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Ford F-150 Lightning Ranked 40th In Made In America Index

The Kogod School of Business recently released its 2022 Made in America Auto Index, which highlights new vehicles that contain the most U.S.-sourced domestic material. A variety of FoMoCo models have made the cut thus far due to the fact that final assembly occurs in America, while more than 50 percent of the components used in most of those vehicles come from either the U.S. or Canada. Now, we have yet another model to add to this list – the Ford F-150 Lightning, which ranked 40th among 100 vehicles that qualified for 2022.

The Ford F-150 Lightning achieved this ranking thanks in part to the fact that 38 percent of its content comes from either the U.S. or Canada – one of the handful of measurements used in this particular study. The Made in America Auto Index uses seven points derived from publicly available data based on research performed by the Center for Automotive Research in Ann Arbor, Michigan to arrive at these conclusions – profit margin, labor, research and development; inventory, capital, and other expenses; engine, transmission, and body, chassis, and electrical components.

These rankings also take into account the economic value of the different components of automotive manufacturing. For example, the highest-ranked cars are made by U.S. based manufacturers that utilize American engines and transmissions, as well as a high percentage of U.S. and Canadian parts. In the case of components like the engine and transmission and the location that the vehicle is assembled, those that aren’t U.S.-based are given a score of zero.

As for the rest of the Blue Oval vehicles present on this list, the Lincoln Corsair topped the rankings for 2022, while the Ford Ranger, Ford F-150, and Ford Bronco (with the 10-speed automatic) weren’t too far behind, as each tied for eighth place, and both the Ford Mustang (with the 10-speed automatic) and Ford Expedition came in 11th on this particular list. The Ford Explorer also ranked 15th, a spot that it shares with its platform mate, the Lincoln Aviator, the Lincoln Navigator came in 16th place, Bronco models equipped with the seven-speed manual transmission ranked 18th, and the Mustang GT with a manual gearbox came in 22nd place. As for the Lincoln Aviator Grand Touring plug-in hybrid, that particular model fell behind its regular gas-powered counterpart in 36th place.

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  1. Davido49

    Also , any vehicles that are made by an American based manufacturer ..the profit 📈 trail stays in the US. Invests far more in the US an in many ways these “made in America ” indexes are only to legitimize foreign automakers that sell vehicles in US. It’s a flawed rating system !

    1. RandallK

      The parts and battery materials come from overseas, namely Chine. We don’t have the earth elements in our country to make the batteries with. But we do have plenty of cheap oil. These EVs are a financial failure.


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