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Ford Expedition Ranked 11th In 2022 Made In America Index

Every year, the Kogod School of Business releases its Made in America Auto Index, which aims to highlight the new vehicles that contain the most U.S.-sourced domestic material. This year’s report found that the Lincoln Corsair is actually the “most American” new vehicle on the market, while the Ford Ranger, Ford F-150  (when equipped with certain powerplants), and Ford Bronco weren’t too far behind, as each tied for eighth place. Now, another Blue Oval product has made the cut, too – the Ford Expedition, which ranked 11th in this year’s Made in America Auto Index.

The Ford Expedition earned its spot on this list thanks in part to the fact that 50 percent of its content comes from either the U.S. or Canada – one of the measurements for this study. In terms of the rest of the rankings, the rugged SUV finished behind the Corsair, Tesla Model 3 Long Range, Chevy Corvette, Chevy Colorado, Jeep Cherokee, Tesla Model Y, Dodge Durango, Honda Passport, F-150, Bronco, Tesla Model X, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Chevy Camaro, Honda Odyssey, Honda Ridgeline, and Honda Pilot.

The Made in America Auto Index uses seven points derived from publicly available data based on research performed by the Center for Automotive Research in Ann Arbor, Michigan to arrive at these conclusions – profit margin, labor, research and development; inventory, capital, and other expenses; engine, transmission, and body, chassis, and electrical components.

These rankings also take into account the economic value of the different components of auto manufacturing. For example, the highest-ranked cars are made by U.S. based manufacturers that utilize American engines and transmissions, as well as a high percentage of U.S. and Canadian parts. In the case of components like the engine and transmission and the location that the vehicle is assembled, those that aren’t U.S.-based are given a score of 0.

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  1. Richard Jones

    The Ford Expedition is about 20 years overdue for a update and I’m not talking about Headlights I’m talking about a complete update interior and exterior. Compared to the denali, the tahoe, the suburban, the Toyota Sequoia, not to mention the German vehicles. It shows you just how much the Ford Engineers is Out Of Tune with younger buyers, Ford needs to replace the engineers with some fresh creative Bright Young Minds if they want to keep up in the large SUV segment.

    1. bob dobson

      I have to agree 100 %, the Expedition is always behind the Tahoe/Yukon no matter what the trim level. Ford always does really weird stuff with their big SUV’s. Its the little things like just look at the Expedition black out package. The wheels have chrome trim and chrome lug nuts on black wheels. The Ford emblems are blue instead of black, there’s chrome trim pieces everywhere. Its a half assed approach to everything. Nothing Ford has can match the Denali trim line, even though the price isnt much different.

      1. K North

        No offence, But I don’t know what you are referring to. I see this truck is always ahead when it comes to engineering and tech and others follow. Not saying this out of thin air, I drive both, and own latest Expy. Latest Chevy drives bit nicer though IMO.

  2. Mike says...

    Not to hurt your feelings guys…. but engineering and design are separate departments. It is a solid truck…. if you don’t like its looks, fine…. buy a plastic Chevy. Either way, you seem to be on the wrong site with your comments.

    1. RWFA


      I think they don’t understand the difference between stylists, designers and engineers.


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