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Ford Escape To Live On As Fully Electric Crossover: Report

Back in June – prior to the debut of the refreshed 2023 Ford Escape – Blue Oval CEO Jim Farley indirectly hinted that the crossover was facing cancellation as the automaker shifts its focus from commodity products to passion brands. However, it seems as if the Ford Escape may in fact stick around for another generation – albeit as an all-electric vehicle – according to a future product roadmap recently released by AutoForecast Solutions.

The current-gen Ford Escape is reportedly set to be produced through December 24th, 2025, before it returns as an EV that is slated to enter production on January 5th, 2026. According to the roadmap, the Escape EV will still be produced at the Louisville Assembly plant where the ICE model is currently built, but will share FoMoCo’s new GE2.1 dedicated EV platform with the next-gen Ford Mustang Mach-E, Mach-E coupe, Ford Explorer, and Lincoln Aviator EVs – the latter two of which won’t be built at the Chicago Assembly plant alongside the ICE versions, but rather, at the Oakville Assembly plant in Canada.

What’s particularly interesting about this development – aside from the fact that the Escape will apparently live on as a fully-electric vehicle – is that its platform mate, the Lincoln Corsair, is not included on this roadmap, meaning that its future is unclear at the moment, at the very least.

Farley previously said that future Ford EVs won’t simply be all-electric versions of their ICE counterparts, so it stands to reason that the automaker’s second-gen models – which will be profitable, according to The Blue Oval – will look a bit different. The automaker’s next EV will reportedly be an “Explorer-like” vehicle as well, which could mean the Explorer EV or something entirely different, albeit a similarly-sized or styled crossover of some sort.

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  1. Clyde

    I would not buy a fully electric vehicle of any brand. I really like my PHEV and will buy another if/when I replace my current vehicle. The infrastructure and battery charging technology is not ready for full electric vehicles. I live in Michigan and there are not enough charge stations in Northern lower or upper peninsula of this state for a fully electric vehicle to be useful.

    1. John

      We currently have 53,000 charge stations in the US. By the time the EV enters production in 2026 there will be at the very least double/triple that amount.

      Michigan will have a ton more chargers by 2026.

      Plus this is going to be on the next generation of Ford’s EV platform which will probably be in the 400 mile range. So range is going to be less of an issue.

    2. Lewis G

      Manufacturers need to make a solar panel and be installed in these vehicles. I don’t want to fathom screaming generators when everyone begins to plug in. These solar panels installed in vehicles will help stay away from the charging station as much as possible. Just my 2 cents.

  2. Michael

    I like the hybrid version better as I previously had one!

  3. Bob

    If Ford wanted to make another winner they would make a Maverick EV. But whats the point. Ford for being called one of the big three sure can’t make enough cars to fill the orders or the lots. I think its embarrassing. When I go shopping for a car its because I need one and currently the American Big Three CAN”T deliver. Shame or sham?

    1. RWFA

      Everybody is having trouble meeting their production forecasts. You might get your eyes checked for Big 3 myopia.

      As for a BEV Maverick, wait for the refresh.

  4. George

    Says no full electric Corsair. What about Corsair E that was talked about?

  5. Scotty Nead

    I have been looking for a notice for when the 2023 Ford Escape will start production. Did I miss this notice? Any information would be appreciated.

    1. Becky

      I know! After waiting 11 months still no word.

    2. Damian Heck

      Currently waiting for the ok to build 2023 escape. Probably not till after the first of 2023

    3. CL

      We were making nothing but 2023 model body parts the last week before Christmas break. Ford will be making them starting January 2nd. They still have thousands of 2022 models missing parts parked in various lots as well…

      1. Dave N

        Have the 2023 Escape PHEV’s started being produced? Did an online search and the higher end 2023 Escapes seem to be available in the Dallas area but nothing in the PHEV model

  6. Steve

    Our family has had a PHEV for 5 years and I have to say that it perfectly matches our life style. We charge it every night but that’s it.
    All long trips are totally stress free and we just fill up anywhere and in short order.

  7. Jim

    Still waiting for my 2023 Escape PHEV ordered last November still no word on delivery. For a popular model no incentives for waiting. Maybe I should just switch over to 2024.

  8. Patricia

    Same here, we ordered our 2023 Escape PHEV in October 2022 and no word from Ford. We stop by the dealership on occasion to check status and they do confirm that it’s ordered.

  9. JimO

    Personally, I will replace my 15 Escape with a 24. Perhaps I will get a hybrid, or another 2.0 eco boost. With that said, BEV is not the future, its now and if we like it or not, we will have to get used to it and learn to appreciate it for what it is. I would prefer they make both so that we have a choice but that decision is above my pay grade


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