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Ford Maverick, Bronco Sport Added To Ford Go In Brazil

After shuttering its manufacturing operations in Brazil nearly two years ago, Ford Brazil has undergone a major overhaul, expanding its existing Development and Technology Center as it works to become a regional engineering hub. The Development Center has since pivoted to exporting engineering services, as well as working on multiple global projects for the automaker, while also launching a dedicated graphene research team as well. The company also recently launched the new Ford Academy in Brazil for training purposes, and is preparing to completely revamp its lineup in 2023. Now, The Blue Oval has followed up these moves by expanding its Ford Go service to include the Ford Maverick and Ford Bronco Sport as well.

Ford Go originally launched in Brazil back in June 2021 as a digital subscription car service that allows customers to drive a new vehicle each year, for a fixed monthly cost that is all-inclusive and includes insurance, taxes, maintenance, and other ownership-related expenses. Additionally, the entire process takes place online, unless a customer specifically requests help from a salesperson or dealership.

At first, however, Ford Go customers only had two vehicle options to choose from – the Ford Ranger (available in XLS, XLT, Limited, Storm, and Black trims) and the Ford Territory (SEL and Titanium trims), while the Ford Transit was added later. Now, the Ford Maverick Lariat FX4 and Bronco Sport Wildtrak have joined the mix, giving those customers a couple of compelling options to choose from. The Ford Maverick can be leased for R$6,550 ($1,250 USD) per month, while the Bronco Sport costs R$7,990 ($1,525 USD). Both bundle together most every expense a customer can expect to incur when owning a vehicle, plus 24-hour assistance and a spare car in case of breakdowns.

“In the satisfaction surveys we do with customers in the delivery of the vehicle, after three months and one year of use, more than 90 percent say they would recommend the service to a friend or family member, a high level of approval,” said Matheus Batistuzzo, Ford’s Mobility and New Business supervisor. “With the expansion of the model offer, we give more options to customers who want to renew the plan by getting a different car.”

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  1. mike s.

    Just another reason why people with a maverick on order will be waiting longer.

    1. RWFA

      True but a totally logical and reasonable move by Ford.

  2. John W Parker

    You have my deposit. I ordered my xlt all wheel drive nothing special over a year ago.
    I don`t understand why companies ordering 23’s gets a fleet before you fulfill orders for people who bought or have money down on a 22 truck. I’ve bought 3 brand new Ford’s and you treat me like I deserve no respect for Ford loyalty. Thank you “Henry”.
    Seems like today’s kids just don’t have the integrity of their fathers. God bless the USA anyway, I hope.

    1. RWFA


      I’ll let you in on a little secret I’ve commented on before. Ford doesn’t produce vehicles by consecutive ViN number anymore.

      They don’t produce by order FIFO, they arrange production to balance the line.

      This balancing can be thought of as extending all the way back to supplier component availability.

      Fleet orders are great for this because they are predictably all alike (usually with fewer options) and are inserted between retail orders to make the process smoother and easier on the trim final line.

      Reducing the volatility of production scheduling by having the possibility of fleet order production actually results in faster delivery with higher quality, of the more complex retail models.

      So you should actually be glad there are fleet orders and that ford is using them to get a higher quality vehicle to you faster.

      Understand now?

  3. Jim

    Why are they going to Brazil when they can’t even fill the orders in a timely manner for us in the USA? I’m pretty sure Henry Ford would be unhappy.

    1. RWFA

      I’m pretty sure Henry lying in his grave now 75 years, all bones and dust, doesn’t care much.

      And given Henry nearly bankrupted his company, at the height of its industrial powers in booming markets, likely realized how fine the line is between buckets of black and tanks of red ink, he would be fine with the actions the team is taking to address the myriad challenges present in the industry, world and market today.

      Frankly, Henry, without significant upgrades, probably wouldn’t have been up to the task of running Ford in today’s world as he diminished his brilliant innovation by refining an idea to an illogical end instead of changing tack and thus rode that horse to near exhaustion.

  4. Bill Byrne

    HEY FORD BUILD THE ONES WE ORDERED OVER A YEAR AGO !! On a 1-10 Ford is a ZERO, as they seem to have no customer service or PR anymore either ,SAD

    1. RWFA

      What’s terribly sad is poor Bill didn’t, couldn’t, or wouldn’t, understand the explanation of how things work in this unstable supply chain environment.

      What is it with grown adults having the comprehension, patience and writing skills (heavy on the Kenny style of liberal caps use) of small children?


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