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Ford Brazil To Go On Product Offensive In 2023

Ford Brazil has undergone some major changes over the past couple of years following the automaker’s decision to cease manufacturing operations in that country. FoMoCo’s Brazilian arm is now importing a wide variety of vehicles from other countries – including the hot-selling Ford Transit – shaking up its lineup in the process. Ford Brazil is also working to become a regional engineering hub that works on multiple global projects and innovations, and most recently created a graphene research team in a collaboration between its Development and Technology Center and UCSGRAPHENE, the first and largest industrial-scale graphene plant in Latin American installed by a university. Now, Ford Brazil has outlined what is effectively a full-scale product offensive coming next year with some major lineup changes.

Ford will launch a grand total of 10 new models in Brazil next year as it aims to grow its business in the South American country at a pace greater than the overall market. The automaker already announced the arrival of the Ford Maverick, Ford Ranger FX4, and Transit, as well as the Ford Mustang Mach-E, Ford F-150, and Ford E-Transit, and will also be adding the Transit chassis cab and an automatic transmission-equipped Transit next year, too.

Additionally, Ford Brazil teased the launch of three other new models in the country that have yet to be announced, though it seems as if the automaker will stick to its previously-announced strategy in that regard.

“We will have in 2023 the launches of ten totally new products in Brazil, without changing our focus on pickup trucks, SUVs, and commercial vehicles, with global quality and technology,” said Daniel Justo, president of Ford South America. “For Ford, the name of the game in 2023 is growth. And for this, we are bringing these products to compete in segments in which we were not present before.”

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  1. Michael G

    Why do we care?

    1. Michael K

      I care…who are you?

      1. RWFA

        Some rando imbecile.

      2. Brad Barefoot

        I care as well. It bugs the hell outta me that production for say the Maverick will include being made in Brazil to fill orders … all awhile I’ve been put off until late ’23 for a Maverick that might not be a hybrid like I want … FORD ! … how about you re-open one of those factories and build Mavericks in the USA. And Ford, the small segment of the population who has close to $100K for a battery F150 is small … If I were you I’d be dern happy to be able to sell 10 Mavericks at an average of $25K over waiting for some fool to buy just 1 battery powered F150. The percentage of those wanting a Maverick is huge.

        1. GetReal


          More factories won’t mean more parts. The problem is parts, not factory capacity.

          They are having NO trouble selling Lightnings. The demand has far exceeded supply. I’m sure there is some self-entitled a hole JUST LIKE YOU on Lightning forums complaining about Ford wasting time with cheap Mavericks when they have people ready to buy much more expensive Lightnings.

          I like how you people are so entitled that you don’t want them to send a few hundred Mavericks a month to Brazil (vs the 9-10k they’ve delivered per month in the US recently). Just have a sad about it.

          Go try ordering a Santa Lose and see how long that takes. Or you can pay their markup for a worse truck.

          1. RWFA

            Sounds like the kinda dude who’s still smarting because his mom couldn’t score him a cabbage patch doll all those years ago.

        2. RWFA

          Just as an insight into how silly your comment is is your mention of:
          – Brazilian-produced Mavericks. Ford closed all its Brazilian plants.
          – Re opening closed plants, presumably in the USA, to produce Mavericks. When yo my knowledge, none of Ford’s closed plants exist in a mothballed shuttered state. The majority have been demolished and the land redeveloped, and the few buildings that remain have been redeveloped for other purposes like malls, etc.
          – finally, your repeated suggestion expecting that Ford can just flip some kind cosmic light switch, unavailable to any OEM, and just have the necessary unavailable parts fall like manna from heaven into said non existent plant.

          Also, you would have known this if you had read the first paragraph:

          “Ford Brazil has undergone some major changes over the past couple of years following the automaker’s decision to cease manufacturing operations in that country.”

          I think realistically, Ford isn’t going to put any investment capital into capacity extensions gor a vehicle that likely will soon be replaced, or joined, by a BEV version as well as a number of new BEV entries that will pull customers away from Maverick. (This assumes the constraints are in things Ford can control, and fact is, it seems the big constraints are in things has no leverage to control or mitigate, like chips.)

          Eventually the supply situation will stabilize for Maverick (and the industry), and other alternatives will exist (many by Ford and done by others) and Maverick’s installed capacity will be adequate for to satisfy that demand. May take another year or two to get there but it will happen.

    2. RWFA

      Sir! The white box on this site is not Google.

    3. GetReal

      How dare them report Ford news on a Ford news website. The nerve of these people. I came here to find out about prices of tea in China, imagine my surprise.


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