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Ford Transit Trail Could Add Upfitting Options In Future

The North American Ford Transit Trail was revealed back in early November – replacing the Adventure Prep Package – with a few key differences when compared to its European counterpart – among them, extra marker lamps and a Blue Oval badged front grille. One of the key benefits of the new Ford Transit Trail, however, is the fact that it’s designed to be easy to upfit for things like camping or overlanding, which is precisely why it may also add more upfitting options in the future, as Ray Eyles, Chief Program Engineer for Ford Transit North America, revealed in a recent Reddit Q&A session.

“Many upfitters offer modular solutions exactly like that, and in the future we may consider a factory solution for solar if there is sufficient demand,” Eyles said in response to a question about various other types of options that are available. These include a modular system where the owner could order pre-installed components like shelves, counter tops, sinks, and storage space, as well as preinstalled connections for an inverter or solar panel hook up and hidden panels for water storage.

Eyles also noted that Ford Transit Trail buyers may also soon be able to purchase additional power, plumbing, and HVAC options from the factory, as well as something more turnkey that already comes equipped with the accessories one needs to go camping. “Customers want to customize their adventure van to individual wants, so we have done the hard stuff on the vehicle to enable that, including the work that might otherwise void their warranty,” Eyles said. “We’ve also included content like front swivel seats, dual 12V batteries, 400W AC power supply and optional roof vent fan. For rear heating and cooling, we are leaving that to customers/upfitters to choose and install what you want, and in the future we may consider a factory solution for interior upfitting if there is sufficient demand.”

Currently, the Transit Trail comes equipped with drillable areas designed for the easy installation of things like shelving, cabinetry, and beds. It also includes privacy glass, an overhead shelf, illuminated sun visors, and swiveling front seats, along with an optional roof vent fan. An available Upfitter Package adds an exterior light bar and includes high-capacity upfitter switches, a larger center console, an auxiliary fuse panel with a high-spec interface connector, dual AGM batteries, and a modified vehicle wiring system, and buyers can also get their custom conversions done via the Ford Pro network of upfitters and interior installers across the U.S.

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  1. David Dickinson II

    I like the direction this is going. I was scratching my head initially thinking Ford was selling a mostly empty-on-the-inside van. Why not sell all kinds of goodies (like the Bronco) directly from the factory? It looks like Ford is moving in the direction, but is a little hesitant given all the possibilities and configurations. But, I think Ford would be wise to come up with several configurations. For Ford, the purchase price would increase. For the consumer, the upfitted-from-the-factory van can be 1) completely financed; 2) have a warranty; and, 3) have a nationwide dealer repair network for wherever your wanderlust takes you. Ford will make more money off the interest of higher sales prices. Sounds like a win-win.

    1. RWFA

      As predicted in my reply to your earlier comment on this vehicle, it was always likely that a cottage up fitting industry would satisfy the finished vehicle demand.

      Just as it’s daily business for upfitting the plumber’s specials that roll off the line in great quantities, there will be many options for customers upfitting to rolling pleasure palaces.

      1. Brad Barefoot

        Ford needs to be putting major resources into the $20K to $25K vehicle market, Henry Ford did it … Jim Farley needs to realize that the $60K an up market is about to dry up, people can’t afford them anymore.

    2. Brad Barefoot

      Ford can’t deliver a Maverick I ordered until mid ’24 … they needs to put their time an resources into that production … and get away from what isn’t their core market.

  2. Brad Barefoot

    Somebodies Gotta Say It … Ford, you gotta start building $20K to $25K trucks, cars, and mini vans (passenger models). You’re spending too much time on $60K to $70K vehicles that by an large no one can afford … and worse, don’t really need. Jim Farley needs to get his head out of the EV clouds and build the meat an potatoes vehicles that people can actually afford to buy and keep up. One other thing … this subscription nonsense that all of the manufacturers see as a “cash cow” … you likely can forget that, why should someone who pays a high price for a vehicles, get a $1,000,00+ monthly payment on a majority of vehicles be obliged to pay either a monthly or yearly fee to use the Nav/System for instance. I was looking at a website (one of yours) where you could get a car’s radio w/video screen up dated for a nav/system for about $1,000,00 … the sales person would not until pinned down admit that a monthly/yearly fees for service would be on top of that. I get the days of a nav/system that by ’13 C-Max (bought new) has just working as it should is over. I guess there are no more Ford Executives who’d fight against the subscription fees PLUS way too expensive vehicles is over. I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way .. but is a cry’in arse shame that a global company like Ford can’t make the above two topics happen. But you continue as you are … you’ll be in worse shape than GM an Chrysler on their worst day. And to hit lightly … trash the eco-boost engine, it’s a failure … and a big one. The buying public by an large are GOING TO HAVE TO develop a taste for lower HP vehicles … I’ve had two Fords we’ve driven one from ’09, and one from ’13 … no turbos, no cooling problems, routine upkeep only. And to close, it’s sad to say for the first time, you really don’t have anything I want … as your customers age … so does their needs, I need a easy to access vehicle for my wife an myself … your leaving sedans for the SUV wasteland has lost you more customers than you’ll ever know … people in their ’60 by an large want a station wagon, not some crappy SUV that falls short on sport an utility. We need a 1978 Ford Fairmont Station Wagon … I’d love a Country Squire model … hasn’t anyone at Ford sat for one minute an wonder why so many Seniors drive Toyota Rav 4’s, Hyundai Tucson or Venue, Kia Soul, among other “easy to access” models? … Better start, I’ve got two Hyundai Venues, and three Toyota Rav 4’s that I can walk to inside of 7 minutes to see all of them … and likely either a Toyota Rav4 or Hyundai Venue will be out next car … and before any of you out there cry about Hyundai Engines … stay away from the turbo models … no engine problems.

  3. Jim O.

    The FORD Transit needs to have a tow eye or two for the “plastic” front end. There no place to secure a tow strap if the need arises.

  4. Gunner

    I agree with most of the others here, get back to the basic of auto building, get the old 300 back out and in to your light duty trucks, they where great on fuel milage had the power, and just think , if you want to put a turbo on it WOW look at the power you will get and even better fuel economy. These trucks today are getting so far out of reach for the working class people that they are looking at smaller SUVs or getting old used ones and spending a quarter of what a new one cost and rebuilding them and getting a hell of a better truck, so you Ford executives might want to set old Jim Farly down and re think some of this ! As for this lifetime Ford buyer I am looking at other trucks that are not so over priced!

  5. Wyatt

    Maybe Ford will start making sliding van doors that don’t fall apart after less than 20,000 miles of vehicle use. Or van sub flooring that is day 1/4 inch plywood instead of 1/16th cardboard that disintegrates after 6 months. Ford Transit team needs to take some cues from the Super Duty team and get serious about making a van with guts and real features. As of now, the Trail is just another half ass marketing release. Not a vehicle upgrade. Just sold our 2022 AWD Transit to get a truck.


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