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Ford F-150 Lightning On Track To Sell 15K Units In 2022

The Ford F-150 Lightning debuted to much fanfare, as could be expected from the all-electric version of The Blue Oval’s perennially best-selling pickup. Since then, the F-150 Lightning has faced tremendous demand, yet is also hampered by limited production capacity, forcing many to wait for their new pickups and watch as those that already have are flipping them for big profits. Regardless, production of the EV pickup is progressively ramping up, and according to the automaker’s most recent sales report, it’s on track to sell 15k units in 2022.

In November, FoMoCo sold a total of 2,062 Ford F-150 Lightning pickups, bringing its year-to-date total up to 13,258 units. Since recording its first sale at the end of May, the F-150 Lightning is averaging a little more than 2,000 units per month, which means that if it continues moving at that pace, it will exceed the 15k mark by the end of this month.

This number is notable as Ford continues to battle various supply constraints, which have hampered production for more than two years to this point. A large number of Ford F-150 Lightning pickups were spotted sitting in parking lots awaiting parts back in October, but that hasn’t stopped the EV pickup from steadily gaining steam in terms of sales. In fact, it enjoyed its best sales month to date in October as well.

In the meantime, Ford continues to convert Lightning reservations to orders via a “wave” process, and recently added a third shift at the Rouge Electric Vehicle Center to help ramp up production of the EV pickup. The goal is to build 150k units of the F-150 Lightning next year – a large portion of the 600k total EVs the automaker intends to produce in 2023.

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  1. Ford Owner

    150.000 Lightnings a year is over 413 trucks a Day. No other truck manufacturer can match that, not even Tesla!

    1. RWFA

      Actually you used around 363 days.
      Ford definitely doesn’t produce on so many days.

      Assuming Ford runs 3 shifts/day 6dy/wk and no holidays or summer shut down, which is far from reality it’s ca. 480 units/day.

      If they run no Sunday, less than 3 shifts on Saturday, no holidays, and a summer shutdown the daily output will be significantly higher.

      Assuming they have components of course; that’s the big if.

      1. Kenny D


        1. RWFA

          Oh look, our sometimes incoherent, always good for a laugh, friend finally learned how to log back in.

          Everyone brace themselves for the wall of nonsense that is certain to come once Kenny four-star reacquaints himself with the caps lock, run-on ellipsis and creative use of punctuation.

  2. Mike

    Ford is unlikely to produce 150,000 EV pickups next year. Maybe 30,000 and that’s it. This is a teaser EV, much like the Maverick with very limited production.

    1. RWFA

      Please cite your sources.

  3. Steven

    Ford sold almost 170K ICE trucks last quarter alone. EV buyer pool is very limited. RAM even said recently they won’t focus on EVs because that is not what customers want, and they are doing very well because of that decision. Meanwhile Ford is incurring heavy financial losses on their financial reports. Lighting isn’t a real truck anyway.

    1. RWFA

      Oh boy, it’s BS (Bogus Steven) in with the stupid BS FUD.

      Some may wonder if he’s really that stupid to have fallen for that line of bs.

      Some wonder if he really thinks we are that stupid to fall for this line of bs.

      Some wonder if he’s just a paid tro regurgitating talking points in service of Big Oil, short sellers, or other OEMs currently scrambling to catch up on EV powertrains.

      The world may never know why he does it but it still knows it’s balderdash with a purpose.

  4. Sean Dav.

    We are already hearing of a few buy backs of these due to quality problems. Not a surprise given the Mach E was dropped by Consumer Reports due to poor quality. Also read that Ford uses the most money for warranty claims out of every single industry sector in the world. More than any electronics, appliance, computer, or aviation company. As most mention other manufacturers have smartly recently stated they will not focus on EVs, and their finances are much better as a result.

    1. RWFA

      And then comes in troll number 2 with the carefully crafted talking points to amp up those of Steven.

      Given the early focus on finances, it was feeling like a short sellers convention but given the hard right turn into EV FUD, anti EV is still running nose to nose.

  5. RandallK

    Ooff. Those numbers are not financially sustainable. No wonder Ford’s finances are in trouble.

    1. RWFA

      Oof, it seems anti-EV stumbled in the far turn, and a short seller oaf has taken the a small lead but if we look closely, these three horses and jockeys are likely one in the same and or st least riding for the same subversive stable.

      – it’s not that Ford’s Q missteps aren’t bad and embarrassing, they are.
      – it’s not that Ford doesn’t have to up its game. It does.
      – It’s not that Ford’s older ICE vehicles haven’t been short-shrifted in favor of newer EV development. … oh wait (checks notes) um, they haven’t because the competences related to these two types of vehicles are worlds apart.

