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U.S. Ford Motor Company Sales Down Eight Percent In November 2022

Ford Motor Company sales decreased 7.8 percent to 146,364 units during November 2022 in the United States. Sales decreased at both FoMoCo brands, Ford and Lincoln.

“Strong order demand continues with overall retail orders for ’23MY vehicles up 104 percent compared to a year ago, driven by Super Duty and Maverick,” said Vice President, Ford Sales U.S. and Canada, Andrew Frick. “Super Duty took in a record 152,000 total orders since order banks opened October 27th. As the year closes out, F-Series expanded its lead to more than 117,000 trucks over its second-place competitor,” he added.

FoMoCo Sales Notes – U.S. November 2022

Sale types:

  • Total Ford Motor Company sales during November 2022 decreased 7.8 percent to 146,364 units
    • Truck sales totaled 81,210 units, down 1.2 percent total and flat at retail
    • SUV sales totaled 61,889 units, down 15.0 percent total and down 24.6 percent at retail
    • Electrified sales totaled 6,255 units, up 86 percent total and up 74.4 percent at retail
  • Ford continues to post record retail orders as demand for 2023MY vehicles grows
    • Retail orders are up 104 percent over ’22MY vehicles from a year ago; orders for ’23MY vehicles totaled 307,000
    • With one month left this year, Ford’s retail share is up about one full percentage point over 2021
  • Ford’s sales of electric vehicles expanded at approximately twice the rate of the overall electric vehicle segment in November as Ford prepares to increase production next year to meet U.S. demand. Ford electric vehicles sales increased 103 percent for the month compared to a year ago
    • Ford ranks No. 2 in EV sales behind only Tesla
    • As America’s best-selling electric truck in November, F-150 Lightning sales totaled 2,062. Since its first sale at the end of May, F-150 Lightning sales totaled 13,258 trucks
    • The Ford E-Transit continues to lead the commercial EV industry with 80 percent market share. During the month, Ford Pro sold 654 E-Transits and 5,811 units year-to-date
    • Mustang Mach-E sales climbed 14.6 percent over last year on 3,539 deliveries. Mustang Mach-E global production has now topped more than 150,000
  • With just one month left in the year, F-Series is on track to take the truck crown again in 2022. F-Series expanded its lead as America’s best-selling truck over its second-place competitor to 117,415 trucks through November
    • Retail orders for the new-for-2023 Super Duty topped 152,000 since the order bank opened October 27th
  • The Bronco family of vehicles, including Bronco and Bronco Sport, accounted for 199,026 deliveries through November – up 55.8 percent year-ove-year. Bronco is turning on dealer lots in just 10 days, with 85 percent of its retail sales coming from previously placed orders
    • Bronco’s share of the mid-size body-on-frame SUV segment hit 33 percent last month – its highest share of segment since it was introduced last year, as it closes in on the Jeep Wrangler

Inventory & SAAR:

  • Ford did not provide inventory or SAAR information

Brand & Model Sales

Ford sales decreased 7.9 percent to 140,260 units:

Lincoln sales decreased 5.0 percent to 6,104 units:

During the first 11 months of the 2022 calendar year, Ford Motor Company sales decreased 2.7 percent to 1,685,185 units.

Sales Results - November 2022 - USA - Ford

MODELNOV 2022 / NOV 2021NOVEMBER 2022NOVEMBER 2021YTD 2022 / YTD 2021 YTD 2022YTD 2021
BRONCO+12.59% 9,3308,287+312.47%106,645 25,855
BRONCO SPORT-56.18% 5,03311,486-9.33%92,381 101,891
E-SERIES+7.61% 2,9822,771-13.26%28,897 33,316
ECOSPORT-52.90% 8361,775-23.98%28,633 37,667
EDGE-38.71% 5,8169,489+6.51%78,572 73,769
ESCAPE-5.59% 8,8939,420-4.86%128,170 134,711
EXPEDITION+28.86% 5,8984,577-27.95%53,623 74,429
EXPLORER-10.01% 16,44018,268-5.32%188,570 199,156
F-SERIES-8.69% 55,16960,418-12.75%578,881 663,508
GT-57.14% 614-31.01%89 129
HEAVY TRUCKS+0.29% 1,3801,376-4.65%12,128 12,719
MAVERICK+188.81% 7,4572,582+847.59%68,492 7,228
MUSTANG-12.13% 3,2593,709-8.66%43,705 47,850
MUSTANG MACH-E+14.60% 3,5393,088+39.90%34,683 24,791
RANGER-68.89% 2,4397,839-39.91%52,741 87,763
TRANSIT+126.71% 10,3454,563-2.06%89,341 91,224
TRANSIT CONNECT-46.38% 1,4382,682-1.38%23,414 23,741
FORD TOTAL-7.95% 140,260152,367-2.57%1,608,965 1,651,481

Sales Results - November 2022 - USA - Lincoln

MODELNOV 2022 / NOV 2021NOVEMBER 2022NOVEMBER 2021YTD 2022 / YTD 2021 YTD 2022YTD 2021
AVIATOR-1.43% 1,6521,676+5.39%20,324 19,284
CORSAIR+59.10% 2,2641,423+19.88%25,131 20,963
NAUTILUS-56.11% 1,0272,340-16.63%19,154 22,974
NAVIGATOR+20.19% 1,161966-19.43%11,611 14,411
LINCOLN TOTAL-5.01% 6,1046,426-5.59%76,220 80,734

Sales Results - November 2022 - USA - FMC Totals

BRANDNOV 2022 / NOV 2021NOVEMBER 2022NOVEMBER 2021YTD 2022 / YTD 2021 YTD 2022YTD 2021
FORD TOTAL-7.95% 140,260152,367-2.57%1,608,965 1,651,481
LINCOLN TOTAL-5.01% 6,1046,426-5.59%76,220 80,734
FMC USA TOTAL-7.83% 146,364158,793-2.72%1,685,185 1,732,215

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  1. Skip

    Ford Board EC Sales Input: Ford November 2022 EV sales are down sharply from their monthly highs across all EV vehicle lines:
    • Ford Total EV November 2022 monthly sales decreased 18.4% from a high of 7,669 units in Jul 22 to 6,255 units in Nov 22.
    • Ford Lightning November 2022 monthly sales decreased 15.4% from a high of 2,436 units in Sep 22 to 2,062 units in Nov 22.
    • E-Transit November 2022 monthly sales decreased 25.1% from a monthly high of 874 units in May 22 to 654 units in Nov 22
    • Mach-E November 2022 monthly sales decreased 31.7% from a high of 5,179 units in May 22 to 3,539 units in Nov 22.

    1. Bob

      Keep producing those EVs and it’ll keep going down!!

    2. RWFA

      LoL such cherry picking of statistics.

      Anybody who came into a planning/ forecasting meeting with a jumbled grab bag of comparisons in isolation would be sent out to get their head examined.

      Anything can be compared by amateurs. Professionals, however, know what should compared.


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