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Ford Maverick Hybrid Among Top 10 Most Satisfying Vehicles

Aside from enjoying tremendous success in the salesroom, the Ford Maverick has also earned its fair share of accolades from critics, too. The thrifty model remains a regular on Kelley Blue Book’s quarterly list of the most considered electrified vehicles, and the 2023 Maverick was also recently added to Consumer Reports‘ list of recommended vehicles. Now, that same consumer organization has named the Ford Maverick Hybrid as one of the top 10 most satisfying vehicles too, continuing this hot streak for the affordable and economical model.

To make the cut on this particular list, a vehicle must score well in Consumer Reports‘ individual testing, reliability rankings, and owner satisfaction surveys. The list was compiled using the most recent version of those owner surveys, ranked by the percentage of owners that say they would buy that vehicle again if given the opportunity.

In that regard, the Ford Maverick Hybrid ranked third with a satisfaction score of 88 percent. That places it behind the Chevy Corvette (94 percent) and Porsche 911 (90 percent), ties it with the Rivian R1T, Polestar 2, Subaru BRZ/Toytoa 86, and Hyundai Ioniq 5, and ranks it ahead of the Kia Telluride (87 percent), Toyota RAV4 Prime (87 percent), Mazda MX-5 Miata (87 percent), and Dodge Challenger (86 percent).

In terms of individual categories, the Ford Maverick Hybrid scored a perfect five out of five for overall owner satisfaction, 86 for driving experience, 71 for comfort, 83 for value, and 95 for styling. In addition to ranking as the top compact pickup in terms of owner satisfaction, the Maverick Hybrid also beat out its chief competitor – the Hyundai Santa Cruz – in terms of overall score with an 80 versus a 64, and it also topped the larger Honda Ridgeline, which scored a 76 overall.

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  1. Anonymous

    A vehicle that is literally impossible to get is among the “most satisfying”? Many buyers have have been waiting 1-2 years for delivery (I have a friend that has now been waiting over 16 months.) Ford has sold only 24,000 of these during the first three quarters of this year. That’s hardly an adequate sample size to declare something as being among the “most satisfying. Anyone fortunate enough to actually have one is still going to be in the honeymoon phase of ownership and report favorably.

    1. William

      So you don’t own one then?

    2. Hugh

      I don’t know where you’re getting your data, but it’s incorrect. Ford sold 68,492 Mavericks the first 11 months of 2022. Total Maverick 2022 sales will likely be just over 75,000.

      1. Jack Roberts

        My 2022 rolled over to a 2023 and I got a Jan build date last week. Hopefully I will be one of those satisfied people soon. I am already a satisfied 2021 Mach e GT PE owner.

      2. Larry McElvogue

        Ford has really let me and many others down. I have been waiting 16 months for my Maverick XLT Hybrid. Regardless of the numbers of sold vehicles they are not coming out in sufficient amounts to make such a claim.

    3. RWFA

      Wow mr anonymous troll, you are sure trying to talk it down, what cow of yours is it goring?

      Talking sample size? How about the previous years production with happy owners?

      Talking honeymoon phase? How about previous years happy owners who are out of honeymoon phase?

      Ps besides not understanding representative sample size concepts, and misapplying honeymoon to achieve a distinction without a difference, your production numbers seem to be wrong.

      Don’t know what you’re on about but it seems fishy with so much off kilter commentary.

      1. Mike

        Your responses are always so snarky…I habe been waiting since 11/10/21. You either work for a dealership, Ford or simply are not a very happy person.

    4. Bosko P Coltrane

      Not sure where you are getting the 2 year mark. If you ordered the June or 2021, like I did, you would be at around 18 months.

  2. Don

    I hope to be a satisfied owner of a lariat luxury 2023 it’s supposed to be delivered to the dealer in late January 2023 Ford has sent me emails of production, built and shipped date I ordered it 9/17/22

    1. brad

      When did you order it? I placed one on “reserve” at the Sept. 14, 2022 deadline, and have not heard anything since.

    2. Waiting on Lariat

      My 2022 order flipped to a 2023 in September. My build date was the 19th of December, but I was notified that there’s a delay. A local Ford salesman told me I probably won’t receive my Lariat hybrid until late 2023. Does yours show “production” or “built” in the system? Just wondering?

    3. Mike

      So you ordered your Lariat in September 2022? Ordered my Lariat in November 2021. I ordered NOTHING that was supposedly in short supply. Ford has simply screwed iver MANY people in this rollout.

  3. John

    Got my build date Jan. 30. Orderd mine dec. 2022 got my vin. # also

  4. Don

    I ordered on 9/17/22 Ford E mail the order was confirmed 9/17/22. On 10/28/22 they E mailed said it was scheduled for production 12/19/22. on 12/24/22 Ford E mailed truck was built. On on 12/28/22 Ford E mailed it was shipped on the way to the dealership now i waiting/hoping it gets there

  5. Tom B.

    Ordered my 2023 Maverick Lariat hybrid on 9/17/22 and have kept in contact with Ford customer service and my dealer regularly. Neither have been encouraging regarding delivery. My dealer has practically been dismissive.

  6. Larry Smith

    Any update on the Hybrid braking issues which result in grabby braking initiated at low speeds?

    1. Gary

      My XL hybrid has 28,000mi on it and with a year of driving it I can’t remember a time I felt the brakes were “grabby”

      1. Gary

        I said my Maverick has 28K miles. Of course this contradicts other posts. Correct to 18K

  7. Carl

    We ordered September 23, 2021 and have heard nothing from Ford. At one time my dealer gave me a vin number then was pushed to a ‘23. Still no word from Ford! Just hope I live long enough to see my truck.

  8. James Cammer

    I ordered a bare bones hybrid XL in Oct. 2021. Changed to a 2023 in Nov, 2022 and havent heard anything from Ford since then. Dealer didnt even know they were canceling orders until I told him I saw it online !

  9. Bill Byrne

    Ford , are they in LA LA LAND!! we ordered one over a year ago, none in our driveway yet ?? Ford NO customer service STINKS, the dealers seem to have no clue ! so we wait, they reordered ours sept 15/22 no idea when or if we get it


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