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Ford Ranger Electric Likely Coming Before 2030: Report

The next-generation Ford Ranger is slated to arrive in North America in 2023 as a 2024 model year vehicle, and will likely remain on the market until at least 2030, indicating that The Blue Oval isn’t interested in doing away with the ICE version of the pickup anytime soon. However, according to a recent report by AutoForecast Solutions, a potential Ford Ranger electric pickup could enter the market sooner rather than later, and will therefore be sold alongside its gasoline-powered sibling.

AutoForecast Solutions indicated that the Ford Ranger electric is expected to launch in 2029, and will enter production in early August of that same year. Production of the EV pickup is then expected to run through July 2037 at the massive, all-new BlueOval City complex in Tennessee. This facility is also expected to be responsible for production of the the next-generation Ford F-150 Lightning, along with the forthcoming Ford Bronco electric, which is expected before the end of the decade. It’s highly likely that all three of the aforementioned vehicles will be underpinned by the automaker’s all-electric TE1 platform.

This news all but confirms an earlier report of a potential Ford Ranger electric, as was discussed by Lars Krause of Volkswagen. Ford and Volkswagen signed on a partnership agreement back in 2020, laying the framework for joint projects in the future. This includes two Ford EV crossovers that will ride on VW’s MEB platform, and will be produced at the Ford Cologne Assembly plant in Europe.

However, customers interested in a Ranger EV rather than an ICE-powered pickup may not have to wait until 2029 to get one – at least in part. Another recent report indicated that there could be a happy medium introduced to the lineup in 2025 in the form of a Ford Ranger electric plug-in hybrid.

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Alexandra is a Colorado-based journalist with a passion for all things involving horsepower, be it automotive or equestrian.

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  1. Shaun

    Highly interested in the PHEV model….that would be a great tie over in the interim.

    While I know the recent push has been towards fully BEV options…I think in certain area fully battery will just not be the best option… infrastructure, climate…

    That said, I live in an area that is undergoing a surge in interest in hydrogen production.

    I honestly believe hydrogen (fuel cell) electric will be the way to go in the future….there’s an Australian company H2X that converted a 5g ranger to FCEV but the cost is astronomical…power rating, efficiency and climate applicability were all met

    1. Shelley K.

      EVs are horrible for the climate as a result of the batteries. There is simply no way around the large scale mining of toxic elements that these batteries require. Then the trans-oceanic transport of these elements burning hundreds of thousands of gallons of diesel fuel to transport them.

      The landscape of a closed down EV battery factory is now being used by NASA to test rovers. Everything around that factory died off and turned into a barren lunar-like landscape due to the toxins. There is simply no way around this.

      1. RWFA

        Big Oil FUD.

      2. Xranger19

        Spreading misinformation is not helpful.

    2. RWFA

      Big Oil Shaun in with the “surge in Hydrogen interest” disinformation talking points.

      There’s no surge unless you live inside a refinery complex or the Exxon Tower.

      Big Oil is now ramping up pushing H2 refining and carbon capture to try and save its Drill, Spill and Fill business model.

      Expect the H2 marketing campaign to ramp up and the grid apocalypse comments to taper down if it catches on.

      1. Shaun

        I was referring to where I reside near the largest nuclear plant in Canada…the interest in waste energy from the reactors from both CANDU and coming soon SMR builds can be leveraged for production of “Pink” hydrogen.

        This has nothing to do with Exxon or any fossil fuel refinery your referencing…and the companies here setting up shop in the next 3 to 6 years with hydrogen processing facilities have already demonstrated production, delivery and storage plans.

        The plan is to go commercial, agricultural then followed by consumer.

        You could further educate yourself before being derogative and dismissing actual facts.

        1. RWFA

          Apologies to you re. your location given the dearth of detail it was not possible to distinguish your situation.

          That said, the idea of the complexity of electrolytic hydrogen generation, transport and delivery is more complex than increasing transmission from the plant to support point of use charging stations.

          To what degree the acceptance of Pink H2 will be the bait allowing some degree of a switch to Blue or Grey H2 remains to be seen.

          There would be a lot of support for Pink H2 to get the ball rolling, consumption wise, and then carbon fuel producers would try to leverage that to develop a market and justification for dirty steam reform processes for Blue and Grey.

          Even though SMR are an interesting idea, and some initial builds are going on, and even the US DOE approved a design, there are questions about the security of a decentralized proliferated small nuke generation approach.

  2. Sean

    Ford’s finances are in the toilet due to Farley’s failed EV push, most analysts are stating Ford is headed for bankruptcy due to Farley pushing EVs. RAM and Toyota both recently stated they will not focus on EVs because EVs are not profitable. And their financial performance is great due to not focusing on EVs. Farley needs to be fired.

    1. RWFA

      Right on cue, in rolls Sean with more Big Oil FUD disinformation.

      Toyota is presently breaking its hump to come up with a corporate BEV platform after realizing an adapted ICE platform won’t cut it.

      Concept proposals are supposed to be presented to management early next year. That’s a long way from production ready, so in the meantime TMC will flog ICE and HEV because that’s all they’ve got.

      Similarly, Stellantis is hopping along to catch up on a corporate BEV portfolio.

    2. Xranger19

      Spreading misinformation is not helpful try stating facts ford’s far from being in the toilet but your comments sure are.

      1. John

        Ford is -194% for the year in both revenue and profits. Toyota is only at -34% as a comparison for both figures. Ford is struggling when you look at their expenditure figures.

  3. thejper

    The last two cars I’ve owned are Fords. My latest is a Ford Escape hybrid. I love it and will buy another new one in the next year or two. That is if I can find a true hybrid and not a plug in hybrid. We have two cars and the garage/driveway is not conducive for a plug in situation. If Ford takes away the no plug in hybrid I will be finding alternative dealerships.

  4. Rich C

    Oh look, yet another EV that will get dropped by Consumer Reports for poor reliability. Not a surprise they stated the ICE version isn’t getting dropped. Ford got so broke pushing EVs they are finally learning most Americans don’t want them. Over 160k ICE trucks sold last quarter by Ford compared to just over 6k Lightnings.

    Good thing other manufacturers are coming out against EVs recently, they know Americans won’t buy them.

    1. RWFA

      Oh look, more moronic disinformation trying to compare Ford truck ICE production to its BEV production.

      So stupid. Ford doesn’t even have capacity to make 150,001 Lightnings a year.

      The short sellers, Norquists and Big Oil are sure out in force with their BS today.

  5. Looking better by the day I say.

    Wow …does look promising .. Got to keep up with the drivers demand .. Future looks interesting for sure .. At least Ford is on it …!! Thnx for the update .. When will farmers also have an Ev product .. ha. Kje

  6. XR

    Next update will be a hybrid, but as for a full electric ranger, forget it. With todays battery weights you wouldn’t be able to tow and the load capacity would be only 300kg. Pretty useless for a dual cab . It would be the same as having an ashtray on a motorcycle.

  7. SC

    GM, Stellantis, Ford and Tesla are all competing in the full size BEV truck space but no one seems interested in offering a mid-size where there is no competition (it could be argued that the Rivian is mid-size plus).


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