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Ford Bronco Trademark Filing May Preview Future Branding

Ford Motor Company has filed to trademark Bronco with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), Ford Authority has learned.

Filed on June 30th, 2022, and assigned serial number 97484058, the application contains the goods and services description of “automobile customization services and car repair and maintenance.”


The Ford Authority Take

Back in July, Ford filed to trademark Bronco Barn under the same exact goods and services description, which at the time appeared to be a sign that this particular moniker would be used to create a separate entity that specializes in customizing that particular model, which is something that certain dealerships already do. Given the fact that the Ford Bronco remains one of the most commonly customized vehicles on the planet, such a move would make a lot of sense.

Ford has been in the midst of a major parts and accessories push for the past couple of years as more and more buyers are seeking to purchase those types of items these days. The Bronco, along with the Ford Maverick, have been two of the most commonly customized vehicles in the automaker’s current lineup, leading FoMoCo to focus more on producing and selling off-road-related parts and accessories than goods for sedans and other passenger and/or performance vehicles.

The Ford Bronco was designed from start to be a modular vehicle that’s incredibly easy to customize, and the aftermarket has responded in a big way. Meanwhile, Ford has also rapidly expanded its own catalog of Bronco offerings, many of which can be installed right at the dealership or even before the vehicle is delivered. This new Ford trademark takes that concept to the next level, presumably, while also ensuring that it remains the property of The Blue Oval for the forseeable future.

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  1. Scott Brown

    I guess being over twenty years late to party is better than not showing up at all! But, Jesus Christ. Ford and the dealership body have b!tched and whined about per unit profit or the inability to capture more at delivery profits before the customer drives off the lot for a loooooonnng time!
    And the answer to that is creating another business node within the existing model?
    Ford always gives us the line that “the xxx we just canceled just wasn’t profitable enough!
    I can totally understand if the dealership body is very skeptical about the notion of creating either a separate showroom and upfitment facility (at huge cost, of course) or maybe just a static wall display in combination with a interactive kiosk that allows us to get a 360 degree view and explains the features of various components and packages (my preference).
    Dealer principles have invested an obscene amount of money in the facilities that sell and service the product! Prices are still rising. Volumes and allocation’s are declining. I think that Ford should be HELPING the dealership body buttress their margins and maximize their existing sales, parts and service nodes. In any case, ford cannot just continue to bullsh!t everyone about why they lose money, sales and market share, when they are not properly exploiting the current platforms.


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