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ICE Ford Explorer May Survive Well Into Next Decade: Report

The Ford Explorer has been around for some time now after debuting for the 1991 model year and immediately making its mark on the mainstream SUV segment. However, times are changing, and an all-electric version of the Explorer is in development with an expected production start date in late 2024. Regardless, it doesn’t seem as if the ICE version of the Ford Explorer is going anywhere anytime soon, according to a new future product roadmap recently released by AutoForecast Solutions.

That roadmap notes that the ICE Explorer will continue to be produced at the Chicago Assembly plant until December 22nd, 2035, and also that it will continue to ride on the Ford CD6 platform – just like the current model. The crossover will likely receive several more refreshes and a redesign between now and then, however, while the future of the ICE Explorer remains unclear past 2035.

As Ford Authority reported in August, the next-generation version of the gas-powered Ford Explorer is expected to debut in 2026, following a refresh in 2024. The ICE Explorer will continue to be built at the Chicago Assembly plantĀ for the foreseeable future, which is notable because the all-electric versions of the Explorer and Lincoln Aviator are slated to be produced at the Oakville Assembly plant in Canada.

Meanwhile, as Ford Authority reported in October, the refreshed 2024 Explorer has already entered the testing phase. It’s unclear what sort of changes the 2024 Ford Explorer will bring for North American customers, but the recently-refreshed Chinese version features a unique front end, 21-inch Turbine fan wheels, and a massive 27-inch coast-to-coast touchscreen inside the cabin. The Explorer was treated to its own host of unique touches for the Chinese market to cater to customers there, however, which makes it unlikely that they’ll wind up in the North American version.

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  1. Rob

    Because Jim Farley is realizing Americans as a whole don’t want EVs. He has buried the company financially due to his failed EV push.

    1. Phil

      Agree 100%. Hopefully it’s not too late for Ford to climb from his mess. Ford needs to stop forcing the EV only mindset and offer them as a choice along side their gas engine counterpart.

  2. Chris Henzelmann

    ICE Explorer because they realize people want to travel long distances and pull campers, trailers, and boats. ICE ICE baby!

  3. Lealand

    You know what the Exploder needs, a nice V8 RWD power option along with the F trucks so the Mustang has a nice cheap V8 RWD power option for as long as the Exploder and F trucks have an ICE engine. Hell, just to keep it going I’d settle for a Mustang built on CD6.

    I don’t have a problem with the EV coupe coming along in 2029 but it would be nice to have the option of an ICE or EV powertrain. As for the most enticing EV option for me it would be an autonomous RV capable of towing my ICE rig from track to track with over the air charging so I could sit back and watch TV or play some games while it endlessly loops to my favorite destinations.

    1. David

      The original plan was to build Mustang and Continental (not sure of anything else) off CD6 but that never happened.


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