lincoln ActiveGlide. Those users have traveled over 28 million miles while using the assist systems on highways. In addition, even more features are now available thanks to the recent rollout of BlueCruise 1.2.

BlueCruise 1.2 was first made available on the Ford Mustang Mach-E, bringing new features such as hands-free lane change when drivers tap the turn signal, Predictive Speed Assist, which automatically adjusts the vehicle’s speed as it approaches sharp curves, and In-Lane Repositioning, which keeps the vehicle in its lane while also shifting its position away from vehicles in adjacent lanes. Additionally, the system can also suggest when changing lanes might be beneficial during slow-moving traffic.

Ford continues to gather data from BlueCruise and ActiveGlide in order to provide a more “human-like” driving experience while providing ultimate safety with the hands-free features. Currently, BlueCruise and ActiveGlide can be used on over 130,000 miles of North American roads.

Interestingly, BlueCruise remains a customer-facing term for now… but in the official Ford Workshop Manual, the feature is referred to as Active Drive Assist with Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control. Regardless, information pertaining to the feature can be found in the manual in Section 419-03A – Cruise Control, Description, and Operation.

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  1. Mike

    Blue Cruise is available only on 130,000 miles of roads, while GM Super Cruise is available on 400,000 miles of road, more than 300 percent of Blue Cruise availability. It makes Blue Cruise only a poor cousin of Super Cruise. Is Ford going to do anything about this inferiority of Blue Cruise?

  2. Mike

    People are paying for this so Ford can use them as a test bed for their existing software to better their software so they can charge more for it once they improve it from paid users. To me, no matter how much they improve it, it will never replace actual driving the vehicle yourself.

  3. John Y

    I went from having Tesla’s Autopilot and was an FSD Beta user as well, to a 2022 Ford F-150 Limited that obviously had BlueCruise. Going from a Tesla to Ford’s BlueCruise is LEGIT a night and day difference—Tesla performs much better. BUT, Tesla was once where Ford is now, so I won’t discount Ford given how new they are at building a semi-autonomous vehicle. What I DO WISH is that Ford was A LOT MORE ACTIVE in terms of sending out software update (OTA updates, which Ford has been notoriously TERRIBLE at—I’m a victim of zero OTA updates. Instead, I have to go to annoying, inconvenient, personal life time stealing dealerships that just want your money because they’re greedy) like Tesla, when improvements can be made to BlueCruise. I feel like Ford enjoys/LOVES touting their increase in BlueCruise users, but will forget about making things any SAFER or better (has anyone else secretly received BlueCruise system improvements via OTA updates and hasn’t told anyone? Betting NOT!). Instead I feel as if Ford thinks that by making BlueCruise better, it means to them coming out with vehicles with improved HARDWARE that sounds better, but never gets the necessary software improvements. And they DEFINITELY forget about their legacy BlueCruise users and operators, and instead forces them into a newer vehicle if they want new improvements and upgrades, some of which could be software updates. Tesla doesn’t do that to their owners, that’s why they have such a satisfied customer base. FORD, IF YOU’RE READING THIS, PAY ATTENTION!!


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