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Ford Maverick Among Top 10 Most Considered Electrified Cars

Since its launch, the Ford Maverick has outpaced its competition in terms of sales and attracted owners of Honda and Toyota sedans/crossovers at a high rate as the affordable, economical compact pickup remains a red hot entity in the new vehicle market. The Maverick Hybrid, in particular, has been a highly sought-after vehicle for some time, landing on Kelley Blue Book’s Brand Watch report as one of the most considered electrified vehicles on the market for multiple consecutive quarters, including Q4 of 2021 and Q1 of 2022. Now that the Q3 version of the study has been released, the Ford Maverick has once again maintained its spot on that particular list, too, joining the Ford F-150 (the most considered non-luxury vehicle overall) and Ford Super Duty (the fifth most considered pickup) in that regard.

This past quarter, the Ford Maverick Hybrid came in as the fifth most considered electrified vehicle on the market, behind the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid, Honda CR-V Hybrid, Tesla Model 3, and Toyota Highlander Hybrid, but ahead of the Honda Accord Hybrid, Toyota Camry Hybrid, Ford F-150 Lightning, Toyota Prius, and Chevy Bolt EV.

Interestingly, the Tesla Model Y and Model S dropped off this list entirely after spending multiple quarters among the most considered electrified vehicles in a stunning change for the EV automaker. While it still dominates EV sales overall, Tesla is facing increased competition from other automakers, and is losing market share as a result.

Meanwhile, Toyota remains the best-selling hybrid automaker in the U.S. by a long shot, accounting for nearly half of all hybrids sold in the country through the first nine months of the year, while Honda finished second. Meanwhile, Ford recently reiterated that it plans to continue producing hybrid vehicles even as it invests heavily in EVs, which bodes well for the Maverick moving forward.

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  1. lobosty

    It would really help to know how many units in general are produced a business day at the Mexico plant. Can’t any reporter find that out? Knowing how many orders there are, is useless if we do not know the rate of production, in general. Yes, it is more complicated than that, but can we at least get that????

    1. RWFA

      Since rates are but a snapshot, given the supply chain instability you would be better to think in terms of rate range.

      But even if you had this info, what use would it be to you? Some particular trim and option packages might have a faster rate range where others might have a glacially slow range.

    2. brett hedtke

      Yah I called Ford and they couldn’t tell me, they had no idea. What’s up Ford???

  2. Robert

    What an absolute debacle this Maverick program has been.
    Ford could not have F’ed this up more had they tried.
    Yes. blame “supply chain constraints” and that the whole world is F’ed up.
    But Ford, manufacturing autos for over a hundred years, could not rise above any off this or even be average – the situation could not be worse.
    What could be worse? “Ordering” a year dated vehicle and not getting it that year but the next year? What, ordering and not getting it for 2 years? Wow.

    1. RWFA

      Life is hard all over.

  3. Lee Johnson

    Why does Ford want to make the Maverick an EV when they can’t even produce what the consumer wants. More pie in the sky….

  4. Rich

    I plan on getting a 2024 Maverick and ditching my Honda CRV. I would love an AWD Hybrid and an Electric lightning version. There is a ton of demand for this vehicle and Ford should capitalize.

  5. John Layman

    I have ordered a 2023 Mavrick, GASOLINE ENGINE in it. I live in West Virginia, and it gets cold here from October to Late March. …. Yes we supply coal and natural gas for the rest of the nation and lots of it goes overseas…… To produce ELECTRICITY for the rest of you. My gasoline engine can be converted to a natural gas engine…….. If it ever becomes necessary, but COLD WEATHER drains a battery that has to be made from chemicals only produces in China. I prefer to keep my American Fellow Patriots working, Thank You for producing what AMERICANS want and NEED.

    1. RWFA

      Oh John,

      Please. You will never convert your vehicle to run on an alternate fuel.

      You don’t think the Ford boys know about cold weather? You should visit Detroit, or northern Michigan in mid winter, or better yet look for the postings of the Canadian here on the site, Stu, who has given feedback of his year’s worth of BEV experience in The Great White North.

      Tip, those “chemicals” from China you decry are because Big Oil and Big Coal, in lobbying to keep their markets intact, the environment and geopolitics be-danmed, have allowed the Chinese to gain a lead on U.S. industry in this crucial future technology. Big Carbon forces us to risk our competitiveness in a technological future, while it demands we sacrifice the environment, on its backward looking self-serving altar of profits.

      As the investments in incubating the rise of the production, generation, transmission of vehicles and power for the BEV segment take hold, we will see a vibrant domestic battery and vehicle production industry and infrastructure develop. And in so doing, we will develop new jobs and be less dependent on both China and whoever controls the wellhead in foreign oil producing lands.

  6. Bill Byrne

    What a great idea !! THEY CANT EVEN BUILD THE ONES WE ORDERED OVER A YEAR AGO ????????????????

  7. Domingo Gonzalez

    When will Maverick going to visit PUERT RICO?


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