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Ford Transit Hybrid Not Being Developed At This Time

Quite a few changes have taken place in the Ford Transit lineup over the past couple of years, chiefly among them, the introduction of the all-electric E-Transit and the off-road-focused, upfit-friendly Transit Trail. With The Blue Oval placing a major focus – and investing billions of dollars – on electrification, it would make sense for the automaker to offer a hybrid powertrain in its best-selling van, too, but a Ford Transit hybrid doesn’t seem to be in the cards, as Ray Eyles, Chief Program Engineer for Ford Transit North America, revealed in a recent Reddit Q&A session.

“We have no plans for a hybrid Transit Trail, but having launched the all-electric E-Transit earlier this year, we’ll continue to invest in growing that segment in the future,” Eyles said, seemingly shooting down the notion of a Ford Transit Hybrid altogether. However, it seemingly wouldn’t be that difficult to make such a vehicle, given the fact that the Transit Trail comes equipped with the twin-turbocharged Ford 3.5L V6 EcoBoost as standard equipment, and the automaker already sells the Ford F-150 with its 3.5L V6 PowerBoost hybrid setup.

Even though it was just revealed last month, the Ford Transit Trail could be in line for some changes in the near future. Those include modular systems where owners could easily install things like shelving or sinks, preinstalled connections for solar panels and inverters, and turnkey camping options like HVAC systems and additional plumbing. For now, however the current-gen Transit isn’t expected to receive any major changes, anytime soon.

Regardless, the new Transit Trail launched bearing several unique features when compared to its European counterpart, including its Blue Oval badged front grille and extra marker lamps, giving it a distinct appearance. It’s also designed to be easy to upfit for camping and other adventure-seeking activities, which should make the van an appealing choice for those caught up in the current “van life” movement.

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  1. Crabbymilton

    I always liked full size vans. I liked them as a kid growing up in the 1970’s and being a delivery driver for the last 37+ years, I started off driving them. They are a great value as passenger vans for families as a lower cost alternative to a full size SUV. They have proven themselves as airport/hotel shuttles. It’s good to see them generating some more interest among non commercial customers regardless of configuration.

  2. David Dickinson II

    Not offering a hybrid is a big mistake. The big battery can help power all the goodies people put in their van. The vehicle would be its own generator. Ford should make a hybrid.

  3. Brad Burrows

    So disappointing to hear no powerboost for the Transit. It would dramatically improve towing and offer improved power and efficiency options where none exist in an over the road vehicle that can go beyond BEV range. Looks like we’re back to traditional Diesel power trains and large V8 gas save the F150 Powerboost itself.

  4. Florentino Cruz

    Very disappointing Transit news. Trail is just hype, good only on paper. I want to order AWD Transit High Roof, Ext. Length, RV Package but Ford is not accepting any orders. No news when they will open up, it could be two years from now. A MB Sprinter is a good possibility.

    1. Jeremy

      Just buy a cargo van. The benefits of the trail aren’t worth the price

  5. Jake

    I would be in the market for a hybrid but pure EV is garbage to me since I’m not a last-mile delivery driver.

  6. Bret Marquis

    Sad, you make the Transit Trail for the RV conversion Markey, but are not looking at making it a Hybrid. An EV is worthless in this market, too low of range and can’t charge while boondocking. But, a Hybrid with improved fuel efficiency would be highly sought after for conversions. Then, what if the Hybrid battery bank could also power up the RV lights, AC, etc. You couldn’t build them fast enough. Widening the body a couple of inches would also be a big benefit.

  7. David Liu

    Hybrid is highly desired for RV conversion. EV is useless for camping. The decision totally does not make sense to me.

  8. Pepo

    Ford trail not worth cost adder. For all electric – good for delivery drivers with short days.
    For hybrid – now you would be talking. Great for delivery/work drivers – they can do all day, get better mileage, and never worry about running out. They can run tools of the battery and not worry about not getting home. Great for camper conversions, especially if you can tap into to battery for various RV needs. Big potential market, what am I missing, or what is Ford missing?

  9. Kathryn Lichfield

    I would buy a PHEV Transit High Roof, Ext. Length, RV Package – ANY DAY !!
    DO IT ! Americans WANT IT ! Make it to Market – MAKE MONEY !!!

    Delay is senseless – US is a BIG Country, no good for EV. NEED PHEV !!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE – Use Common Sense. I beg you.
    I called Netherlands – They are waiting too. Everyone is Waiting !!! you are Killing US.

  10. Patrick J. Murtaugh

    It could be really sweet being able to run the vehicle’s standard HVAC (heat pump w/diesel booster?) and other accessories off the battery pack overnight and then recharging from the diesel engine. You could go single fuel for everything. Oh well FORD maybe your latest pivot away from the doomed EV market will slap some sense into you.


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