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Ford F-Series On Track To Retain Sales Crown For 2022

In the automotive realm and the world of consumer goods in general, trends and consumer preferences tend to change a lot, and that means that few products manage to stay at the top of the sales charts for any substantial period of time. However, the venerable Ford F-Series is one major outlier, a product that has somehow held onto the title of America’s best-selling truck, as well as its best-selling vehicle overall, for over four decades now. As we near the conclusion of 2022, it seems as if the Ford F-Series is destined to hold onto that sales crown for another year, too.

Sales Results - USA - F-Series

YearJanFebMar AprMayJunJul AugSepOctNov DecTotal
202446,444 49,25149,505 145,200
202352,737 53,65959,690 68,26068,859 70,93166,984 62,26957,721 49,79748,676 67,041726,624
202250,480 45,20944,758 51,51349,253 55,83661,168 55,91044,420 53,96953,107 72,717638,340
202155,276 64,47884,043 66,30246,260 45,67352,314 57,32163,164 68,25960,418 62,496726,004
202058,510 65,40462,648 50,32365,314 65,18870,908 73,95476,785 71,59352,698 74,097787,422
201971,537 71,53771,537 77,92977,929 77,92971,392 71,39271,392 74,54972,407 86,996896,526
201858,937 68,24387,011 73,10484,639 79,20470,949 81,83975,092 70,43872,102 87,772909,330
201757,995 65,95681,330 70,65776,027 77,89569,467 77,00782,302 75,97472,769 89,385896,764
201651,540 60,69773,884 70,77467,412 70,93765,657 66,94667,809 65,54272,089 87,512820,799
201554,370 55,23667,706 62,82761,870 55,17166,288 71,33269,651 65,50065,192 85,211780,354
201446,536 55,88270,940 63,38768,520 60,56063,240 68,10959,863 63,41059,049 74,355753,851
*** This manufacturer is now publishing only quarterly numbers for this market. Monthly figures may be averages.

As of the end of November, the Ford F-Series held a substantial 117,415 unit lead over its next-closest competitor in terms of sales, which bodes well for its chances of retaining the coveted title of the best-selling truck in the U.S. once again. That lead also grew last month versus October as it continues to pull ahead of the competition with the finish line in sight.

Thus, as many things change, some things remain the same, at least in terms of consumer preference for pickups. The Ford F-150 – one-half of the F-Series duo – has long been a stalwart on Kelley Blue Book’s list of the most considered vehicles among consumers, finishing the third-quarter as the most considered non-luxury vehicle on sale. Fittingly, it was joined by the Ford Super Duty, which also ranked as one of the most considered pickups in Q3.

On top of those impressive rankings, the relatively new Ford F-150 Lightning is also proving to be a hit with consumers, as it has been a regular on KBB’s Brand Watch report as well, ranking as one of the most considered electrified vehicles essentially since it launched.

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  1. Larry S

    Numbers speak for themselves. Even investors are abandoning ICE vehicles, they simply cost to much to maintain for regular driving. The MachE was even dropped by Consumer Reports due to poor reliability.

    1. RWFA

      LoL, truly lol smh, as poor Larry struggles to “even” (he likes that word) deliver his troll talking points right, and to be consistent.

      First it’s: “investors dropping ICE vehicles are too costly to maintain” and then it’s: “CR dropped the MachE”.

      Maybe he thought he was writing in the stock price thread?

  2. Gary . Virginia.

    Ford pickups continue to lead other manufacturers with options and towing due to their engines. It’s smart to offer an electrified version.

    1. RWFA


      It gives electric intenders an option to stay with, or move to Ford, instead of buying Rivian, Hummer, Tesla, or something in a competitive class.

      As a 1G offering its quite remarkable and Ford is rightly proud of it. Even as a constrained stop-gap solution it’s very good.

      Just imagine the advances the clean sheet design with a dedicated chassis will bring.


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