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Lincoln Continental Wins 2023 Best CPO Value Award

The Lincoln Continental was discontinued back in 2020, but the luxurious sedan remains an excellent value on the used vehicle market. This also applies to certified pre-owned examples, as the Lincoln Continental has received a Best CPO Value Award from Vincentric for 2023, joining the the Ford Expedition, which was awarded the top prize in the large SUV category, the Transit Connect, which topped the small commercial passenger van and small commercial cargo van segments, the Ford Escape PHEV, which took top honors in the EV/PHEV SUV category, the Lincoln MKX, which came out on top of the luxury mid-size SUV segment, and the Ford F-150, which topped the full-size half-ton pickup segment for the seventh time in 10 years.

The Lincoln Continental came out on top of the large luxury sedan segment – beating out a grand total of 16 of its rivals – by presenting customers with ownership costs that were 9.2 percent lower than expected, making it a supreme CPO value in a market where good deals are hard to come by.

To determine the 2023 Best CPO Value in America Award winners, Vincentric conducted a statistical analysis to reveal which had lower than expected ownership costs given their market segment and price. The company analyzed over 17,000 vehicle configurations using eight cost factors – depreciation, fees and taxes, financing, fuel, insurance, maintenance, opportunity cost, and repairs. The costs were measured after incorporating the specific CPO warranty offered by each manufacturer while also applying mileage requirements necessary to be authorized as an OEM CPO vehicle. Each CPO vehicle was evaluated in all 50 states plus Washington DC, with the assumption that each would be driven 15,000 miles annually over five years.

“For the past decade, the Vincentric Best CPO Value in America Awards have been helping consumers who are in the market for a CPO vehicle make informed, insightful decisions,” said David Wurster, Vincentric President. “Choosing a CPO vehicle can be a great way to reduce automotive cost of ownership, and choosing a Vincentric Best CPO Value in America Award winner can help give buyers confidence that their choice will deliver great value for their money.”

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  1. Crabbymilton

    That car was beautiful. The COACH DOOR version should have been standard with the the conventional version offered as a lower cost alternative. Some were put off by it being front wheel drive. To that I would say so what? It was meant to be a smooth highway cruiser not a hot rod. So what difference would it make and besides, all wheel drive was a popular option anyway.

  2. JE

    The last real automovile from Lincoln. Nowadays, Lincoln with its lineup of boring and cookie cutter SUV´s and crossovers isn´t even a shadow of the company it was and falls way behind its competitors. A real shame. As former owner of some Lincolns, I stopped buying this brand the day they decided not to produce sedans anymore and I will not buy another one until they produce a sedan or a sports coupe again. Not before.

    1. Davidm0604

      It has been 10+ years since I last purchased a sedan. I need a vehicle that I can load my dogs, my groceries, my Aunt’s wheelchair, or luggage into. My Nautilus exceeds my expectation. I am on my 3rd Lincoln SUV. Sedans are yesterday’s news IMHO.

      1. Crabbymilton

        Well TOYOTA, NISSAN, MERCEDES BENZ, even GM among others still builds them. FORD is the one that has a problem with sedans.

      2. DannyK

        I just love my SUV. (Leaves a bad taste in your mouth when saying it) What the vehicle lacks greatly in style makes up in utility and room even if I’m single, not married. So what if people think I’m boring and dull because I drive an SUV truck and that I’ll be single forever because of the vehicle I drive. Sure, I’d love that long low wide feel of a real car again but who makes them that way? Nobody makes a big, luxurious car convertible that oozes style? Waiting for the Genesis Convertible Concept to become reality then good bye truck, hello hot style!

    2. RWFA

      Oh god, more unrelenting rigid sedan chauvinism.

      For the past century folks asserted Lincoln built its last real car when:
      – the Fords bought out the Lelands.
      – Lincoln dropped Edsel’s Continental.
      – Lincoln dropped the flathead or anything above 8-cylinders.
      – Lincoln introduced unit body construction.
      – Lincoln Continental went with slab sided design and shared a cowl structure with the, gasp, FORD Thunderbird!
      – Lincoln dropped the 4-Dr convertible or suicide doors.
      – Lincoln downsized.
      – Lincoln stopped producing big BOF coupes.
      – Lincoln started selling into the, Egads gracious!, livery fleet market.
      – Lincoln stopped producing personal luxury coupes.
      – Lincoln introduced a mid-size sedan.
      – Lincoln introduced an SUV and produced it, OMG!, in a Ford truck plant.
      – Lincoln stopped producing cars exclusively in Wixom and transferred Town Car, ZOMG!, to a Canadian Ford car plant.
      – Lincoln dropped the TC and with it BOF car chassis construction.

      Yes, for a century now, Lincoln has serially disappointed by not being Lincoln, and now dropping a low margin sedan to concentrate on high margin future oriented body/segment types the market generally prefers will be the end of Ford Motor because all the rigid old fuddy-duddys keep going elsewhere.

      To be honest as an OEM, if you want to do better in the future, if you have to choose not being all things to all people, then it is better to let the run out fuds go if that is the price of bringing a new 30 year customer into the fold.

      Why is it that Lincoln is Real Lincoln when they introduce something a person likes but is no longer Real Lincoln when they discontinue a model or body type, construction or design that is past its prime?

      Ford’s dropping sedans in particular, and its transformation in general, is best characterized by the Great Gretzky on winning: “I skate to where the puck is going, not to where it has been.”

  3. Wayne E.Kirby

    I’m interested in buying a New Ford Ranchero Hybrid or EV ! Or Maverick Hibred if they become available ! Please show your modern designed Ranchero !

    1. RWFA

      I don’t expect the UTE segment to really make a comeback but I would really love to see a render of a modern ranchero !

  4. Wayne E.Kirby

    Please show the new 2023-2024 Ford Ranchero Hibrid or EV , let’s do this ! I can’t wait to buy one !

  5. Joe Lo Grasso

    Please Ford– get that Continental back in US. Forget selling them in China. I had one, and miss it a lot, and definitely would buy it again.

    1. Gloria

      Beating a dead horse. Like the ad says many years ago, Ford doesn’t listen. Forget about it. Continental will never be back as we know it. Same for Zephyr. You are a buyer of one maybe two. Not cost effective to build two to ten vehicles. The days of variety are over. No more fun, exciting, stylish vehicles. It’s back to the 1940’s in terms of styling, drab colors and utility. Maybe there will be anew 1950’s revival with longer, lower and wider some day like 50 years from now.

      1. Ronald Schaefer

        Ford abandoned their customers

  6. Stuart Lee

    I hate SUV’s.
    I wanted to buy a Lincoln Continental or Zephyr.
    But “Lincoln” only sells to the Communist Chinese not to the Americans. I say, “To hell with Lincoln”, I’m going over to Cadillac.


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