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Ford Maverick Ranked First In Views For New Cars

The Ford Maverick has been a smash hit since the day it was revealed, attracting a tremendous number of orders that quickly exceeded The Blue Oval’s production capacity, which has led to a bit of a problem – it’s still trying to fill many of those orders now, well over a year later. In the meantime, it’s quite common to find Mavericks for sale, albeit with large markups applied to their MSRP, a byproduct of extreme demand and low supply. As such, it isn’t terribly surprising to learn that the Ford Maverick ranked first in views for new cars this past year, according to new data from CarGurus.

This information comes to us from CarGurus’ 2022 Intelligence Snapshots report, which contains all sorts of interesting data. In this case, the company determined the most-viewed new vehicles on its own site throughout the year thus far, and found that the vast majority of shoppers are interested in newer models like the Ford Maverick, which topped this particular list with a “new view ratio” of more than four – a measurement that compares a vehicle’s total views and inventory against the average new model.

While many customers are still waiting to take delivery of their new Ford Maverick, dealer inventory is scant as well, with those units turning in around six days as of a couple of months ago. The Maverick Hybrid, in particular, has proven to be incredibly popular thanks to its low price tag and excellent fuel economy. Either way, the compact pickup has been a regular on the list of new vehicles that are being sold for more than MSRP, but somewhat surprisingly, most buyers aren’t existing truck owners or even those that drive Ford vehicles. Rather, the Maverick’s biggest conquests are the Honda CR-V, Honda Civic, and Toyota RAV4 thus far.

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  1. Phil Angelucci

    I have a 2023 maverick on order. It’s a 2022 carryover. I have a priority 2. What does that mean

    1. Mike

      I’ve been told I am a “2” as well…Ford on the phone said that’s a “good thing”. Although I ordered my truck 11/10/21, and like you they rolled me over to 2023 model…My build dat has changed 5 times…started in November, then December, now 1/16…not holding my breath. I would recommend anyone to think HARD about ordering a new one now-it may take 2 years to get it!

      1. Judy

        I ordered. In July 2021…..didnt get truck until April 8, 2022! But truck runs great….I love it. I got the hybrid XLT in a rear 51. I get asked about my satisfaction with the truck from people all the time. I always tell them to ” buy one”. 🤗

    2. grumpyunk

      A ‘2’ is the highest priority you can get before production is scheduled. Your vehicle has been selected for review and has met all constraints. It should be scheduled soon and you should receive an email to that effect as soon as it is scheduled.

  2. Mark B

    Too bad about the ordering backup for the Maverick. It looks like it’s already going to be a hit! I also thought the Camaro viewing frequency was interesting when compared to the Mustang’s. Maybe it because one sees so few on the road… 😉

  3. Melanie F

    I’m one of those “snagged customers” who decided to order a Hybrid Maverick and patiently wait instead of buying another CR-V or Honda. I’m excited and I don’t mind waiting…let’s see how I feel if in 9 months from now I still don’t have my Maverick…;)

  4. Grady Hanna

    I’m waiting since Sept 21 and I’m supposedly on the list for the 23 now. 17 month later….

    1. Ron

      Hello Grady
      I waited 18 months for my XLT hybtid , I ordered June 17, 2021 ,and finally received it nov 17 2022, but I Love it , I get 500 mules on 1 tank gas it’s wonderful truck… hope you get yours soon . I am sure. Ron in Texas

  5. Jeff

    So the Ford Maverick was ranked first in new car views I’m just wondering when we’ll be the first one to see one

  6. Carl

    Been waiting 15 months for my Maverick and NO communication from Ford! Hope I live long enough to see one.

    1. RWFA

      Sounds like your dealer dropped the ball in putting your email address in the Ford system.

      Did you get an offer to reschedule for a 2023?

      In any case call your dealer to ask why you’re not getting emails every 45 days from ford.

      If they give no satisfaction call ford directly.

  7. Bill Byrne


  8. Carol Johns

    12-28-2021 I ordered my Lariat Maverick. That is 1 year today. Still no build date. I have lost value on my current truck that I plan to trade in or sell myself. Does Ford care. I will see when I get my 2023 Maverick Lariat.

  9. Don

    There is no doubt your ford dealer has let you down on getting your order processed. I ordered my Lariat luxury 2023 on 9/17/22 ford confirm the order that same day every 4 to 6 weeks I have received a email and update on my order from Ford it was built 12/23/22 and shipped today delivery around 1/24/23 I’m keeping my fingers crossed

  10. Rocky Cheadle

    Me and my buddy both ordered our 2023 Mavericks the 2 day they opened sales. My buddy ordered the XL Eco Boast, I ordered the Lariat Hybrid. He just got an email from Ford saying his vehicle will be ready in March! No word about my hybrid yet.


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