  6. Kenny D

    Bunch of Government Folks making comments that mean nothing too much of anyone that’s reading them. Ford Motor Company has Issues like all the rest of them. It’s a Shame Old Henry isn’t her to straighten them all out! Maybe Jay Leno should take over the Wheel and start having his Guy’s build the Stuff. Probably would go Broke cause they’d Never need servicing like this Stuff we are Buying today. When is the GRID gonna be Ready for this EV Garbage to Actually Work??

    1. RWFA

      As predicted, a hash of nonsense about how Kenny doesn’t understand simple things.

      But is really our beloved Kenny four-star? Hard to tell without the multitude of creative orthographic jingle jangle.

      PS. The grid is ready and it will keep expanding as needed. This isn’t the first time the Edison Institute has been to an increasing electrification rodeo.

    2. Alfred Gipson

      How does the grid handle the thousands of new homes popping up?
      Answer: it’s not a problem, duh!

  7. Alfred Gipson

    So, where to believe they are going to make 185,000 trucks in 2023 to complete the orders for the 1st generation truck?

    1. RWFA

      I don’t think that’s the right way to look at it.

      The article is more about production capacity expanding to 150k per year. Doesn’t necessarily mean that this is all new orders. It could include some rolled in unbuilt 2022 orders.

  8. Bob

    So good to see that no one responds to this RWFA savant.
    He knows more about everything than any of us, on any subject, but I’m just not going to be re-educated anymore because I stopped reading anything from him a while ago.
    Best get a few pseudonyms, buddy.
    Chew on this: On the news today: Ford leads the auto world in recalls.
    Makes me proud to be a Ford guy.

    1. RWFA

      Oh silly boy Bob. (Savant is a compliment – every idiot savant knows that; only the idiots that don’t understand the memo don’t.)

      TBH it doesn’t bother me that you don’t read posts from my singular account because that hopefully means you won’t bother us with waste like you deposited above (and no, despite your lousy advice, I’m not about to do like the those who are using pseudonyms to go over the top with Big Oil or short seller or EV competitor or Grover Norquist Grass Roots Boycott FUDing.)

      Ps why are you “as a Ford guy” taking a seeming sarcastic pleasure in Ford going through a quality rough patch?

      Do you like to root for failure like that other guy?

  9. Sebastian

    Definitely not sustainable. Every analyst is saying Ford buried itself in a financial hole pursuing these pointless EVs that will never work on our expansive roadways. Other manufacturers are learning from Ford’s mistake and are no longer putting their focus on EVs as some of them stated recently, and their financials are strong as a result. Ford’s stock dropped by almost 50% this year due to Farley’s already failed EV push. We now need to encourage our government to not bail Ford out with our money. Their Super Duty trucks are selling like hotcakes on the other hand.

  10. RWFA

    Here’s Suspicious Sebastian deploying the stock shorting troll farm’s favorite talking points with narrow departures from and new adds to the script.

    “Not sustainable”, why?

    “Every analyst”, really? Funny I’m not seeing that. Please point us to their remarks. (Negative points and no dessert if you cite other commenters on this site or Zero Hedge.)

    Financial hole? Funny, and suspicious you should say that, because Ford’s long term debt keeps decreasing and is at its lowest level in over a decade.

    “Pointless EV’s (ill adapted to) “our expansive roadways”, you seriously hanging your empty headed hat on that nonsense? Is there really something special about US roadways, in a country where the vast vast majority drive under 100 miles a day?

    Other OEM’s? You mean like Toyota, the brand most of your colleagues turn to to bolster their poppyc*ck? In many ways F and TMC have similar financial challenges with Toyota’s being proportionately larger (I.e. greatest long term debt of any OEM.)

    As for not putting focus on EV’s, that’s sheer nonsense. Toyota announced a major EV offensive last spring showing a bunch of vapor ware. Then more recently it realized it’s incremental EV platform variant intended to be built on the same assembly line as ICE variants wasn’t meeting the moment and scrapped it, with a new concept proposal to management timed for late January.

    Failed EV push? Where’s the evidence behind this popcorn fart of an idea? Ford has record interest and order backlogs on its EV vehicles and with small improvements in supply chain, has added capacity to reach record production as it addresses those backlogs.

    Stoking FUD-induced “bail-out” fever, really? Why? (Is this the new “grassroots boycott” your group tried and failed to launch earlier?)

    Super Duty sells like hotcakes, but on all the other hands, regular F-Series also sells like hotcakes, Lightning also sells like hotcakes, Maverick also sells like hotcakes, the refreshed Ranger will also sell like hotcakes, Transit sells like hotcakes, EV Transit too. Ford’s got hotcakes for all different truck buyers. So what’s your point exactly?


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