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Ford Edge Among Best 10 Year Old SUVs For The Money

Though the Ford Edge was recently recognized as one of the safest and most reliable used three-year-old vehicles on the market by Consumer Reports, the crossover hasn’t always presented buyers with the best value on the used vehicle market, with its prices rising at a rate faster than average. However, that doesn’t mean the Ford Edge isn’t a good buy by any means, as it has now made the cut as one of iSeeCars’ best 10-year-old SUVs for the money, joining the Ford Expedition in that regard.

iSeeCars recently released its list of the top 10 best 10-year-old used SUVs for around $15,000, a group it singled out by analyzing over two million used vehicle transactions. The company then identified the models with the longest lifespan and compared each with current used car values. The resulting list ranks 10-year-old vehicles by the price of their remaining potential lifespan – or the lowest price per remaining 1,000 miles of expected lifespan.

In that sense, the Ford Edge ranked tenth on this particular list with an average price tag of $12,741 and a remaining lifespan of 79,627 miles – which equates to $160 per 1,000 miles. iSeeCars estimates that 10-year-old Edge crossovers have a potential lifespan of 203,662 miles, with around 39.1 percent of that total remaining, on average. By comparison, the entire SUV segment averaged $16,201, with a remaining lifespan of 97,569 miles or more than 43 percent left in their total usable lifespan.

“Although used car pricing is slowly dropping, it remains near record levels, putting a serious financial pinch on first-time buyers or used car shoppers needing to replace their current vehicle. And new vehicle pricing is simply unrealistic for many consumers,” said Karl Brauer, Executive Analyst for “But we now know shoppers can buy a 10-year-old car that costs substantially less than 1-5 year-old used models, yet these vehicles still have 80,000 or more miles of life left in them. All of these top 20 cars provide a potential lifespan above 200,000 miles.”

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  1. G O PEE

    My friends 3.5 edge is a pos. first motor blew at 100k then the 2nd at another 100k didnt blow but needed a new water pump which costs about the same as an engine. next thing about to go is the 4wd pto

  2. Anonymous

    Just overlook that the 3.5L V6 is a disaster waiting to happen. That’s why they are such a “good value”. Owners ditch them before the water pump goes, and then the new owner is stuck with the repair bill. The resale price of these reflects that major issue and most savvy buyers are fully aware of the problem.

    Friend of mine had one. Overall they loved the utility and design, but hated the constant repairs…it was always at the mechanic for something.

  3. EcoBoost29579

    Yet more BS from iSeeCars.

  4. Kenny D

    Look, the WATER PUMP on these V6 Unit’s is a Maintenance Item, Just Like ALL THE Toyota’s and Honda’s that have Timing “BELT’S”, the Water Pump Get’s Changed at the Same Time as the BELT does, 80/90/100K or Whatever / Whenever. Ya, the Water Pump Leaking into the OIL Pan is Quite Stupid “No Doubt” but, If you Maintain the Coolant, Change to Oil religiously, and do Basic Maintenance, “IE” Water Pump Service/replacement, the EDGE will go Over 250K Miles in “Most” Instances. If you are Living in the Salt Belt, Forgetaboutit! It’s JUNK in 3 Years No Matter what you’r driving! Like the old saying goes, you can PAY me now, or PAY me Later. If ya wait till Later, you are gonna get a Bigger Bill all at Once. We Own a 2018 EDGE 3.5 V6, with 31K on the ODO, It’s had the Tranny Oil dumped and Refilled 6 Times By Me, the Coolant was Change to the POAT at 25K (for the benefit of the Newer Coolant), $179.00 for that. Oil/Filter changes every 4/5K Miles. Going in for Brake Fluid Exchange/Flush Next week. Just Take Care of your stuff, It’ll Last Longer than ya’ll Think. The PTO’s Need Servicing “BEFORE” 30 K show’s up or you are gonna end up with that Bill, (YES). POOR Design!


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