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Ford Expedition Used By Secret Service May Have Caused Fire

Back in May, Ford issued a recall for select 2021 Ford Expedition and Lincoln Navigator vehicles after more than a dozen underhood fires were reported – the majority of which occurred in rental vehicles. At that time, FoMoCo was still investigating the issue and wasn’t entirely sure what was causing this to happen. Then, in June, a class-action lawsuit was filed by three owners over this engine fire risk before The Blue Oval determined that the fires were caused by circuit boards that were printed by a new supplier, which ultimately led to an amendment for the aforementioned lawsuit. Now, it seems as if a Ford Expedition might have been the cause of a recent fire that destroyed a number of vehicles used by the Secret Service, according to the Nantucket Current.

The vehicles were rented by Hertz to the Secret Service during President Joe Biden’s stay at Nantucket over the Thanksgiving holiday, and when that visit was over, the vehicles were returned to the rental company, where they were parked at the Nantucket Memorial Airport. Less than 24 hours later, five vehicles were destroyed by the fire, which took place a mere 40 feet from the tanks the airport uses to fuel its aircraft.

Following an investigation, it was discovered that no foul play is to blame, but a Ford Expedition that was part of the rental fleet was in fact the source of the fire. No official cause has yet been determined, though it’s reasonable to presume that the fire could have been caused by faulty parts in the Ford Expedition, which was scheduled to undergo repairs for the recall, but had not yet received that fix.

Affected customers have already been notified about this recall, which includes 66,221 Expedition and Navigator SUVs build in the U.S. between July 27th, 2020 and Aug. 31st, 2021. Previously, a total of 21 fires had occurred – 18 of which in rental vehicles – but this particular incident is attracting more attention than most, thanks to its high-profile nature.

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  1. Jham

    Ford Expedition, immolation edition.

  2. crabbymilton

    Things are going so badly for FORD these days so we may as well laugh. Perhaps there is a good reason why the beast is built on a GM platform.

    1. RWFA

      Beast is built on a GM Truck Platform because Ford didn’t see the commercial point of building a couple of loss leaders.

    2. Crabbymilton

      Well people do notice brand names in regards to the car that is transporting the POTUS. Remember there have been LINCOLN Limousines before for the POTUS. GM evidently has a long term deal with the government.

  3. Chris Blanchard

    “This SUV will self-destruct in 5 seconds. Good Luck, Jim.”

  4. The Gentle Grizzly

    A rumor I’m trying to start says Ford is in negotiations with General Motors to license two names used in the past for engines.

    Fireball from Buick.

    Blue Flame from Chevrolet.

  5. crabbymilton

    Or one from CHRYSLER… “FIREFLITE” from DESOTO.

  6. David Dickinson II

    I can’t imagine what in the world could cause a parked vehicle to burn so hot as to melt off the front end of a big SUV and the vehicles next to it. And, as an Expedition owner, I’d really like to have confidence that Ford has figured this completely. It’s now wonder Expedition sales are dropping double digits. These are scary photos.

  7. Crabbymilton

    FORD=Full Of Retarded Dolts
    Hopefully yours is ok but just no reason for this and the CS department seems to stonewall it. It’s a shame since the EXPEDITION and NAVIGATOR are really nice SUV’s.

  8. anoleslady

    Maybe the rental company had modified the suvs in some way in order to keep track of them or restrict the mileage.

  9. Columbo

    How do we know it’s Ford’s fault? There could be a coverup of some kind here you know. Ever think of that?

  10. wjtinfwb

    A bad look for Ford that has now garnered national attention due to this and the other vehicles being featured on news everywhere after the initially mysterious fire. I’m a Ford owner and generally been very happy with our Ford cars and trucks. But my recent experience with reserving and ordering a new Bronco have shaken that confidence. My local Ford dealers are pathetic; greedy and poor service providers. Both demanded thousands over MSRP just to accept the order for my reserved Bronco which I unpolitely declined. When I attempted to move my reservation to a different dealer who readily agreed to MSRP, Ford’s process has yet to execute the change after 4 weeks. The repas who accept phone calls, while ver pleasant, have zero authority to do anything and must escalate all requests to a “supervisor” who has yet to do anything. If I owned a new Ford with one of these recall issues and received this indifferent response, I’d be livid. At the current rate it’s only a matter of time before Ford ends up with another Explorer/Firestone debacle on their hands which is the last thing their stock price needs. I hope these issues have Jim Farley’s attention and they get fixed pronto or Ford is in for some tough sledding from the modern consumer who has zero loyalty and no tolerance for manufacturer indifference.

    1. Crabbymilton

      FORD hasn’t been doing anything to fix these problems over the last few years so expect nothing. I would give FORD the benefit of the doubt if this had been an isolated incident or one of the other vehicles parked there. But it’s not very easy to dismiss this given FORD’s history over the last several years with all of those problems.

  11. Dave Mathers

    There was a fireman from Nantucket
    Who tried to put out the fire with a bucket
    He was not successful so in the end he said …………!!

  12. Sam

    Is there a Ford vehicle that isn’t currently under recall? Ford quality has gone to hell as it doesn’t care about quality only cares about how to make cheap vehicles and hide vehicle issues and then laughs all the way to the bank.

  13. crabbymilton

    Seems that the only FORD vehicle that doesn’t have any major problems is the E SERIES cab/chassis and possibly the F-650-750. Reason being is the same general platform has been used for many years.

    1. Elizabeth

      Ah yes, I’ll start recommending every upper middle class family to start buying F650/750 instead of an expedition or navigator.

  14. crabbymilton

    Well nobody is under any obligation to buy a FORD product. There are other car and truck builders out there.


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