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Ford Fusion Among Top 20 Best Used Cars For The Money

Though it was discontinued over two years ago, the Ford Fusion continues to receive accolades for being one of the very best used vehicle values on the market. That list includes the 2015 Ford Fusion Hybrid, which was named as one of the best used electrified vehicles available for less than $15,000 by Kelley Blue Book, and the sedan was recognized as one of Consumer Reports’ top five-year-old used hybrid sedans and hatchbacks with the best fuel economy and one of the best used cars for teens that cost less than $20k, while the 2019 Fusion and Fusion Energi both made the cut as used vehicles with the largest price drops in 2022, too. Now, the Ford Fusion has once again been recognized – this time as one of the best 10-year-old used cars for the money by iSeeCars.

iSeeCars just released its list of the top 20 best 10-year-old used vehicles for the money, a group it singled out by analyzing over two million used vehicle transactions. The company then identified the models with the longest lifespan and compared each with current used car values. The resulting list ranks 10-year-old vehicles by the price of their remaining potential lifespan – or the lowest price per remaining 1,000 miles of expected lifespan.

In that sense, the Ford Fusion ranked eighth on this particular list with an average price tag of $10,079 and a remaining lifespan of 84,590 miles – which equates to $119 per 1,000 miles. iSeeCars estimates that 10-year-old Fusion sedans have a potential lifespan of 201,071 miles, with around 42.1 percent of that total remaining, on average. By comparison, the top 20 best used cars for the money list averages $12,814, with a remaining lifespan of 101,923 miles or more than 46 percent left in their total usable lifespan.

“Although used car pricing is slowly dropping, it remains near record levels, putting a serious financial pinch on first-time buyers or used car shoppers needing to replace their current vehicle. And new vehicle pricing is simply unrealistic for many consumers,” said Karl Brauer, Executive Analyst for “But we now know shoppers can buy a 10-year-old car that costs substantially less than 1-5 year-old used models, yet these vehicles still have 80,000 or more miles of life left in them. All of these top 20 cars provide a potential lifespan above 200,000 miles.”

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  1. Mark B

    I always thought this was a nicely styled sedan. I always thought that it would have made a great wagon also.

    1. Bill

      They did make a wagon it was only available in Australia.

      1. RWFA

        Wagon was good looking and widely available in Europe as well as built there.

  2. JE

    Yes, it´s one of the best used sedans (and SW also in Europe) to buy for the price. But inexplicably and unjustifiably Ford decided to cancel it. As owner of one, I´ll never trade it for a boring, unpractical and involutive SUV or crossover. I have migrated to other brands and when the time comes to change that car, it will be for some sedan of other brand. There are many european, asian and even american brands that still produce sedans and coupes.

    1. RWFA

      I’ve come to the conclusion you are either a silly monreoentent sedan chavenist or you are somehow shorting ford stock.

      Every comment you leave has the same content:
      – I love sedan.
      – Ford drop sedan.
      – Bad Ford.
      – SUV boring.
      – I hate SUV.
      – Ford make SUV not sedan.
      – Did I tell I love sedan?
      – I longtime buy Ford or Lincoln. Me buy many car.
      – Ford bad I no buy Ford more.
      – Every good people no buy Ford SUV.

      (Did I tell, me short Ford stock?)

      As for inexplicably and unjustifiably? It’s been explicified many many times. You either be no so smart, or have bad intention.

      1. JE

        If you don´t like my coments, don´t read me. This is a free country and I really don´t care if I write the same all the time.

        1. RWFA

          “It’s a free country and I can write stupid stuff if I want to.”

          Yes it is and yes you can.

          It’s also a free country where I can call out stupid comments.

          Ps one of my grandmas used to say “people who don’t care will come to a bad end”.

          She was wise.

          It’s always good policy to consider when wise things are said – if you can recognize them.

          My other Grandma had a little bird who visited her feeder but always chirped the same sad thing, she called him her Johnny One Note – he was a boring little bird but she loved his visits just the same.

  3. Clarence Johnson

    My Fusion Power Plant only lasted for 110K. Started noticing signs at 75k during every Oil change. Antifreeze consumption in the reservoir and it always had to be added to but not knowing where it was going until 110k. EcoBoost motor had it’s problems and Mine was one of them on my 2016 Titanium. Loved the body and the lines…Handled very well but after that issue, leaves a very bad taste in my mouth.

    1. RWFA

      That’s 35,000 miles between first signs and total failure. That’s like 6 oil changes cycles man.

      While it’s truly crappy that this started happening so early, 4 to 5 years into average ownership, and that’s on Ford, I would question the quality of the any mechanic that didn’t flag you that there was a developing issue.

      Regardless, I’m sorry this happened to you.

    2. Larry Staddy

      I know all too well what you mean. My 2015 Ecoboost hasn’t moved in over a year. With just over 100k miles on it and it’s junk. Dealership quoted me roughly $7,500-$9,000 parts/labor to replace the original engine block that Ford made a boo-boo on when designing it. Out of warranty of course.

  4. Mrx19

    A shame Ford gave up on sedans. Nine years on, the Fusion still looks contemporary. Minor exterior upgrades, a modern interior and an upgraded PEV power train would have still made this vehicle very desirable.

    1. RWFA

      I agree, in its last incarnation it was a very good looking car. The wagons too.

    2. Midwestern Joe

      Totally agree!!! Both my 2010 and 2011 Fusions have over 200,000 miles and still going strong. An extremely popular sedan. Yet, Ford is like, “let’s make everyone love the sh!tty crossover design.” But I have the last laugh when I see all the F150/F250s at the gas station filling up. Pickup trucks were never intended to be “daily drivers,” but here we are….smh.

  5. Scott

    I could see a wagon version of this with the Lincoln trim. Would probably sell well too. I’d consider one.


    Ford Motor Company would do well to bring back both the Ford Fusion and the Lincoln MKZ.
    Both cars are very much alike and both continue to sell like hotcakes. Ford needs to realize that there is still a market for both units and I’m not referring to China only.

  7. Juanna

    I just purchased a 2012 Ford Fusion with 190,000 miles , it was a one person car, very well taken care of, the dealer dropped it $1000. For me. And has tires, new brakes, free oil changes for. One year.! I could not afford the other cars. This is the y one I could afford. I’m pleased. I hope it lasts.

  8. Jc

    2015 ford fusion transmition problems 118miles antifreeze large consumptions


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